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Latonya Rowe bio picture

Latonya Rowe

Curriculum Designer

I was fortunate to have a teacher role model, my mother, while growing up in a small community in Eastern Kentucky.  My sister and I would spend hours assigning homework and taking attendance in our makeshift classroom. Eventually, I attended Morehead State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree, Fifth Year, and Rank 1 in Elementary Education.   I have always enjoyed a challenge so I made it my mission to teach all grades and subjects in my elementary school and I can happily say I accomplished my mission in the twenty-five years I have been an  elementary teacher.  I currently teach STREAM to all students at my elementary school and must admit I am as eager to attend class as my students are.  I encourage my students to strive to be their best and to never say “I can’t!” but to say “I will try!”   I am a Kentucky Hope Street Alumni, 2014 PBS Learning/Media Digital Innovator, 2005/2014 CEDAR Teacher of the Year.