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Reading Strategies Posters and a FREEBIE!

September 8, 2014 by Emily

Just wanted to share something I use with my kids in my classroom.  I tend to keep things simple, and I have narrowed down my reading strategies to several I think that stick with kids in the primary grades.

The strategies I use for not being able to read a word are:
Sound it out.
Look for a base word.
Chunk it.
Try a different sound.
Read on.

The strategies I use for not being able to clarify the meaning of a word are:
Read on.
Use picture clues.
Use context clues.
Use your background knowledge.
Use the text features.

Click on any of the pictures or the link to my store to learn more about these Reading Strategy Posters!

Reading Strategy Posters and FREEBIE

I designed posters for my kids so they could refer to them when reading.  Each one of them is different they can remember the different strategies and their uses.  I have made a set of black, white, and black and white posters.  Click on any of the pictures, or the link to my store to find out more.

I also make sure to laminate the strategies for each student onto a strategy folder.  Be sure to click on the picture or the link to my store for the free download.

If you would like to read more about how I teach kids to use their strategies, be sure to visit my blog post, “10 Things You Have to Know When You Teach Reading.”

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