20 February Activities for Primary Students


Love is in the air this month! A love for learning of course. These February activities will keep students engaged and continue to inspire their love for learning. Your students have been working hard all year and I know the growth you are seeing is amazing. Here are fun ways to ensure their progress just keeps on growing!

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February Activity 1. Real or Nonsense Words

As students begin blending sounds and reading words, it’s important for them to read both real and nonsense words. This real or nonsense coloring activity encourages students to use their letter sounds knowledge to read each word instead of using memorization. Practicing nonsense words allows students to practice blending letter sounds to read new words.

Activity 2. Graphing

Graphing activities allow students to look at numbers and data a different way. Incorporating graphing activities into your math lessons allows students to visualize the information. A February graphing activity provides the use of a visual tool for students to interpret data.

Activity 3. Digraphs

As students begin to understand and read digraphs, it’s helpful for them to have practice using these new sounds. A color by digraph February activity allows students to combine fine motor and literacy skills. This activity is perfect for review, to use in a center, or for small group lessons.

February Activity 4. Measurement

When students are learning measurement, they are learning new vocabulary, as well as a new math concept. Using activities with a visual representation of objects with varying lengths can be helpful. After completing a standard measurement activity, students love to use a ruler and walk around the room to measure various objects.

Activity 5. Word Families

Teaching word families allows students to help see the patterns in words. As beginning readers, it’s important for students to learn word families in order to decode words and build reading fluency. A word family coloring activity has students sort the words based on their word family.

Activity 6. Sight Words

Throughout the school year, it’s helpful to incorporate new and different ways to practice sight words. The variety keeps students excited about learning and practicing new words! Students read the word on the sight word hidden picture activity and discover the hidden picture in this February activity. This is great for a partner activity to get students talking about and reading the sight words together.

February Activity 7. CVCe Words

A CVCe word activity helps students practice the concept of silent “e”. As students read, write and color each CVCe word, they are working on mastering this concept and are building their literacy skills. This is an engaging February activity to improve reading fluency.

Activity 8. Contractions

Contractions are used frequently in speech and in writing, so it’s important for students to be able to read and understand them. A match the contractions activity is a great way to review contractions that are being taught. This February activity can also be used as an informal assessment to ensure students are understanding the concept of contractions.

February Activity 9. Counting Booklet

Students have so much fun with their own little booklets. My students keep a box of their own mini books in the classroom and read from their collection during free time. A heart counting booklet is a great February activity for students to add to their assortment of books. If you are looking for additional books, there are many themed options available with Education to the Core Premium Membership.

Activity 10. Vowel Teams

Many words are made up of vowel teams, so it’s important for students to be able to understand, decode and read them. This will allow students to build reading fluency skills. A color by vowel team activity is a fun February activity to practice and review vowel teams.

Activity 11. Survey and Graph

What better way to get students up and moving than by collecting some data?! Students get so excited to survey their friends with a survey, tally and graph activity. Graphing is a way to teach the broader math concepts of greater than/ less than. There is a combination of math skills at work here with this engaging February activity!

February Activity 12. Listen and Color

Teaching listening activities not only helps students follow directions, but also builds other skills as well. Listening activities help students understand expectations, grow their vocabulary and improve communication skills. A February Listen and Color is a great way to focus on these important skills for your students.

Activity 13. Skip Counting

This is about the time that the 100th day of school rolls around! This is an exciting time for students and a great time to reflect on the progress your class has made this year. When we talk about the 100th day, students always love counting to 100, and skip counting is their favorite. Whether counting by 10s, 5, or 2s, students love singing a counting song together. Listen to Get Ready, Get Set, Let’s Count by 2s by Jack Hartman before completing a skip count by 2s activity.

February Activity 14. Fine Motor Craft

Students will “fall in love” with this fun February craft activity. Wow! The fine motor skills this activity builds is amazing. A Heart Punch and Lace activity will get your students cutting, punching holes, lacing and gluing all in one. Those fine motor muscles will be hard at work.

Activity 15. Roll, Read and Write Sight Words

“Can we play a game?” are words I hear often in my classroom. Students get so much more excited about learning when I incorporate a game into the activity. A Roll, Read and Write Sight Word activity is a fun game that keeps students engaged while reading and writing words.

Activity 16. Addition to 10

Using ten frames helps students develop visual images for numbers and also develops number sense. As you are teaching addition this month, a Heart Addition ten frame activity is a great way for students to visualize this math concept.

February Activity 17. Compound Words

Teaching compound words to students helps build their vocabulary. Reading and understanding these longer words also helps build their comprehension skills. A February compound words activity is a great way to help students build literacy skills.

Activity 18. If I Were President

President’s Day is a great time to include some creative writing into your lesson plans. Creative writing activities can boost students’ imagination and critical thinking skills. During the month of February, encourage students to write creatively about being the president! Use an If I Were President writing activity to get students excited about creative writing.

Activity 19. Random Acts of Kindness

A Random Acts of Kindness activity is the perfect way for students to practice character building skills in February. For this activity, students will read a book about kindness and then create a card for someone who could benefit from some extra kindness.

February Activity 20. Dentist Play

Drama activities for students help them build confidence and communication skills. Incorporating a theater activity into your weekly lesson plans this month can help students build teamwork and cooperation while also improving literacy skills. A play about a trip to the dentist is a great option for dental health month.

These February activities for primary students are the perfect solution to use for teaching new concepts, continued practice, review, assessment, or homework. Use them in a way that works best for your students.

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Written By:  Sarah Cason

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