25 Brain Break Videos for the Classroom


Brain break videos for the classroom are a necessity for any primary teacher.  Our young students need to have some downtime to “get the wiggles out”. By using brain breaks throughout the day, you are able to give them some movement during a break, allowing them to return to learning with more focus. Use these 25 videos to give your students (and you) a little break.

We all know that our young students need to move around in order for learning to occur.  You have a lot of options when it comes to giving your students a quick “break”. They don’t all have to be videos. Give your students a coloring page, take them outside, or play a game. We have lots of options within Education to the Core Premium. Click the button to take a look at all of your options.

? Go the little bit extra and create “squares” around the classroom that students can go to during “movement time”, just to get a different view of the room. ?

Jack Hartmann’s “Get Up to Get Down” Video

The Learning Station’s “I Am the Music Man”

Music Express Choreography “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Jack Hartmann’s “Boom Chicka Boom”

Barefoot Books’ “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

Is the weather outside nice and your students could use some fresh air? Take them outside to play on the playground, or if extra recesses are not allowed, give them a Nature Scavenger Hunt activity and allow them to run around and explore the outdoors while they check off the items on their page.

Patty Shukla’s “Simon Says” Video

The Learning Station’s “Body Boogie”

Debbie Doo’s “The Hokey Pokey”

Pink Fong’s “Jungle Boogie Dance”

Barefoot Books’ ” Dinosaur Rap” Video

Sometimes our students don’t need a complete break from academics, just a change of focus. You can provide a “different” type of learning for your students by switching gears from math and literacy to doing some fun science experiments and projects. I have over 75 different Science in a Snap activities that are little to no prep for you, but still super engaging for your young learners.

Bounce Patrol’s “If Animals Danced”

Pancake Manor’s “Shake Break”

Patty Shukla’s “Bouncing Up and Down”

The Learning Station’s “Move With Me” Video

Debbie Doo’s “Let’s Star Jump”

And when the weather isn’t the greatest, and you’ve exhausted all of your favorite dance videos, coloring is always a nice quiet way to take a brain break. There has been more and more research on coloring having a calming effect, as well as helping children focus on other tasks. Turn on some music and give your students the opportunity to chat quietly while they color.

Jack Hartmann’s “I Can Move My Body Like Anything”

The Kiboomer’s “Freeze Dance” Video

Super Simple Songs’ “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

Mr. Woodland’s “Walk, Run, and Jump”

The Learning Station’s “Shake Our Sillies Out”

You can also bring out some good old-fashioned board games. Have a game break as a class, or let students section off and play some games with their classmates. There are so many great game ideas out there that you can do with your students.

KIDZ BOP Kids “Make Some Noise”

The Body Coach’s “5-Minute Move”

Azukita Zumba Kids

GoNoodle’s “Clap It Out Syllables” Video

Use these brain break videos for the classroom to help your students “get up and move”!  We all know that their little brains work better when they’ve had time to shake their wiggles out.  By using brain break videos in the classroom, you are allowing them time to let their brains rest and bodies move, giving them a break between curricula, and hopefully causing fewer behavioral issues in the classroom.  (We all know that the last one is the most important!!) ?

If you have any favorite brain break videos for the classroom, please post the link(s) in the comments below.  We all could use as many great videos as we can! ❤️

Written By: Janessa Fletcher

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