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At ETTC our team of Master Teachers are working to make your life as easy as it can be.

Sometimes that means making a resource no prep (which we did), and sometimes that means making a resource that is flexible, and can be easily adjusted to your students’ needs (which we did). And sometimes that means making a resource that can streamline the communication process between you and families (which we did!!!).

Teachers are loving the benefits of using leveled passages in their classrooms and students are reaping the rewards!

  • They are an easy way to measure your students’ fluency progress.
  • After administering the passages, you can use the data to plan for your future instruction.
  • Students are able to see and monitor their own progress.
  • You can easily communicate growth to families and caregivers.
  • You have the ability to see the word attack strategies your students use while reading.
  • No Prep – print and go passages
  • Check the effectiveness of your teaching.
  • Allow students to practice reading text at their instructional level.

Your Leveled Passages set will include:

  • 20 Passages per level (levels A to E included for 100 passages total!)
  • Picture cues included for all
  • Ten (10) fiction passages, ten (10) non-fiction passages per set
  • Three (3) Comprehension questions per passage including multiple choice and short answer, higher order thinking skills
  • Running record basics for teachers with helpful coding and scoring reminders
  • MSV error and self-correction analysis with word count
  • Going Deeper Miscue Analysis for a deep dive into what phonics skills your students are demonstrating or lacking
  • Teacher note sheet including accuracy, errors, self-corrections, fluency rating, strategies note box, next lesson focus note box, and space for additional notes
  • Oral or written answer options for comprehension
  • Ink/Paper-Saving Option – Print out one copy of the student passage and laminate or place in a sheet protector, use running record, note sheet, and student page as the consumables (two pages total for most passages).

Why Leveled Passages?

  • Assessment Check-In: Use these passages for progress monitoring your students’ reading levels in the classroom.
  • Plan Your Instruction: Determine the next steps for instruction with your running record analysis.
  • Group Your Students: Group students together for instruction based on the needs discovered in the running record.
  • Align with Your Curriculum and Assessments Needs: Do you find yourself looking for additional leveled passages to do a quick check with a student or students, but don’t want to burn your limited number in your district-provided assessment kit? Leveled Passages is just what you need!
  • Multiple Options Per Level: Twenty passages at each level ensure you’ll never run out!
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Passages Included: Ten of each passage type are available for you use!

Terms of Use:

Thank you for your purchase! By purchasing this resource, you are agreeing that the contents are the property of Emily Garcia/Education to the Core, and licensed to you only for classroom/personal use as a single user. I retain the copyright, and reserve all rights to this product.

You May:

  • Use items (free and purchased) for your own classroom students, or your own personal use.
  • Reference this product in blog posts, at seminars, professional development workshops, or other such venues PROVIDED there is both credits given to ETTC as the author and a link back to the Education to the Core shop is included in your post/presentation.
  • Distribute and make copies of free items only to other teachers PROVIDED there is credit given to Emily Garcia and a link back to the Education to the Core shop.

You May Not:

  • Claim this work as your own, alter the files in any way, or remove/attempt to remove the copyright/watermarks.
  • Sell the files or combine them into another unit for sale/free.
  • Post this document for sale/free elsewhere on the internet. (This includes Google Doc links on blogs.)
  • Make copies of purchased items to share with others is strictly forbidden and is a violation of the Terms of Use, along with copyright law.
  • Obtain this product through any of the channels listed above. Thank you for abiding by universally accepted codes of professional ethics while using this product.

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    • Janessa Fletcher

      Hi Mary! They are and will be uploaded to the membership account later this evening. Be looking for them tomorrow morning in Premium.

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