Korryna Sanchez

Media and Content Specialist

I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Communications in 2019.  While in school I was the Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper and a staff writer for the school magazine. I also had the opportunity to research the effects of the media on its audience for an academic journal. Since then I have worked for a non-profit and a local newspaper, learning all the skills that eventually brought me to Education to the Core! Where I get to use my hobby of photography and my love for words all in one place! I was always the kid that read the assigned readings before they were assigned, and made sure I had my homework done before I went to soccer practice. I was the kid that always raised their hand at the end of class when the teacher asked “any more questions?”  So education has always meant everything to me. The idea that a video I make or a graphic I design can help inspire a kid to love school as much as I did keeps me going.

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