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100 Things Teachers Think, But Can’t Say Out Loud


We Are ALL Human.  What is one thing we all have in common?  Our thoughts!  There are numerous things that Teachers think, but can’t say out loud!  You know what?  That’s okay!  We all think various things in our minds, some positive and some not so positive.  It doesn’t make us a bad person for thinking it, especially if we know we can’t say it out loud. It makes us human. Here are 100 Things Teachers Think, But Can’t Say Out Loud!

I reached out to our Amazing Teaching Trailblazers in our Facebook Communities.  Thank you so much to all of our educators in our Fearless Kindergarten, Fearless First, and Fearless Second Grade Groups that reached out and shared their thoughts with us!  It truly solidified one thought in my mind while reading all of these.  The fact of how safe our Education to the Core community truly is.  How fantastic it was to see how many trailblazers shared their true thoughts with us and didn’t feel that they would be criticized, made fun of, or thought about in a negative way. Thank you again.

What Teachers Think About Families

Let’s face it, sometimes families are one of the toughest parts of our job.  Some families are “absent”.  Some families are “too involved”.  I feel like Goldilocks trying to find that perfect family.  Is there such a thing though?  My outlook is as long as they are treating the child well and trying the best they can… sounds like a good thing to me.  No matter how frustrating it may be to work with them.

It was stated before, but I feel it’s important to note that… WE ARE ALL HUMAN!  Remember, these are the things teachers THINK, NOT SAY out loud!  100% I trust in our Teaching Trailblazers that we truly don’t look down on our families nor mock them maliciously.  In all good fun, here are some things we think about the families we work with, but don’t say aloud.

1 – “Nice to meet you, Mom and Dad. Now I understand EVERYTHING!!!”

2 – “I see where they get it from.”

3 – “Everything makes sense now.” 

4 – “Nope, it was your kid’s fault.”

5 – “Yes, I’m sure your child never did this before…”

6 – “Your child really does the things I tell you and many others that I don’t.”

7 – “Parent your child.”

8 – “She/he really is that much of a problem to everyone!” 

9 – “Stop lying!  Your child already told us the truth!” 

10 – “Your kid is the problem…not the others you’re blaming.” 

11 – “How do you deal with this at home? My gosh, I would be so embarrassed if my child acted like this!”

12 – “Yes, your child IS the one who bothers his/her classmates all the time and can’t keep his hands to him/herself.” 

13 – “I wish you would believe me because I have no reason to lie to you.”

14 – “Also, your child is the most spoiled student I have ever taught in my classroom.”

15 – “Really? You’re telling me they don’t do these things at home? Only here?” 

16 – “Angelic at home?” 

17 – “Sorry, with 28 students in the class, I don’t have the time to give your child all the individual attention she needs.”

18 – “I’ll grade your kid’s tests when I’m ready to.”

19 – “I am not a babysitter.”

20 – “That explains a lot!”

21 – “Parent: “Not my child.” Teacher: “Yes, and you’re the reason”

22 – “This is NOT Burger King! You and your child will NOT have it YOUR way!” 

23 – “Cut the cord already!” 

24 – “If you actually parented, we wouldn’t be having these problems at school.” 

25 – “I expect something from them instead of sticking a device in their hands.”

26 – “You do realize you’re the parent, right? You’re in charge…NOT the 6-year-old!”

What Teachers Think About Students

“How could you say that about a child!?”   – Easy, we don’t! However, who hasn’t thought about saying some of these things!  Remember:  A) this is not malicious in any way.  There are zero Teaching Trailblazers out there that are going around speaking to a child this way. B) Many of our Teaching Trailblazers are parents themselves.  They would never want any adult saying these to their child, so why would they say them out loud?  These are some things that teachers think, but can’t say out loud in regards to students.

100% I can be totally honest with you right now… I thought #27, 33, 34 today!!!  Does that make me a bad teacher?  Absolutely not!  It makes me a human.

27 – “What is wrong with your parents?!”

28 – “This is NOT Burger King!  You cannot have it YOUR way!” 

29 – “Didn’t I just say that?”

30 – “Have you ever gotten a spanking?”

31 – “I’d like to bust your butt!!” 

32 – “Are you freaking kidding me!?  I watched you do it!”

33 – “Knock it off and sit down!” 

34 – “Why are you up again?!”

35 – “Really? Are you listening to me at all!?”

36 – “For the love of all things, did you not listen to the directions the first 800 times!!!”

37 – “Stop being a turd!”  

38 – “Am I just talking to myself here?”  

39 – “You guys are lucky you’re not my actual children!”

40 – “Okay… yes that was a foolish question.” 

41 – “Nobody finds you funny.”

42 – “Alright…that was really funny!” 

43 – “This test isn’t as important as other people tell you.”

