Hilarious Things Kids Have Said During Virtual Classroom Meetings


Kids say the most hilarious things in class, sometimes being brutally honest, other times sharing secrets from home, or just being comedic kids. Virtual classroom meetings haven’t changed any of that. We’ve had many teachers share the Hilarious Things Kids Have Said During Virtual Classroom Meetings. The one about a teacher’s favorite drink will make you LOL! ?

“BE QUIET people! I’m in a meeting here!”

“Keep it down, You are too loud!”

“Stop trying to help me, I can do this without you.”

Hilarious Things Kids Have Said During Virtual Meetings when having to use the restroom…
Kid: “Can I go to the bathroom?”
Me: “Sure, I guess. Make sure you use the bathroom before class next time.”
Kid: “I need to go poop.”
Me: “Well, ok then. Wash your hands!” ~ Jennifer H.
Me: “Why are you 30 minutes late?”
Student: “The poop wouldn’t come out.”? ~ Amanda A. 
“Wasn’t in a virtual classroom but face to face “ Mrs. Annie I peed in a cup at the doctor’s office. It was hilarious.” ~Annie D.
“While teaching via zoom my 4-year-old came out of the bathroom and yelled, Mom, come wipe my butt! My students insisted I go help. ?” ~ Brooklyn E. 
“I didn’t do the math problem because I was pooping. It was a long poop.” ~ Krystal P.

“I’m going to quit asking you questions because your explanations are too long.” ~ Lesley B.

“Me: How was your weekend? Sweet or sour?
Student: kinda sweet and kinda sour cause I got to watch a Christmas movie…but my dog had diarrhea! ?” ~ Mollie L. 
“Mrs. R please be quiet my brother is sleeping.” ~ Jamielyn R.
“I lost power halfway through my Zoom meeting and when I finally jumped back on with my phone (maybe 2 minutes later) one kid asked if I went to take a shower ?” ~ Kayla A. 

“Student 1: “Mrs. D, what’s your favorite drink?”

Student 2: “Please say beer. I hope it’s beer.”

I teach 1st grade. ?” ~ Shanna D. 

“During a read-aloud, I asked, “What makes dogs happy?” My English language learner screams “making love!” I choked back the coffee I nearly spit all over the screen and replied very quickly “yes SHOWing love like giving them pets.” ~ Renee E.

“I got up during a meet to grab something and a little girl said, “Ms. D., You got legs!” I said
“Of course I have legs. Why did you think I didn’t?” She said “ I never saw your legs so I thought you didn’t have any! You got nice legs!” I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could a parent that was sitting next to her child.” ~ Melissa D.
“I teach in a multi-grade room. So, I asked my 2nd graders what they know about the number 20 ( 2 groups of 10, count by 5s, 2s, etc). Crickets. Enter my kinder baby- brings up her math notebook and “20 is made up of 2 and 0, it is made of 2 ten sticks, which is two groups of ten things. Now you know.“ ~ Felicia L.

“Student: “Ms. Comegys, did you know if you if you press the little c at the bottom, it shows you the lyrics to what everybody is saying?!”

Me: “Buddy, that’s right. This is called a closed-captioning. Remember we learned about captions? Lyrics are the words to songs.”

Student B: “Can’t lyrics be captions then, too?!”

Me: “Yep. Sure, can! Never thought about it like that!” ?????? ~ L. C.

“Student: Mrs. James, you know those protein drinks you can drink?
Me: Yes.
Student: Well my mom drank one during our class break & now her belly hurts so bad she keeps running to the bathroom.
Parent: Boy shut that microphone off!” ~ A. J.

“Here’s my new kitty her name is Corona because she looks like the drink. (1st grade)” ~ Amy W.

“One of my students was having connection issues and couldn’t hear me giving directions so she got mad and said “my teacher is soooo annoying” with the biggest eye roll. The look of sheer panic on her face when I said “sweetie you know you are unmuted right?” was priceless.” ~ Jessica D.
“After giving my in-person and remote students a spelling test (I teach both synchronously) I asked if any student needed anything repeated. One of my remote students said…could you please repeat #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12??? ?” ~ Jessica M. 

“While teaching remotely…I sneezed and a student says, “Mrs. Corcoran…you got the Covid or are you just sneezing?!” ? ~ J. C. 

