7 Simple Ways Schools Can Save Money on Budgets


The attempt to balance building management and educational leadership is a fine line that many principals struggle with.  However, one common item lies just below the surface of every act a principal does – the school budget. 

Whether you are attempting to create a school budget or guide your spending within the budget, every move you make as a principal matters, and Education to the Core is ready to move with you!  I am ready to help you save on your school’s budget with seven easy tips!

Whether you are tasked with creating your school’s budget or part of the team creating it, you know sometimes it is “splitting hairs” when it comes to saving where you can.  If you are working within a district where your business manager and superintendent develop a budget for you and your building, you will want to identify creative solutions for budget management!  Either way, I have 7 tips to save within your budget!  


School Budget Tip 1. Professional Development 

As administrators, we know that effective PD usually costs money. However, what if I told you that your staff could receive FREE PD courses and workshops?  Yes, I did say free. When you are part of the Education to the Core Premium community, you can attend workshops and PD courses throughout the year that are free. Not to mention, your staff will love doing some PD from the comforts of their own homes.  

Our professional development trainings are a collaborative effort from the entire Education to the Core team. With over 242 years of teaching experience, we know the importance of sound and relevant PD backed up by research and evidence-based practices! 

Some topics of past and future PD: 

      • Behavior Management
      • Science of Reading
      • Organizational Tips
      • Setting up Literacy Centers & Managing Them
      • Creating Strong Routines, Procedures and Schedules
      • Small Group Instruction
        • Teacher Led Groups
        • Student Led Groups
      • Beginning of the Year Tips
      • End of the Year Tips




    2. Curriculum 

    Dare I begin this second tip suggestion with the ‘f’ word?  Yes, I mean fidelity!  Fidelity is so important, and a district spends millions on curriculum.  However, not every student will fit into the curriculum your district purchases.  Sometimes, educators must use their professional judgment to supplement resources to meet the student’s needs.  Here is where ETTC Premium comes in! 

    We have resources that will align with your standards and curriculum.  Whether your teachers are looking for activities to support their lessons, add additional practice, intervention for struggling students, or enrichment activities to continue to let those higher students be challenged appropriately.  Education to the Core Premium has it all! 

    Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive ETTC Curriculum

    One area I am personally proud of is how diverse Education to the Core’s resources are.  We ensure that all of our resources, activities, and lessons are diverse, equitable, and attainable to all students.  We want each child to be able to see themselves in the products we create, the art we utilize, and the words we use.

    Another area that I am excited to share is the area of Science and Social Studies.  Oftentimes, teachers are tasked with finding their own lessons or piecing together a “curriculum” to address these two areas.  No more ‘hodge-podge’ and stress of finding appropriate lessons, we have our seasonal “Science in a Snap” resources to check out and our year-long Social Studies Units to begin in the classroom tomorrow.  

    We strive to stay current with educational trends to ensure teachers have what they need.  Education to the Core is always open to suggestions if you are looking for a specific primary area where you need help finding an appropriate resource within our Premium website.  We have great customer service at membership@educationtothecore.com. 


    3. Accurate Accounting

    One major tip that was provided to me by our business manager is to maintain accurate accounting.  In an ever-changing world of education, this is a feat.  With multiple “new initiatives” coming out each year, we want to use comprehensive information systems to develop data-driven budgets that link school spending to those desired outcomes.  How do we do that with multiple investments, increasing demands, and conflicting priorities? Accuracy. 

    With your Education to the Core Subscriptions, there is one set price for you and your district.  There are no hidden fees, add-on prices, or a-la-carte resource options.  You can find over 16,000 resources, lesson plans, family communication and activities, digital options, and so much more! Education to the Core Premium is a true one-stop shop for all your teachers’ needs.  With no tax or shipping, where can you go wrong adding Education to the Core Premium memberships into your school’s budget?  Talk about an accurate figure that you can count on. 

    School Budget Tip 4. Special Education

    Special Education is often a separate area of the budget; however, it is still important to allocate appropriate funds.  Sometimes, you are tasked with overseeing this budget; other times, it is the Special Education Director’s responsibility.  Either way, this pairs well with tip #3 of accurate accounting.  Ensuring your students are receiving what they need to succeed.   

    Worried about those at-risk students in your building(s)?  Education to the Core Premium has the resources that are easily adaptable into academic interventions and small group instruction! With additional practice and reinforcing the skill taught, our resources meet the needs of all. 

    Sometimes, our teachers understand the need to address the at-risk students, but they may struggle with their advanced students. Thinking that giving them an extra worksheet or added practice to keep them “busy,” is good enough. This is not the case; your advanced students need to continue to be challenged.  We have amazing problem-based projects and differentiated activities that could meet the needs of not only your struggling and average students but advanced ones as well.  


    5. Eliminate Excess Spending 

    This tip may seem like a “no-brainer,” but hear me out.  Think of your own personal life and if you were on a budget.  What would you try to cut out?  Perhaps you wouldn’t buy that coffee each morning but brew a pot at your home and make a travel mug to go.  You might try to cut back on going out to eat or ordering takeout and instead plan your meals to create leftovers for additional meals throughout the week.  The same thing goes for your school budget.  

    You are eliminating that excess spending with Education to the Core Premium School memberships.  No more Teachers Pay Teachers accounts or receipts from teachers for their monthly subscriptions to various websites and programs.  You are receiving one annual membership to thousands of research-based resources and materials!  

    6. Equity and Adequacy in Education and Finances

    Federal and state laws address equity to assure schools from neighborhood to neighborhood have the same access as everyone else.  Access in terms of equity doesn’t mean each student receives identical resources.  We understand that each student is unique with different needs.  That is why we create differentiated materials for your teachers to use within their classrooms, making it easier to address the entire class.  

    Adequacy in education are reassurances that states have outlined clear definitions of what quality looks like.  These items must be available and obtainable by each student.  Education to the Core prides itself on its representation of all. You will see a diverse representation of all students regarding color, gender, and ability in our images, words, and descriptions.


    School Budget Tip 7. Family Involvement 

    How does family involvement help with a school budget, and why is it included on this list?  Dare I use the words due process, but let’s face it – a happy family is a happy work life.  Just as we expect our teachers to build relationships with their students in their classrooms, we, as administrators, need to build relationships with the families we serve.  We want to ensure that the families and students are supported and respected, and valued.  Again, this is where Education to the Core Premium comes in.  

    We understand the importance of family and keeping them informed.  We have several resources and activities, including scope, sequence, and family letters. I am sure you have a variety of parent communication levels in your building… some of your staff are great at it, and others could use a little work.  Either way, let us take the workload off your teachers’ plates.  We have numerous family involvement projects and communication letters that are often editable and will give your teachers a great starting place. 


    School Account – Education to the Core Premium

    Not only does Education to the Core have your teachers in mind, but we also have you, our administrators as well.  We respect and admire your passion for your staff and want to help you set them up for success.  

    Consider an ETTC School Account today:

      • Make your school budget work for your school improvement plan. 

      • Access to unlimited downloads of the most comprehensive, reliable, and inclusive educational resources!

      • One-stop shop to access effective resources.

      • More memberships you purchase, the greater the discount per membership!

    Today is the day to set your school up for success!  If you want more information, be sure to check out Education to the Core Premium or reach out to our customer support at membership@educationtothecore.com. We do accept purchase orders. 

    Written By: Christopher Olson

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