2nd Grade Literacy Centers for January


2nd Grade Literacy Centers for January are HERE!

Here’s what will be inside once you open the January folder of the Bundle!

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Vowel Teams Baseball: Hit a grand slam with our vowel teams baseball center! Students will be working on their phonics by sorting vowel sound patterns.

Syllable Puzzles: Students will see the break down of words with these interactive syllable puzzles.

Character Cards: Caring: Character awareness is so very important in any grade. We thought it would be important to integrate literacy and character into each month. This month, the students will be reading the character card and clipping whether or not it is a caring character trait.

Would You Rather? Engage your students in meaningful discussions with these “Would You Rather” discussion cards.

Grammar Surgery: Dissect simple paragraphs by correcting the grammar and rewriting the paragraphs correctly.

Build a Sentence: Build silly sentences with our interactive “build a sentence” cards.

Same and Different: Students will be dissecting the text to find the similarities and differences.  This center really encourages close reading.

Text Feature Hunt: Text features are so very important when interacting with expository text.  This center focuses on various text features 2nd graders will encounter.

Statements vs. Questions: One of the important language skills in 2nd grade is being able to recognize a statement vs. a question.  This center is a great activity to help students recognize a statement vs. a question.

Alphabetical Order: One of my favorite activities to work on dictionary skills is alphabetical order!

Right now, I am sure you are probably thinking, “This is exactly what I have been looking for!!! How in the world do I get my hands on these?!?

We offer Year-Long Literacy Centers for 1st and 2nd Grade. This resource was specifically made to create an impact in your classroom, and to help you create a better work-life balance. Take the guess work out of centers, so you can do what you do best…TEACH!

  • Student-Friendly Directions for Every Center
  • Hands-On and Engaging Activities
  • Recording/Accountability Sheets for Every Center
  • Flexible and nonseasonal centers to supplement your current curriculum.
  • Cohesive resource with a variety of centers to last you an entire year.
  • Consistent centers so you have minimal redirection.

[Check out our 1st and 2nd Grade Literacy Centers for the Year]

1st and 2nd Grade Literacy Centers for the YEAR!


Each month includes 10 Common Core Aligned Literacy Centers that can be rearranged and reused throughout the year! We have done the ground work for you! You don’t have to think about which standard each activity aligns to! It’s all laid out for you.

We have provided a scope and sequence so you can see exactly how the activities line up with the standards. That way, you don’t have to worry about what’s coming for those of you who plan far in advance.

Check out the Scope and Sequence here! We can’t wait until you see what’s inside!

Here is your January lineup for your 2nd grade centers for the year! You will find a variety of engaging reading, writing, language, listening and speaking, and reference skills activities!

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