Vowel Teams Decodable Readers


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These vowel team decodable readers are a kid-tested, teacher-approved way to systematically introduce reading to your students based on the science of reading.


With the vowel team decodable readers, including word mapping and independent work, students have multiple opportunities to practice specific phonics skills, building upon those they have already learned.


Do your students struggle to read words with vowel teams (ai-ay, ee-ea, oa-ow-oe, y-igh-e, y-ey-ie)? Is word mapping a challenge?


Do you find yourself with decodable readers that are less science of reading and more predictable text?


Are your decodable readers lacking a story? Do they use words/patterns your students haven’t learned yet, making it more challenging for your students than it needs to be?


Are you unsure of how to incorporate science of reading principles into your classroom? Wondering about how a science of reading-aligned small group looks?


Do you find yourself needing more reading and skill practice for your students?


Do you want your students to see themselves in their classroom materials, regardless of who they are?


Let us prep your small groups for you – and give you an easy-to-follow, simply-explained, diverse and inclusive, complete set for science of reading-aligned small groups and independent work!


Unlike some of those other decodable readers, ours only use words that fit the skills that have been introduced in our scope and sequence so far. We use high-frequency words that fit the phonics skill (or previous skills) and minimize those “tricky” words.


Our decodable readers offer an actual storyline to practice fluency right alongside the decoding practice and three levels of comprehension questions to meet your readers, no matter where they’re at. And for your older students who struggle with phonics? Our stories are high-interest, but easier readability for those students who need it. We’ve even included a set of higher-level thinking questions for those students who don’t need the extra reminder that they’re below level.


Perfect for primary teachers, our decodable readers provide you with everything you need to teach small groups and extend the learning into centers with independent work and word mapping activities. Each phonics skill comes with two readers, one set of word cards, one word mapping mat, and one no prep independent skill practice worksheet.


Not only that, but we’ve included an easy-to-follow routine that fits every book – with a four-step phonological awareness warm-up, a set of decodable and high-frequency words to map prior to reading, and a 7-page reader.


Follow that with the at-their-level comprehension page of your choice (select one of three) to ensure that your students are thinking about the story while they are reading and you have a complete small group lesson plan – at your fingertips.


And don’t even worry about your literacy centers – once your students understand word mapping, they can do this as a buddy center with the included mapping mats and word cards that follow each phonics skill.


Introduce the repeated independent activities that will spiral throughout the larger series and your students will have another engaging, easy-to-use, no prep activity for literacy centers.


What’s Included?


  • 12 Vowel Teams Decodable Readers
    • ai/ay (/ā/) – The Rain Day, The Paint Job
    • ee/ea (/ē/) – The Queen Bee, The Beach
    • ea (/ĕ/ and /ā/) – Break Time
    • oa/ow/oe (/ō/) – The Boat Ride, The Goat Ranch
    • y/igh/ie (/ī/) – Night Light, See the Sights
    • y/ey/ie (/ē/) – The Happy Valley, Fran’s Niece and the Key
    • Review – The Great Goal


  • Phonics routine for your small group instruction
  • Comprehension Check (3 levels of difficulty, 1 additional page of book)
  • Phonological Awareness Activities (1 additional page of book)
  • Word Mapping Mats
  • Word Mapping Cards – 1 set of 8 cards per phonics skill
  • No-Prep Independent Work – 1 activity per phonics skill, each skill has a different style of activity including word sorts, mazes, I Spy, substitution and replacement, roll and read, cut and paste, word mapping, secret code words, word ladders, and more!
  • Phonics Scope and Sequence


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“Just amazing! I have all the other bundles and I highly recommend these decodable readers. The stories, PA, and other activities are so high quality! My students really love using them. I can’t wait for the rest to come.”



“I love these readers and activities. I have her other sets and they are also great!! My students really like the stories and the activities and the skills build so they really feel and see the progress they are making. Thank you!”



“I’m a private tutor, and our district is switching over from balanced literacy to structured literacy. I needed materials that would supplement learning in school, and as a private tutor, these are excellent resources that are within my budget! I recommend this resource and will be purchasing all of the sets as they are released.”


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