Hilarious Things Kids Have Said During Virtual Meetings while checking out every part of your face…
“I teach 1st grade virtually.
Student: Mrs. Palen what’s wrong with your face?!
Me: I’m sorry what?
Student: your face, somethings wrong with it
Me: I’m not wearing as much makeup today as I normally do.
Student: well you shouldn’t do that again
Me: ?
Student: I mean you’re still pretty.” ~ B. P.
“”Miss Petty your eyes look like you don’t feel good today.” I said “Oh sweetie I’m fine. I just forgot to put mascara on. I’ll fix it at recess.” ?” ~ D. P. 

“After our lunch break, we all got back on our zoom. I always ask them what they had for lunch and one little guy always has a good lunch. Today he had some lasagna. I started reading and he pipes in hey Mrs. Friedericks and I said yeah…..he said my belly is big after that lunch. I just couldn’t help it. I lost it laughing. So I proceeded to tell him mine was also after my lunch. When we were calling it a day on our zoom he says my tummy is still big and I said mine is too buddy. He just always has some fun little one-liners.” ~ A. F.
“I told my kids about Chuck Yeager today..when I told them he “broke” the sound barrier..one kid asked if he got in trouble!?” ~ Pam D. 

“First grader today: Why does your hair look the same every day??” ~Elena S.

“I think you were your nicest ever because you’re wearing sloppy jeans and flip flops today.” Natalie H.
“One of my students was in a hat all day today. It said, “This is my drinking hat!” Gave me a good laugh.” ~ Colleen S.

“I couldn’t do my homework last night because I was at the bar!” ~ Donda N.

“Mrs. Aviles can you please help me. Something is wrong with my armpit.” ~ R. A.

“A student said “We leave cookies and beer for Santa. He really likes beer.” ?” ~ Julie S. 

“Wait, what? That is Mr. Sanders standing behind you!! So, um, you are Mrs. Sanders and he is Mr. Sanders?!?! Then disappears and pulls out her camera to get a picture of us. Hahaha!” ~ K. S.

“You don’t need more coffee, you just need Jesus. ???” ~ Sarah F. 

“Look what I found in my mom’s room ( as she held up a pair of handcuffs).” ~ Teri B.

“One of my students told me she couldn’t do her classwork on google classroom because she had no internet……. while she was on zoom.?” ~ Krysha W. 

“Student: How did the baby get in my mommy’s tummy? Me: Go ask your mommy.” ~ Amber H.

“Kiddo: This wall is part of my mommy’s room. It makes a lot of noise. Like really loud noises sometimes. ?  Me: Here’s my question again. How many tens in this number?” ~ Colleen C.

“Why don’t we get grades for our daydreams?” ~ Dara L.

“Around Thanksgiving, one of my students wanted to share what he was eating for dessert. He said that he had some pie with “shaving cream” on it ???.” ~ Thomas T. 

“Asked me how to spell “penis”. When I asked why he said “Well, I already have the “hap” part of happiness.” ~ Lynn J.

“Can we see your toes?” (They were reading “Witches”. They were a bit concerned I was a witch. As you may well know, witches, have no toes.) I didn’t show them. I like to keep them guessing.” ~ Suzanne K.

“Last week I wore a new scarf and one of my kids told me I looked like a supermodel! I almost fell out of my chair, it was so funny! ?” ~ Tammy G. 

“One of my kinders unmuted herself during my math lesson to say “did you even know that my baby sitter came out of my mom last week????” ~ Kamryn K.

“I had a student tell me to check the mail. I wondered why because I didn’t give him my address. Later, his dad told me that his son wanted to mail me a bottle of wine because “he knew I needed it.” ?” ~ Amber G.

“The principal and VP joined in zoom with my class. I put them into break out rooms to chat with smaller groups of kids. One little gal decided to take the device to the bathroom with her. Next thing you know they’re thinking “are those her ankles?” “Are those her pants?” The little girl yells “Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me!” Principal and VP leave the zoom call. ????” ~ Beth V.

“I was doing live testing with second graders and one of them was having a hard time. Lol, he was solving a problem and then started muttering and said “ughhh I need a beer.” ~ Missy T.

“I asked a student to answer 45+ 26 she says “Hey Siri what’s 45+26?” lol only a second grader” ~ Susan N.

“Me: “Please take the district required exam seriously” 10th graders mother in the background: Ha ha ha, she said to take the test seriously ha haha. Me: ____ would you please turn off your camera and microphone, your mom doesn’t know it is on.” ~ Dyanna Y.

I feel like I know a LOT more about the families of my students this year especially. LOL, Those kids say funny things in class, and they have just become downright Hilarious during Virtual Class Meetings. If you have any Hilarious Things that Kids Have Said During your Virtual Class Meetings, please share them in the comments below. We can all use a good laugh right now! ?

Written by: Janessa Fletcher

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