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23 Songs for Your End of the Year Slideshow

May 17, 2018 by Emily

The school year is winding down, and all the little things, like creating a slide show are creeping up fast! Finding the perfect songs for your end-of-the-year slideshow can be quite the task.  Let’s make it easier for you by giving you a comprehensive list so you can choose the ones that will fit the theme of your year perfectly!

Note: I don’t particularly like the sad and sappy ones, so this list includes all the ones that WON’T make me cry as I watch it 😉

You will notice I added the music video so you have a little sampler of each song.  Some of the songs that are on this list are more artistic than others.  Please be sure to listen to each song in its entirety and check the lyrics to make sure you are in compliance with your school/district standards.


With all the hype centered around “The Greatest Showman,” I thought this song would be perfect for this year.

Nothing better than Ben Harper’s chill voice sending the message that you can make a difference with “My Own Two Hands.”

What a powerful message from

“If what I am is what’s in me
Then I’ll stay strong – that’s who I’ll be
And I will always be the best
“me” that I can be…”

ALLL your students are going to know this song! This one is definitely a keeper for any slideshow.

Bruno Mars shows his sweet side in this song.

A reminder to your students that they have a classroom “family” forever!

Reminisce about the year with “You’ve Got a Friend in Me!”

Louis Armstrong’s song “What a Wonderful World” pairs well with any end-of-the-year slide show!

Stand by Me is always a classic!

Shakira’s “Try Everything” from the Zootopia soundtrack will be one your students can easily sing along!

Every student will know the words to “Roar” by Katy Perry.

Selena Gomez sings “Who Says” and it sends a great message that it’s okay to be yourself.

If you want something comforting, nothing is better than “Home” by Phillip Phillips.

Joyful noise does a fantastic rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

I always liked pairing my pictures with this song…fun and light!

This is always a fun song to pair with field trip photos.  It’s got a great beat!

Kidz Bop has a great version of “Glorious.” If you did a lot with growth mindset this year, this song is PERFECT!

I absolutely love this song, and I feel like I could use it year after year.

Lady Antebellum’s “Compass” doesn’t disappoint.  I think your parents would appreciate this song as well!

“Touch the Sky” sends a message for what’s to come for your students:

“I will read every story
Take hold of my own dream
Be as strong as the seas are stormy
And proud as an eagle’s scream…”

Lastly, “Sing” by Penatonix is a fabulous song to get your students excited about the year in review and the year to come!

Now that you have your end-of-the-year slide show songs squared away, let’s talk Memory Books

Skip all the spending and give your students something they will remember forever! You really can’t put a price on a memory book!

Does it give you anxiety thinking of the amount of money you can spend on end-of-the-year gifts for your students? And most of the things that are available at the dollar store would eventually end up in the trash.

Then, decide that a memory book will be a gift you gave to your students…and ultimately to their families. There is no other gift that would be cherished as much as memory books.

Choose to give your students something that can’t be purchased from a toy store.  Allow them the opportunity to reflect on those special moments and to record them into their memory books…something they can keep forever.

End of the Year Memory Book

Subject Area Pages for Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing, and Math

Now and Then Pages

Pages for P.E. Music, Library, Art, Computer, and STEAM

Good Friends, Favorite Field Trip, Advice for a Kinder Student, My Class, and Special Event Page

Autographs and Class Pictures Pages

Feelings in First Grade Pages

I just know you and your students will enjoy these as much as we do! Check out the whole resource in the video below!

Written by: Emily Garcia

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