Grammar Wall Games for the Classroom


We all have those times when we only have 5 minutes before going to lunch, specials, leaving for the day, etc.  Here are some quick GRAMMAR WALL GAMES and activities you can use to fill that time and still be teaching!!

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5 Minute Activities

  • Have each student grab a blank grammar card and add a word to the wall.  After they add it, they have to state the word and part of speech, then use that word in a sentence.
  • During a break, move one card to an incorrect place on the wall and have students “spot the mistake”.
  • Choose a small group of students to each take a card and create a sentence.  When they are done, have the rest of the class check for accuracy and see if they can add another part of speech to enrich the sentence.

  • Put an “AWARD” ribbon on a word or two from the wall.  Give your students a point every time they use one of those words correctly in a sentence.
  • When adding new words to the wall, post them on your board in the morning and have students think about where those words belong on the grammar wall.  At the end of the day, have them guess the category and give them the correct answers.
  • Choose a part of speech and ask students to add to that list throughout the day.  They can come up with their own words, or while reading text identify/add those words to the list.
  • When the students are out of the room, tape words to the bottom/back of students’ chairs.  When they line up, they have to read the word, state the part of speech, and use that word in a sentence.
  • Play “I Am Thinking of a Word…” by using a word from the grammar wall.  See how quickly your students can guess the word.
  • Have an object to pass.  The first students says a word and passes the object to the next student.  Next, that student says which part of the speech the word is and then says a new word.  Continue until the object gets to the end of the line.

Grammar Block Activities

Here are some more activity ideas that are a little meatier and can accompany your direct instruction for grammar.

  • Riddle Writing – Have students choose a word from the grammar wall and create a riddle with clues about it.  (ex. My word has 9 letters.  It describes a princess, flower, and my mom.  What is my word? – beautiful)
  • Secret Category – Choose a part of speech on the grammar wall.  Make sure that you define the category multiple times throughout the day.  Students are asked to add at least 10 words to that category before the day is over.
  • Sentence Dissection – Have students take a story you’ve been reading in class.  You will need to assign a sentence from the text to each student.  After that, have them color coordinate the sentence using the colors for parts of speech from the grammar wall.  As an extension, they cut apart the sentence and trade with a partner.  Then both students try to recreate the sentence.
  • 20 Questions –  Think of a part of speech and have students ask questions as they try to guess the mystery word.
  • Grammar Wall BINGO – Use a blank BINGO card.  Choose a part of speech and have students fill in their card using words from that chart.  When they are done, randomly call out words and the first to have BINGO or “black out” is the winner.
  • Build a Better Sentence – Give students a simple sentence and ask them to add more parts of speech to make the sentence better.
  • Pass the Page – First, put students into small groups and have them write a simple sentence (article+noun+verb) on a piece of paper.  When they are done, they “pass the page” clockwise to a team mate, who adds another part of speech (adjective), then pass again (adverb) and again (preposition).  Can they use a conjunction to add their sentences together?
  • Grammar Wall Stories – First, put students into teams.  Then, give them a large piece of paper and ask them to create a story using as many words from the grammar wall as possible.  When complete, switch stories with another group and see if they can find/circle all of the grammar words.
  • Morning Mystery Message – Before school, write your morning message leaving blanks (grammar wall words) in the text.  Have students see if they can identify the missing words by using the grammar wall.  Comparable to Mad Libs for morning message. 😉
  • Words in a Flash – When you need a quiet activity, turn the lights off and use a flashlight to illuminate words you want to review on the grammar wall.  Can students use these words in a sentence?  If you have more time, you can have partners share sentences to check for understanding.

Cross-Curricular Grammar

You can also incorporate grammar into other subjects.  Here are some activity ideas for that type of teaching.

  • Grammar Wall Hunt (literacy center) – Create “Go Seek” task cards for students to read and complete.  (ex. list all color words, write down 3 common and proper noun pairs, list 5 of each physical and mental verbs) Create an accountability sheet to check student’s accuracy.
  • Can You Find? (homework) – Have your students look through newspapers and magazines to find “interesting” words to add to the grammar wall.  They will then bring them back to school after break and add them to the wall.

  • Adjective Artwork (art) – Give your students time to create a work of art.  (Have fun with it, bring out colored paper, tissue paper, water colors, etc.)  Once creation time is done, have students hang their artwork on the walls.  Conduct a gallery walk and allow students to place post-its on/next to artwork with adjectives that describe it.
  • Specialty Verbs (specials) – First, hang a large poster on the wall to create a list of verbs.  Every time the students return from a special, have them quickly give you a few actions they did in that class as you add them to the growing “Specialty Verbs” chart.
  • Build Better Student Work (writing) – After students have written a rough draft, have them go back and “count” certain parts of speech. (especially adjectives and adverbs)  If they don’t have enough of that part of speech, have them work to add more.
  • Find Someone Who (community building) – Create a 4 x 4 table on paper with directions… “Find Someone Who… Can name 3 verbs, Identify a person, place, and thing,  Use an adjective in a sentence, etc.”  After that, the students walk around interviewing each other and trying to complete their grid.
  • Sentence Formulas (math) – Write sentence formulas on strips of paper.  (ex. Article + Adjective + Noun + Verb + Adverb)  Students will then create sentences based on the formulas.



We also have a set of grammar wall games that are laid out for you in our Grammar Wall Kit resource.  You get all of the materials you need to create your grammar wall, as well as 3 bonus activities and 20 grammar wall games with easy to read instructions on how to complete them.

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