19 Ways Teachers can UNPLUG This Summer


It is so important that we teachers UNPLUG this summer and spend some time participating in activities just for us!  This spring has brought with it unimaginable changes to the way we deliver education.  Our lives both at school and at home were turned upside down, BUT, we have finally made it to summer vacation!  This year more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We asked our colleagues how they are going to spend the summer and received a variety of great responses.  Check out our list of 19 Ways Teachers (and Parents) can UNPLUG this summer!!!

#1 ~ Unplug and Throw Out Your Computer


#2 ~ Cozy up with a Good Book


#3 ~ Take a LONG Drive with the Radio Blaring


#4 ~ Enjoy the Summer Weather on the Porch with a Cup of Coffee or Tea


#5 ~ Get Some Gardening Done


#6 ~ Do Some Arts and Crafts


#7 ~ Have a Glass of Wine (or Beer)


#8 ~ Do Some Summer Baking


#9 ~ Sleep In!!!


#10 ~ Swim and Lay by the Pool


#11 ~ Spend Time in the Great Outdoors


#12 ~ Take a Hot Relaxing Bubble Bath


#13 ~ Head to the Beach


#14 ~ Start my Summer Workout


#15 ~ Go Fishing


#16 ~ Relax and Binge Watch Netflix


#17 ~ Spend Time with My Own Kiddos


#18 ~ Craft All Day with my New CRICUT


#19 ~ Start Planning for Next Year (um… not really Unplugging!)

~ If you are honestly going to plan this summer, check out some of our great resources to get you started!

Literacy Centers              Morning Work               Phonics Booklets                Fluency Passages

We hope that whatever way you choose to UNPLUG this summer, remember to spend some time doing something that you enjoy.  This year more than ever, we need it.  Whatever comes this next school year, we will be ready for it, so take the time you need to recharge!

Please add your own GIF in the comments showing us how you are going to unplug and relax this summer.  We’d love to see what you are up to and get a few laughs along the way. 😉

~ Written by Janessa Fletcher

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