5 Reasons Why Teachers are Purchasing Printable Memberships


Let’s face it, teaching right now is pretty rough. I’m sure that you have heard the slogans lately… “Work smarter, not harder.” or “No Prep = Priceless”, “Take back your time” etc. And all of those things are great in theory, but the elephant in the room remains. HOW DO I DO THAT AND STILL BE AN AMAZING TEACHER? I have a one-word answer for you… MEMBERSHIP!!!

Thousands of teachers are choosing to join teacher printable memberships every day. They provide easy-to-access supplemental resources for your lessons at an extremely affordable price with minimal planning and prep on your part. You probably have your own reason(s) for thinking about purchasing a membership subscription. I always like to be a smart shopper, so I did a little digging. Teachers were eager and willing to share why membership is ‘da bomb’. I found 5 main reasons why teachers are purchasing membership subscriptions… or as I like to call them, the 5 Cs.

1. Cost of a Teacher Membership Subscription

Let’s get the best reason out of the way first. How much do you spend each year on resources from teacher printable sites? I bet it is a small fortune that you keep hidden from your spouse. I want to put that money back into your pocket! Save it and take that trip over break, or treat yourself to a day doing all of your favorite things.

Because there is never a one-size-fits-all, we have a variety of plans available to our teachers when it comes to your Premium Membership. If you want to try out Premium, but aren’t quite ready to commit, choose the one-week trial option. You get up to 10 printable downloads during the seven days. From there, you can continue on as a monthly member, or upgrade to the annual membership and put your credit card away for good this school year.

2. Convenience

Having an ETTC Premium Membership makes planning and prepping for your lessons a breeze. Log into your account, search the topic or skill you are teaching, and immediately have printable and center choices at your fingertips. Or, use our famous “Resources by Series” page and access all of the printables in any given resource bundle. (Added BONUS *** monthly and annual members can download one-click packets on many resources within Premium.)

No more searching the internet for worksheet possibilities or scrolling through page after page in a bundle looking for the one activity you need. Instead, use the “favorite” heart on our printables, so your planning can be done from anywhere. Waiting for an appointment, save the activities you want to use next week. Scrolling on your phone before bed? Click the heart and be ready to download and print in the morning.

3. Comprehensive

As a member of Premium, you have unlimited access to 12,000+ printables. There are resources for students in grades Kinder-3rd across all subject areas. You can easily differentiate for your class without having to buy separate grade level sets. Type in the skill and see what is available at all levels instantly.

For example, if I search “addition”, I can print activities for my intervention students practicing adding numbers 0-10, my on-level students working on sums 11-20, and provide extension activities for my high fliers by practicing double-digit addition. The best part… I’m prepped for the week in about 5 minutes!

4. Credibility

Teachers purchasing membership subscriptions are looking for the best of the best. You can always expect top-notch resources from Education to the Core. We have a world-class resource creation team of veteran teachers led by a Nationally Board Certified Teacher as our lead curriculum designer. Every resource created is sent through a meticulous process of checks and balances to ensure its high-quality caliber.

Our printables are created to reflect the diversity you have within your classroom. We make it a point to include a multitude of clipart in our resources, so your students see themselves represented in the activities they are completing. You will also find fluency passages and other readings that model a variety of family dynamics. We educate students from all walks of life. It is vital that the resources we teach with are equitable and inclusive of everyone.

5. Customer Satisfaction with Teacher Membership Subscriptions

I could go on and on all day about how great having an ETTC Premium membership is, but the goal is to SAVE you time, so I’m going to let others speak for me.

“Thank you so much!!! I am so grateful. I love how the work you have kids do is aligned so well with what I am teaching or a great review. You have made my job easier this year and that is so needed. ❤️” – Cynthia V.

“Just wanted to say thanks for all you do. Your emails make it so easy to find the worksheets/skills I am looking for. I absolutely love what you create!” – Lauren D.

“I am OBSESSED with the Premium Membership! Seriously, ya’ll. It’s so fantastic!” – Rachel

“You continue to amaze me with your excellent work pages that are clear and easy for children to do. The money I spent on the Premium Membership is some of the best money I have spent over my 32 years of teaching. You and your staff are to be commended for helping educate children through what you produce. Thank you for all you do to enhance a classroom teacher’s curriculum.” – Greenie G.

Bonus C = Capable

Teachers are capable of “working smarter, not harder” and “taking back their time”, while still providing high-quality instruction for their students. Membership is a key piece to that puzzle, and the reasons speak for themselves.

  • Low Cost
  • The Convenience of quick planning and prep either on the fly or in advance
  • Comprehensive resources available across subjects and grade levels for easy differentiation
  • Credible top-notch, inclusive resources that represent the students you serve
  • and guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Becoming a member of ETTC Premium seems like a no-brainer decision. Join the other 35,000+ teachers who have made the switch to THE LEADING primary teacher printable membership site. So what are you waiting for?! Become one of the hundreds of teachers purchasing membership subscriptions today. It will be a decision I know you won’t regret. I can’t wait to see you over on the membership side of things!

Written by: Janessa Fletcher

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