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25 Amazon Must-Haves for Teachers


We put together a list of 25 Amazon Teacher Must-Haves that you need for your classroom. Congratulations! You hit the jackpot of all Amazon teacher item lists.  From Amazon Basics Flair Pens to classroom management and organization items, we thought of everything!! Enjoy, and be sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues!

25 Amazon Must-Haves for Teachers

I love the way Amazon operates. It’s like clicking the easy button all of the time! I need something, so I add it to my cart, and within 2 days it’s at my house. So simple and so addicting. Do you want to know what else is like clicking the easy button? (and can also be a little addicting. LOL)

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1. AmazonBasics Felt Tip Marker Pens

2. AmazonBasics Clear Thermal Laminating Plastic Paper Laminator Sheets


3. Dry Erase Pockets 30 Pack

I love to use these for my Word Mapping Mats! My students are able to practice phoneme-grapheme relationships and I don’t have to make millions of copies. (This way I can print 4-5 mats in color and be able to make them work for a long time.)

4. Learning Resources Answer Buzzers

5. Astrobrights Color Paper, 500 Sheets

For a “pop” of color, use a piece of Astrobright paper for the covers of your Decodable Readers. The students think they look cool and they are easier to organize for you. 


6. Really Good Stuff, Four-Equal-Compartment Caddies, Set of 6

7. SadoTech Wireless Doorbell

8. Seville Classics Multi-Color 10-Drawer Organizer Cart

9. Fidget Chair Bands for Kids, Set of 10

10. Post-it Super Sticky Easel Pad Paper

This chart paper is perfect for anchor charts. I especially like using it to model concepts during my writing instruction. The students are able to help me build the chart and they can then use it as a reference tool throughout the school year while writing independently. 

11. 26 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

12. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

13. Amazon Echo Dot

14. 8-Pack White Enamel Compact Strong Magnetic Hook Set

15. Avery Mailing Address Labels,  750 Labels

16. Classroom Keepers 30-Slot Mailbox

17. Learning Resources Make a Splash 120 Mat Floor Game

18. Learning Resources Student Grouping Pencils

19. Dry Erase Clipboards, Set of 30

20. Educational Insights Spinzone Magnetic Whiteboard Spinners

21. Time Timer 60 Minute Visual Analog Timer

22. IRIS Portable Project Case, 6 Pack, Clear

23. Zip Close Supply Pouches

24. 6 Large Mesh Pockets Closet Door Organizer

25. X-ACTO School Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

Try out our Amazon Must-Haves for Teachers!  Do you have something you always make sure to buy before or during the school year?  Page protectors and colored paper are mine!  If so, please share it in the comments below! We would love to hear your ideas.


Written by: Emily Garcia

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