28 Ways Teachers Inspired Us


Being a teacher is hard work. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. However, as difficult as it is, it can also be rewarding. Teachers are in the position to not only inspire and empower children but also make an impact on their students’ lives. Teachers are so inspiring that we made a list of  28 Ways Teachers Inspired Us. 

I am an avid reader. I think that I can attribute that to a teacher I had in Primary School that not only nurtured my love of reading but encouraged me and challenged me. Little things like making sure I always had a book to read and recommended books that she thought I would enjoy solidified the love of reading that I was just starting to explore. 

The teachers in our community on Facebook in the Kindergarten Fearless Group, First Grade Fearless Group, and the Second Grade Fearless Teacher Group had similar experiences. They shared some of the experiences they had in school and how their teachers made a difference in their lives. 

Ways Teachers Inspired Us #1 –

“At home, I was a burden. At school, I was valuable, and at home, I couldn’t do anything right. At school, I was noticed for doing positive things. My teachers saw me for who I was and what I contributed. I mattered. And because I mattered, the things they presented to me in class were astonishing and intriguing. There’s a reason why I remember so many of my teachers. They took a lonely, sad, shy little girl and showed her how to live.” – Addison C.

2 – “My senior math teacher had optional lessons after school for anyone who needed extra help. The only rule was, you had to make sure at least one other person was attending as well. He ran them twice a week from 3 pm-4 pm in his classroom. About half the class would regularly attend. It made a huge difference in my grades.” -Kaely J.

3 – “When I was in early elementary school my tutor taught me how to turn my weaknesses into my strengths. Not to be labeled and to conquer my learning disabilities.” -Raquel D. 

Ways Teachers Inspired Us #4 –

My senior year English teacher criticized my work in analyzing a poem. Our next task was to write an essay. I wrote on the freedom to interpret poetry. Then she called me up to her desk and asked if this was in reference to the poetry, I said yes. She gave me an A+. I used the same essay to opt-out of freshman English in college. She taught me that we can agree to disagree.” -Sandra H. 

5 – “It wasn’t one teacher, and it wasn’t one specific thing. My 4th-grade math teacher was the first one to make me not feel like a total idiot when it came to math. I struggled hardcore in math, and she actually made me have confidence that I could do well. My 5th-grade math teacher just made me feel good about myself overall. She also helped me feel like I could do well in math” -Lauren K. 

6 – “My Math teacher in HS told me to take College Algebra. You had to pass a test to get in. I didn’t pass the first time. He went to the college and took the test. He knew exactly what I was having a problem with and tutored me during lunch and I passed.” -Colleen C. 

7 – “My 2nd-grade teacher, Mr. Carey played guitar. At the end of every day, he would play for us and the whole class would sing along. That has stuck with me for 30+ years! Teaching is so much more than academics!” -Lindsey C. 


Ways Teachers Inspired Us #8 –

An elementary teacher read stories with all the voices…..one of the reasons I learned very early to love books. A high school teacher talked to me about family problems and helped my self-esteem. A college professor met me in the library….very publicly, to help me learn to write transitions. There are so many more things I can’t even list them all!” -Tammy A. 

9 – “My third/fourth-grade teacher did one-woman comic skits for us. She encouraged me to write and perform my own mini-dramas. She praised my efforts and convinced me that I could be a writer. Never became a professional writer, but skills really helped in my education and in teaching scores of kids how to write. Will never forget Mrs. Simms!” -Charlotte E. 

10 – “Read to the class. This was 10th grade…”How Green Was My Valley”. Mr. Simminger. He didn’t, of course, read the entire novel to us, but passages he felt were relevant to our enjoyment and understanding. He had a wonderful speaking voice and I always kept that in mind when I read to my classes of 5th/6th-grade History and World Cultures. And especially when reading to my own children. By the way…I learned more from my students than they learned from me. Always.” -Timothy H.

11 – “My music teacher took me to concerts with her. I loved classical music at a very young age. My parents had 6 kids and there was no money left for concerts.” -Connie R. 

