5 Science of Reading Must Have Resources


You keep hearing about the importance of the Science of Reading, but where do you start? Whether your school or district’s curriculum is already aligned with the Science of Reading, or you are starting something new, it can all be a little overwhelming. 

As teachers, we want to provide the best resources for our students, but there are so many SoR-aligned resources out there! It can get complicated and confusing. Let me and Team ETTC make it simple for you!

If you are looking for something to supplement your Science of Reading (SOR) instruction, or you need the whole package, we have done the work for you. You can be assured that your students will have all the resources they need to become successful readers. Check out the top 5 must-have resources to bring SoR into your classroom.

We’ve packaged all 5 of these resources into one nice little bundle and tied it up with a bow by adding training videos to help you along your SoR implementation journey. You can click the links below to snag components of the bundle, or you can just grab the whole thing by clicking the easy button below. Check out our SoR Into Reading resource bundle and training videos now! 


SOR Resource 1. Sound Wall

Sound walls provide a visual within your classroom as students learn to categorize phonemes. They are an excellent resource for students and provide support as they learn to read. There are many sound wall resources to make your sound wall complete. The Sound Wall Set-Up Teacher Guide is the perfect place to start.

The dynamic sound wall cards and mouth images are what you need to create the sound wall in your classroom. Sound Wall Digital Teaching Slides are a great supplemental teaching resource to use for whole group instruction. Student Phoneme Practice Sheets are the perfect interactive activity for students, and they can be used with a whole group, small group, or for individualized practice.

Add a sound wall resource chart to student binders, place it in a center, or hang it in the classroom for quick and easy reference. Sound walls can seem a little overwhelming, but rest assured, we have everything you need for your sound wall. Our step-by-step teacher guide will make it a breeze to set up and use in your classroom.


Resource 2. Decodable Books

If you’re wondering how to prep for small group instruction, look no further than my decodable readers! With everything you need for science of reading-aligned teaching, decodable readers provide your students with the resources they need to build confidence and master literacy skills.

There are two decodable readers for each phonics skill, along with picture cards, word mapping mats, and an independent practice page. Each decodable book aligns with an easy-to-follow routine that includes a phonological awareness warm-up, a set of decodable and high-frequency words to map before reading, and a 7-page story.

With three different comprehension pages for each book, you can select the one that is at your student’s level. Use the Decodable Books Organization Dividers to keep your decodable books organized and ready to use in your small groups.


SOR Resource 3. Phonics Instructional Slides

When teaching whole group phonics activities, instructional slides are a great solution! They allow the whole class to learn together and provide interactive opportunities for students to apply what they are learning.

Phonics Instructional Slides include warm-up activities, sound spotlight slides, and do-it-together activities that keep students engaged. Have students bring their whiteboards to the carpet, and participate along with the slides on the screen. This science of reading activity is a must-have resource that is great for both reviewing and teaching new phonics concepts.


Resource 4. Heart Words Printables

An effective way to practice heart words with your students is to use the science of reading heart word printables! With three bundles that each include a set of 100 words, you will have a complete set of heart word printables for your students. Or, there is also an editable option! This science of reading activity is a must-have addition to your classroom instruction because you can edit the resource with any high-frequency word.

Heart word printables will help students learn how to phoneme-grapheme map words and recognize the irregular parts of words. This practice will help students transfer their knowledge to reading and writing. Heart word printables are a science of reading-aligned activity that will ensure students are using their letter-sound knowledge as they learn new words.


SOR Resource 5. Syllable Division Posters

Learning syllable division is an important part of the science of reading, but it can be challenging for students. Providing a visual for learners and displaying Syllable Division Posters in the classroom can be helpful. This Syllable Division Posters resource includes full-size posters, as well as smaller student-size guides that can be put on a ring or added to a resource notebook.

In addition, teaching students the seven different types of syllables will help them build their reading skills. The seven syllable types are explained with visuals on these Syllable Type Instructional Posters. Students will benefit from extra practice with syllable division by using Syllable Division Printables. These no-prep printable activities provide a variety of ways for students to practice dividing and understanding syllables.


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Written By: Sarah Cason


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