1st Grade Literacy Centers for August


First Grade Literacy Centers for AUGUST are here!

Kick-start your year with meaningful, intentional centers to get your students engaged right off the bat!

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Beginning Sound Hunt: Students will identify all the objects that have the same sound.

CVC Puzzles: Students will be saying and writing all the sounds in the object on each CVC Puzzle.

Ask a Partner: Students will be speaking and listening using the “Ask a Partner” question prompts.

Synonym Puzzles: Students will be finding the words that have the same meaning and matching them by completing the puzzles.

Letter Matching Puzzles: Students will be matching all the letters that are the same by completing the puzzles.

Sight Word Cakes: Students will be reading and saying each sight word and adding them to the cake.

How Many Sounds: Students will be counting the sounds in each object and “clipping” or circling the number of sounds.

Sorting Mats: Students will be sorting objects and placing them with the correct category.

Picture the Word: Student 1 will be reading the word and drawing a picture.  Student 2 will be guessing what Student 1 drew.

Build a Caterpillar: Digraphs: Students will be reading the digraph, and placing it on the correct Digraph Caterpillar.

Students will “fish” for irregularly spelled words that they recognize.  They will then write the words they recognized into their accountability sheet.  

Right now, I am sure you are probably thinking, “This is exactly what I have been looking for!!! How in the world do I get my hands on these?!?

We offer a Year-Long Literacy Centers for 1st and 2nd Grade.  This resource was specifically made to create an impact with your students, and to help you create a better work-life balance.  Take the guess work out of centers, so you can do what you do best…TEACH!

  • Student-Friendly Directions for Every Center
  • Hands-On and Engaging Activities
  • Recording/Accountability Sheets for Every Center
  • Flexible and nonseasonal centers to supplement your current curriculum.
  • Cohesive resource with a variety of centers to last you an entire year.
  • Consistent centers so you have minimal redirection.

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