Second Grade Decodable Math Word Problems for the Entire Year


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Decodable Math Word Problems for the Entire Year helps your second-grade students improve their math skillsindependence, and confidence in both reading and math – that’s what we call a two-for-one!


This comprehensive set of word problems for the entire year is phonics-aligned and based in the science of reading AND also covers all the major math skills your students are learning.


Put your roller skates away – the need for you to be by each child’s side as they attempt to “read” their word problems is no more!


Help students cheer for word problems rather than cry with the carefully curated set of grade-level aligned vocabulary and math skills.


This set includes a comprehensive bundle of decodable math word problems for second grade to use all year long for:

  • independent practice
  • extra practice
  • whole-group or small-group work
  • centers
  • homework
  • weekly word problem work
  • early finishers
  • morning work and more!


What’s Included:

  • Covers not just addition and subtraction, but all major content areas for second-grade math instruction:
    • Addition and Subtraction Review
    • Data and Graphing
    • 2-Digit Addition
    • 2-Digit Subtraction
    • Money and Time
    • 3-Digit Place Value
    • 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction
    • Measurement
    • Geometry
    • Repeated Addition and Arrays
  • 38 pages of problems, enough for one page per week of the entire school year (excluding a few of those pesky partial weeks)!
  • 4 problems per page
  • Built-in differentiation to meet students where they are at (concrete, representational, abstract)
  • Scaffolds are built-in: number path, ten frames, equation, and unit label
  • All types of problems are included (result unknown, change unknown, start unknown)
  • Math vocabulary underlined that does not follow decodability, but is an indicator word for students
  • Follows the ETTC and other common phonics scope and sequences for second-grade
  • Follows common math scope and sequences for second-grade


Teachers like you said…



“My students love these decodable word problems so much that they asked for more! We enjoyed the interactive cut and paste in the kindergarten and 1st- grade sets to physically count the number of items from the problems and then color them to match the problem. As the teacher, I liked that this was something my kids could read and it included multiple ways to solve the problem (visual, manipulative, sorting by color, number path, and tens frame).”



“These decodable word problems are a thing of beauty. My students desperately needed these word problems. I am so excited for them to feel the success and confidence that comes along with them!”


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