44 – “This student and this student would be a cute couple. Maybe if I sit them together they will get married when they grow up.”

45 – “I wonder what you are going to be like in high school?”

46 – “Seriously, stop touching me!”

47 – “It stinks in here.”

48 – “I’m wasting my breath…”

49 – “Am I talking to a wall?”

50 – “I don’t like wearing masks either.”

51 – “Let’s play a fun game called “Read the instructions!” 

52 – “Yes, you can go to the bathroom…and please take your time.”

53 – “I’m just as excited to go on vacation as you all are!”

54 – “Could you please just cooperate while I’m getting observed?

55 – “It is kind of cute when you call me “mom” or “dad”. 

What Teachers Think About Administration and Colleagues

Alright, so this one doesn’t need a disclaimer like the other ones.  Who hasn’t thought something regarding their boss and/or leaders surrounding you!?!  Do we respect our admin and colleagues?  Absolutely!  However, boy oh boy, have we thought about some of these statements before!  Some more often than others. Remember, these are things that teachers think, but can’t say out loud.  I think I actually said some of these out loud before, especially #56!  How many of these have you thought of before?  Be sure to keep a tally count going to let us know what your score is!

56 – “They don’t pay me enough for this.” 

57 – “Yes, I arrived early to school today to talk to you.”

58 – “I do not want to go to a zoom breakout room.” 

59 – “Can we skip the stupid ice breakers and get to the nitty-gritty?”

60 – “I’m tired.” 

61 – “Please deal with that in the office and let me teach.”

62 – “BRUH…”

63 – “Are you really hiring all your friends, wannabe friends, and family member? What a great way to bring down morale at the school.”

64 – “Stop bothering me!”

65 – “Were you dropped on your head as a baby?”

66 – “If you can do it better, have at it!” 

67 – “Where would you like me to find the time to do all of this!?”

68 – “I just told you that.”

69 – “If you are going to choose a particular person at the school to celebrate for your personal upcome in school…do that celebration at your home.”

70 – “Yes, I arrived early to school today to talk to you.”

71 – “Just let me do my job! Don’t micromanage me.”

72 – “This system is broken when it comes to kids with mental health challenges.”

73 – “I say this and “for the love of all things good just stop!”

74 – “This meeting should have been an email!” 

75 – “Stop all of this testing and let us teach!”

76 – “Do we really need to have a meeting every single week?” 

77 – “The meeting should have been a zoom meet!”

78 – “What happened to “commitment for early intervention”??”

79 – “This curriculum is not the best and there are others we should use that are better”

80 – “Seriously, I can do bad all by myself. Show me a Distinguished lesson”

81 – “Really!?!?  Today???  You are going to observe me today!?”

82 – “I am so taking a “sick” day tomorrow!” 

83 – “Stop bombarding me with emails!” 

84 – “I quit!” 

85 – “Stop asking questions during faculty meetings!”

What Explicits Do Teachers Think About, But Can’t Say Out Loud!

Thank you once again to all of our amazing Teaching Trailblazers that felt comfortable enough to share their thoughts with our community.  They truly understand how safe and respectful our environment and community are.  That is a big thank you to you!  I saved a few more items of what teachers think, but can’t say out loud to the very end for a good reason.

The following thoughts do require a little disclaimer.  The rest of this list contains explicit language.  Feel free to jump over this section if you feel crude language may offend you.  As adults, sometimes our choice of words isn’t the best or “cleanest”.  Our thoughts are the same.  However, hey if you are like me and anything goes… read on and ENJOY!

86 – “What the actual F#@K!”

87 – “WTF!”

88 – “Are you F***ing kidding me?!”

89 – “Your parenting sucks!”

90 – “Hi mom and dad! Your child needs an a** whooping.”

91 – “Help me, Lord!”

92 – “Am I just going to pull time out of my a**?”

93 – “STFU!”

94 – “Jesus take the wheel!”

95 – “Same sh*t, different year.” 

96 – “What the ‘f’ is wrong with you?!”

97 – “Really?! Are you f-ing kidding me?! ** especially at faculty meetings.”

98 – “Just Shut Up, already!” 

99 – “What the h*ll am I doing here?”

100 – “Definitely WTF…and it was much easier to mouth it to myself with a mask on – now without a mask on I have to say it in my head.”

I know there are some thoughts that teachers think, but can’t say out loud that are not on this list!  What are we missing? Be sure to continue to add to this list by commenting below! Whether we are thinking about our jobs in general, the people we work with, or the students sitting in front of us.  Our minds are going a mile a minute each and every day.  Some great thoughts, some not so great.  You know what?  That is okay. These thoughts make us smile. Get us through the day.

It is what makes us human.
Written By – Christopher Olson

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