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Do your students need more hands-on activities in a world where everything is digital?
Do they need practice with social skills, you know, those skills students learn when playing games with each other?
Are your students’ families asking for games that can be played at home?
Do you want your students to have individual access to hands-on activities?
ETTC has you covered. Our amazing master teachers have just the resource for you… Kindergarten File Folder Games!
With 38 ELA and 38 math games included, your students will have plenty of opportunities to engage with the content covered in the kindergarten standards. Not only that, but they’re sure to love the colorful, fun activities.
Easy to prep, then simply toss into a basket and teach them how to play each of the four file folder formats and you’ll be set for an entire year… just think of all the time you’ll save yourself and your students!
Whether you use them for early finishers, centers, morning work, home-school extensions, or more, your students are sure to love them.

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What’s Included?

38 ELA File Folder Games:
  • Beginning Sounds Review (1 game)
  • Color Matching (1 game)
  • Color Sorting (1 game)
  • Concepts About Print (1 game)
  • CVC Word Review (3 games)
  • Ending Sound Match (2 games)
  • Fry Sight Words (5 games):
    • 1-20
    • 21-40
    • 41-60
    • 61-80
    • 81-100
  • Letter and Number Sort (1 game)
  • Rhyming (2 games)
  • Short Vowels; CVC words (4 games)
  • Short Vowel Word Families:
    • a, e, i, o, u (5 games)
  • Syllables (3 games)
  • Three in a Row: CVC Words (2 games)
  • Three in a Row: Ending Sounds (1 game)
  • Three in a Row: Opposites (1 game)
  • Three in a Row: Rhyming (1 game)
  • Three in a Row: Upper and Lowercase (1 game)
  • Upper and Lowercase Match (1 game)
  • Which is a Sentence? (1 game)
38 Math File Folder Games:
  • 2D Shapes (3 games)
  • 2D and 3D Shape Attributes (1 game)
  • 3D Shapes (1 game)
  • Addition (3 games):
    • 0-5 Facts
    • Domino Addition
    • Friends of Ten
  • Categories (2 games)
  • Comparing Numerals (1 game)
  • Composing Shapes (1 game)
  • Count and Compare Race (1 game)
  • Count to Answer and Sort (1 game)
  • Counting and Cardinality (1 game)
  • Counting Sequence (2 games)
  • Counting to 100 (3 games)
  • Decomposing Numbers (1 game)
  • Flat and Solid Shapes (1 game)
  • Measurement (1 game)
  • Numbers and Quantities (1 game)
  • Numbers to Sets 0-20 (1 game)
  • Positions (1 game)
  • Subtraction Match (1 game)
  • Teen Numbers (2 games)
  • Three in a Row (8 games)
    • Comparing Groups § Comparing Numbers
    • Count and Draw
    • Counting by 10s
    • Decomposing Numbers
    • Friends of Ten
    • Representing Numbers
    • Subtraction
  • Weight (1 game)

Why File Folder Games for Kindergarten?

  • Students Learn Through Play: Students need a lot of practice with skill development. Kindergarten File Folder Games allow for another way to practice skills through “play.”
  • Fun and Engaging: Students are doing something engaging while they practice their math/ELA skills at the same time. They don’t realize they’re learning!
  • Easy Game Formats: 4 game formats so students can easily transition between games with different skills/content. No learning time is lost explaining the rules to yet another new game!
  • Social Skills Development: Students learn necessary game playing and life skills (how to cooperate, take turns, be a good winner/loser, etc).
Teachers like you said…
“OMG!! This resource blew me out of the water! My students have been so engaged with these folder games it’s like magic! They actually want to complete their work so that they can use these. 10 out of 10 recommend them!”
“I love that there are so many activities to choose from. I can differentiate the activities based on the needs or skills of my students. The activities are fun and so engaging that they do not think of the activities as work. Great resource.”
“The games are very engaging and pair well with the outcomes I use. I love that all the cards and materials list are marked with the game they go with – there are always one or two cards left on the floor and it’s quick and easy to see which game they go with!”
“My students always love to play games. I love the resource because I can store them in a file for easy reference when I need a particular skill. Thank you for creating this resource!”
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