Ways Teachers Inspired Us #12 –

“My high school math teacher encouraged me to take upper-level math from him. My principal told me that I should consider going to college and I did” -Sylvia E. 

13 – “My French teacher spoke of France with such love when I was an adolescent that when I looked at the Eiffel Tower many years later it was as if my teacher was there by my side… She was one of the best teachers I had….and many years later she became my student… Yes, I had the honor of teaching some English to her, and it was a fantastic experience because she was about 80 years old by then but still had that special shine in her eyes whenever she talked about France….” -Deise A. 


14 – “Showed passion for her subject area inspiring me to major in her subject area, English, and become a teacher myself.” -Carol C.

15 – “Believed in me when no one else did” -Randale E. 

16 – “When I auditioned for a school play of James and the Giant Peach, my favorite teacher assigned me to be the Ladybug instead of one of the mean old aunts. I was heartbroken at first because I had wanted to be an aunt. I soon realized the ladybug had a much better part. That play gave me a new confidence I didn’t know I was capable of.” -Jaci J. 

17 – “I had a speech correction teacher who taught me to read and more importantly to love to read.” -Sharon S. 

Ways Teachers Inspired Us #18 – 

“Mr. Hershey trusted me. If I didn’t make it to class but was in the art room, he’d count me present. He knew I’d gotten involved in a project, but I’d make his stuff up” -Linda P. 


19 – “Taught me to read, significant because I was in high school.” -Katherine U. 

20 – “One of my high school teachers helped me with my college applications because the guidance counselors canceled on me 3 times.” -Jessica R.

21 – “My high school art teacher encouraged me to apply for scholarships and loans to go on to college..we had no money, I didn’t think college was a possibility… I now teach too.” -Sylvia R. 

22 – “My teacher came to my house with homework when I was sick.” -Lori M. 

23 – “Knew I had a disability and NEVER made me feel different. Made me feel strong where I was and helped when I needed it” -Meaghan N. 

Ways Teachers Inspired Us #24 – 

“When I was in high school, I took private flute lessons. As part of my lessons, I participated in a competition that we simply called Contest. In my very first contest, my band director made an effort to try and attend every one of his students’ performances. Now I had horrible stage fright when I was a kid. When I went up to the judge to get my music back, he barked at me to “step away from the table.” This did nothing to squelch my nerves. I left the room and my band director came up to me and goes “you played beautifully. I’ll get your music for you.” My band director was very strict, so for him to say this to me was so wonderful. And it showed me that even though he was strict, he cared about his students. I’ll never forget what he said.” -Liz G. 

25 – “In fourth grade I had severe separation anxiety from my mom. My teacher gave me a special magic stone my mom would kiss every morning and I would hold it close all day. One day when we had a sub I lost it and had a massive anxiety attack. The office was getting ready to send me home when another teacher ran in and said she had found it and helped me calm down. Years later I found out the truth. She had called my 4th-grade teacher to ask if she had any tips? My teacher revealed that it was just a decorative fish tank rock and that there was an entire jar of them in her supply closet. I’m currently using the same trick with one of my students. He thinks it’s magic I can always locate it.” -Kelsey D. 

Ways Teachers Inspired Us #26 –

 “My 8th grade English teacher submitted my poem to the Los Angeles County Fair without me knowing and then called me personally on the phone to tell me I won 1st place.” -Vanessa D. 


27 – “I had to have pretty major surgery when I was in third grade. I missed several weeks of school. When I returned, my teacher arranged with my parents for me to stay after school 1-2 days a week to help me get caught up. On the days I stayed after when I finished my work, she would let me help her grade papers, make crafts, etc. Then she’d drive me home. She was so kind. I decided to become a teacher because of her.” -Heather H. 

28 – “In 3rd Grade, she read A Wrinkle in Time to all of us after recess with our heads down on our desks. My imagination soared that year! Today I teach first grade and always read aloud to my students. Change a life forever by reading the right book. Thank you Mrs. Whitcomb!” -Donna D. 

Teachers are inspiring their students to be the best versions of themselves every day. And in return, students are reminding their teachers why their job is so special. 

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez 

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