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10 Problems Every Type B Teacher Will Understand

June 18, 2015 by Emily

10 Problems Every Type B Teacher Will Understand

What type of teacher are you? Type A or Type B?

10 Problems Every Type-B Teacher Will Understand

 1.  The need for detailed lesson plans is nonexistent.  

The need for lesson plans is non-existent

I know I could get attacked here, but first, let me say that I still make lesson plans.  I reluctantly create them every week.    I just don’t use them.  Ever.  I literally don’t look at them all day.  For most Type B teachers, we have systems.  We also have a lot of teachable moments.  My system is having my materials ready for me at the beginning of each day, and a curriculum map to guide my quarter.  That is how I “lesson plan.”

2.  Nothing stresses us out.  

Nothing Stresses Us Out

When you are dealing with multiple young children, things don’t always go your way.  And that is okay.  No stress here!  We just let it happen, and address things as needed.  If I have a student who has an outburst, I feel absolutely nothing.  My blood pressure doesn’t even go up.  Which can be a major plus for a us Type-B teachers.

3.  Since when do we need to show up to a meeting 10 minutes early?

Since when do we need to show up to a meeting 10 minutes early?

If a meeting starts at 3:00, I will be there at 2:58.  I like to do human-like things like check my phone, go to the restroom, and collect my thoughts after the kids leave.

4.  We are always running around to make copies.  

We are always running around to make copies.

I loathe the copy machine.  Especially if it’s a dinosaur.  We are always in the copy room interrupting your packets to copy that one sheet we really really need! Just thank us for saving the environment.  And we become really good at working in our learning journals. Which is a higher level skill anyway.

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5.  We aren’t afraid to say what we think.  

We aren't afraid to say what we think.

We have thoughts of our own, and sometimes we get heat for having an opinion.  But we can’t help it!

5.  We aren’t competitive.  (I made a repeat, but let’s call this one 5b;) 

We Aren't Competitive

I am not saying all Type-A teachers are competitive, but I’ve met a lot of them.   We enjoy collaborating and we share openly.  I will also add we don’t seek credit.  In fact, we couldn’t care less.

6.  We can engage in an activity during our break that is not related to school.  

We can engage in an activity during our break that is not related to school.

I can sit in my room during my lunch break and play on my phone.  And I don’t feel bad that I am not prepping for the next week.  During my breaks…Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, and my personal email are all fair game.

7.  Procrastination gets the best of us sometimes.

Procrastination gets the best of us sometimes.

We still get stuff done;)

8.  Meetings don’t stress us out.

Meetings Don't Stress Us Out

In fact, I find myself reminding my team about human behavior, and how everybody is gung-ho at the beginning of the year and during meetings, but execution is an entirely different story.  Most of the time, it’s never as bad as it sounds.

9.  Planners don’t really work for us. 

Planners don't really work for us.


I actually purchased this exact planner on Amazon at the beginning of the year.  When I eagerly opened the box, and swore to myself that I would use it.  After “using” it for a week, and never saw it again.  Type-B people have systems.  For me, my list is a sticky note on my computer each day.  I take what I have already crossed out and transfer the leftovers onto the next day.  I don’t know why I thought I could stray from my system because it works for me!  People don’t understand, but they don’t really have to as long as I have my stuff together.

10.  You are well liked by most staff members.  

 You are well liked by most staff members.


People seek you out for help, and they enjoy your easy-goingness and sense of humor.  You would be an asset to any faculty!

I hope you enjoyed my fun little post!  If you have any other Type-B teacher quirks, please comment below!  I would love to hear from you!  Also, be sure to check out One Sassy Teacher’s Post on 10 Problems Every Type-A Teacher Understands.

10 Problems Every Type-A Teacher Will Understand

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