22 Relatable End of the Year Teacher Memes


It’s finally that time, teachers! Late nights, chaos, and bittersweet emotions bring out some of the best (and funniest) memes that lighten up the mood and give us a little chuckle. I thought it would be fun to have a little corner of the web with some end-of-the-year teacher memes. So sit back and enjoy… Here are 22 Relatable End of the Year Memes!

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End of the Year Memes: Students Teach Yourselves


1. It’s great to see your teaching style in your students. Students know the drill by now and can practically teach themselves, right? If only, because I am tired!

It's May. Teach Yourself.


2. It is May:  When students can take control of their learning, and we can push them so much further this time of year!

That point in the year when your classroom can run itself...


End of the Year Memes: Emotions and Behaviors

3. Something is in the air in May–smells like summer break is approaching. My students seem to have forgotten all of the prior skills we practiced. ALL. YEAR. LONG.


4. I love my students and my class. I do! But I am giddy with visions of warm weather and no kids!


End of the Year Memes: We are Exhausted! 💤💤

5. Although we are trying to hold it together, this is exceptionally accurate for most of us. We are worn down and worn out!

Teacher at the beginning of the school year and teacher at the end of the school year.


6. There truly is no tired like an end-of-year teacher tired! I can feel tired down to my bones!

There is no tired like end of the year teacher tired.


7. 2023 has seemed like the longest year yet! We are survivors! We made it through the last quarter, the previous month, and the last week of the 2022-2023 school year!


8. This year, for me, the perpetual tiredness started in April. I am super tired, and it is time to go home.


Are We There Yet? More End of the Year Teacher Memes

9. Another one for the books! Woo–hoo! We survived, but we just want to sleep!

Another school year is done


10. Oh, but wait…we have to pack up our classroom!  This process can be overwhelming! And really, who wants to do this at the end of a long year?

Pack Up Entire Classroom


11. It’s such a bittersweet feeling. My students and co-workers are the best! I genuinely do have a classroom family and a school family. Each year it is a little sad. Good thing we can see all of those faces when we run into any store for the entire summer!

Sadness on the last day


12. After the students leave, I can’t run into the parking lot fast enough!!! There is no time for chitchat and promises of meeting up over the summer. I am done!

See the source image


Home at Last!

13. Now, I have no children at home, and bless you if you do! I am taking full advantage of my empty nest. Don’t even come a calling to my house as there will be no pants worn!


14. We can use the restroom, eat, and work out when we want (unless we have our own kiddos at home)! You know… usual human stuff.

Ah Summer. The time when teachers become human again.


15. Sleep, Netflix, eat, repeat!


You Must Be Joking Right Now!

16. If I had a nickel for every time I have heard this statement, I would have a more significant retirement account! They don’t see the summer school, training, unit planning, and meetings we attend.

summers off


17. I am a fan of lifelong learning for teachers but do not, like really do not, have us attend training that we have already participated in every summer.

18. After stating the date with my students every day, it is always funny that I am lucky to know the day of the week in the summer! Seriously, the only month we need to know is August…and possibly July for some.

What day is it for teachers in the summer


19. Under the category of there ought to be a law: there is NOTHING worse than someone sending an email about next year the day after school gets out.


Accurate End-of-the-Year Teacher Memes

20. We have given accurate depictions of the students all year long, only to hear, “My kid doesn’t do that at home!” Hmm, apology accepted!

Right now, parents across America are saying, Man, the teachers WERE right about my child all along."


21. Tag, you’re it! Your child talks non-stop and has a limited attention span. Yes, you are having long days and nights. But, phew, we are so happy it is your turn.


22. To me, Walmart’s aisles have back-to-school items way too early. Please let us enjoy the notion of being home before we become inundated with school items everywhere!

So, I lie—a little. I teach the whole year with only small breaks at the beginning and end of the summer. But I can relate to each of these end-of-the-year teacher memes as those breaks are welcomed. But, I am a planner. And I am already planning for the next school year! Does anyone else already have a foot into next year?




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