55 Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer


It has been a long year, but Summer is the perfect time to unplug, close your laptop, and leave school stuff at school. Of course, there are going to be school things in the back of our minds but with the hardships that teachers have faced this year, it is time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time to ourselves. So, if you are like me and you are looking forward to this Summer a little more than you’d like to admit then you have to read this list of 55 Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer. Plus, #36 is SOOO relatable!

Trust us, we know that sometimes (or all the time) the things that teachers are looking forward to have absolutely nothing to do with school. And sometimes the things that teachers are looking forward to have everything to do with school.

So here are some fun, a little silly, and very relatable things that teachers from our Kindergarten Fearless Group, First Grade Fearless Group, or Second Grade Fearless Teacher Group are hoping to enjoy doing this summer.

Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer
1. Planning for the next school year using my Education to the Core Premium Membership.

2. “Sleeping in, relaxing, self-care…” -Racquel B.

3. “Going to Costa Rica with my grown daughter.” -Dorion H.

4. “Having the energy to be with my kids. To be patient, be present, and just be with them without feeling drained and exhausted” -Anita G.

5. “Me time.”  -Pam S. 

6. “Less stress and switching school districts” -Cornell R.

7. Setting up a Sound Wall in my classroom.

8. “No school stress” -Ellen B.

Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer
9. “Sleeping in!!!! Spending my days with my sons by our pool. Making precious memories and soaking it all in.” -Ashley S.

10. “Working on reorganizing my home in order to simplify my life! Less clutter! And also spending time doing my favorite hobbies… cross-stitching, painting, and spending time with my grandbabies!” – Amy H.

11. “100% present in my body, mind, and soul for my kids and husband. All family time!” -Amanda R.

12. “Rest…just rest for my mind, body, soul, and spirit. All have been hurting.” -Jen K.

13. “Finishing a book in less than 8 months,” -Lorriane S.

14. Listening to an entire episode of “Where the Primary Things Are” podcast uninterrupted.

15. “Reading good books!” -Victoria E.

Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer
16. “Retirement!” -Sheri S.

17. “Relaxing, resting, traveling, sleeping late, spending time with family” -Cassandra B.

18. “Peace.” -Erin H.

19. “No alarm!” -Jennifer C.

20. “A beach vacation, hiking, the movies, using my own bathroom whenever I want, watching the Today Show and YouTube.” -Chassity R.

21. “Sleep, family time, traveling.” -Glenda M.

22. Printing copies of the ETTC Core Binders for my kiddos.

23.  “No paperwork. Cleaning my house. Having the energy to cook dinner. Enjoying the sunshine.” -Kymberly M.

24.  “Sleep and wine.” -Kimber B.

25.  “No alarm. Having fun with my own children. Doing things for me that I don’t usually have energy for. Taking trips with my fam.” -Heather L.

Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer
26. “Trip to Yellowstone and Grand Canyon” -Candice H.

27. “Visiting Croatia and Spain… and simply watching the morning news with hot coffee.” – Maghan B.

28. “Having my baby!” -LaToya H.

29. “Sleeping in…” -Stephanie S.

30. “Vacation!!!” -Brenda P.

31. Start using my September Monthly Packets and all of the other Monthly Packets from ETTC!

32. “Working my summer job and having time to relax and read in the hammock!” -Alice W.

33. “Spending time with my own children, cleaning my house, and taking care of myself.” -Marissa R.

34. “Not having to wait to pee.” -Belinda M.

Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer
35. “Not being micromanaged and disrespected by admin.” -Kait P.

36. “Not setting the alarm.” Rhonda G.

37. “Staying at home with my newborn.” -Claire W.

38. “feet up, sleeping in, good tv shows, reading for pleasure, late-night movies, no one calling my name every minute, and much rest… I will also teach summer school” -Carmen C.

39. “I guess you’d have to be a teacher to get this, but I’m looking forward to ‘learning’ our new reading series!” -Diane F.

40. “Going to the bathroom when I want.” -Amanda W.

41. “Coffee in my pajamas.” -Christine D.

42. “Enjoying the sunshine on the patio.” -Lori J.

43. “Just relaxing for a while. I’m tired!” -Carrie R.

44. “No lesson plans.” -Silstar C.

Things Teachers are Looking Forward to this Summer
45. “Relaxing and being able to sleep in.” -Nicki P.

46. “No daily behavior documentation.” -Allyson R.

47. “A break! Excited for the new year.” -Marie B.

48. “TIME FOR ME.” -Brandy G.

49. “Sleeping in.” -Traci K.

50. Read my way through an ETTC Blog! 

51. “Being at home, less eating out, beach days, time with my own kids…” -Alice H.

52. “Moving back home to be with my mom.” -Rebecca P.

53. “A chance to clean the classroom.  Just kidding, more time spent with my baby at home.” -William R.

54. “I’ve been needing a second income, so I’m looking forward to the free time to try to develop my side business.” -Brittany G.

55. “Catch up on some Netflix binge-watching!” -Chris O.

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez 

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