25 Attention Getters to Calm A Noisy Classroom


As teachers, we know the value of having good attention-getters to calm a noisy classroom.  I have always wanted a comprehensive list of all of the best attention-getters in one spot.  So, I decided to poll the Education to the Core Community to see what we could come up with.  If you are in need of some great attention-getters to quiet your classroom, this list is just for you!

25 Attention Getters to Calm a Noisy Classroom

We all know that getting our students’ attention and putting them back on track is crucial to making every minute count in our classrooms. Once you have used these attention-getters to catch their interest, you need activities that are going to keep them engaged in learning throughout the lesson.

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Attention Getters to Calm a Noisy Classroom

1. I put a wireless doorbell in my classroom last year and it was magical! Get the kind that plays different songs and the kids love it – I carried the remote around with me and just clicked it when I needed their attention. -Alisa C. from First Grade Fun Times 

2. Holy moly, guacamole!  Zippity doo dah, zippity ay!!  Rachel G.


3. One day I was trying to come up with something different from what they may have had in the past, and then it hit me! I say “Alright stop!” And the students say “collaborate and listen!” It’s perfect because they really do have to do those things, come together and listen. I love it! It’s such a hit with them and their parents. -Brieann W.


Once you have them listening, take it a step further and work on those listening comprehension skills!

4.  WBT- “Class Class Class”, they respond with “Yes, Yes, Yes”. In the exact same way the teacher said, whether in a high or low voice, silly or whatever. -Heather S.


5. Macaroni and cheese! (They respond) everybody freeze!  -Sue L.


6.  One of my favorites is T: “Hocus Pocus” S: “Everybody focus!” -Jessica B


7.  I say class they say yes. I say classity, class, class. They say yesity, yes, yes. My first graders love it. I change the tone of my voice and they change the tone of theirs. -Danielle R.


8.  I knew one teacher that would use the McDonalds theme song. She would say ” ba da ba da ba” and the students would respond “I’m loving it”. -Maleisa C.


 9.  “Oh watch me watch me” and they say “Oh watch you, watch you!” It’s hilarious but all of them #watchme -Amy A.


10.  I use a wind chime. Sometimes I say clap the answer…2+2, 4+3, and end with 7-7. -Molly F.


Molly’s attention-getter is great to use right before starting your math block. You can keep your students practicing their math facts in an engaging way with I Spy Math printables

11.  Anything that is nonverbal such as a bell, chime, or rainstick works well. I’ve also used typical call and response, but prefer the nonverbal attention getters. -Katie M.


12.  My favorite comes from Dr. Jean…”Tootsie roll, lollipop. We’ve been talking, now let’s stop!” -Mandy D.


 13.  I say, “1, 2, 3 eyes on me!” 
They respond. ..”1, 2 eyes on you!”
I love it, so do they and so did my administrators! -Anna M.


14.  Teacher: “Let’s go Cubbies!” Students: reply with clapping… Clap clap clap clap clap. (Teachers can insert their favorite team or local team) -Sarah C. from Kindergarten Smarts


15.  I actually just started using: Teacher- “peanut butter” Students- “jelly!!!” It’s working amazingly well! -Erin V. 


16.  Zip it, lock it, and put it in your pocket is my favorite. -Sheri L.


17.  As a high school teacher, I put up a picture on my projector screen. The kids are quick to sit down and hear what it is about. It leads to great discussions. I call it “The Picture of the Day.” -Denis C.


That is a great suggestion from Denis about using a picture or something else on your screen to grab your students’ attention. You can do this with Morning Meeting Slides as well. Simply project and have students start working on the question or task posted.


18.  Give Me 3….stands for Stop Look & Listen -Kristen A.


19.  Show me you’re thinking of me. -Sarah L.


20.  Teacher, “Who’s the friend who likes to play?” Students, “Bing Bong, Bing Bong.” From Disney’s Inside Out. -Kresta L.


21.  T: flat tire! S: sshhhhhhhhh -Laura C.


22.  I say-POP. Kids say-corn. I say Apple. Kids say Sauce. I say hot. Kids say dog. I say milk. Kids say shake. Any word combo works as long as kids know that when they say the word it means to freeze and eyes on me. -Blue M.


Besides using this attention-getter to work on compound words, your students can practice with a variety of compound word activities on ETTC Premium.

23.  My Bologna has a first name… They sing “It’s OSCAR”  I play the commercial for them so they can hear the song. They LOVE it! -Emilee L


24.  Teacher: 1, 2.  Class: 3, 4.   Teacher: Let’s go.  Class: Out the door.  -Amanda M.


25.  If you can hear my voice, clap once.  If you can hear my voice, clap twice.  I start with a whisper and they are silent by the time I get to 4 claps… the best part is no yelling. -Laura C.

25 Attention Getters to Calm a Noisy Classroom

Now that you have some fresh attention-getters, you’re on your way to becoming a more efficient teacher! 

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