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No Prep Centers BUNDLE

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Feeling uneasy about prepping for next year?

Whether you are in the classroom or are teaching virtually, this No Prep Centers Bundle will come in handy! Each student will have his/her set of counters and mats, and they are good to go! No cutting sets of games/centers for each student! Engage your students at school and/or at home with our No Prep centers!

Featuring: Dice, Pattern Blocks, Bingo Chips/Daubers, Counters, Counting Cubes, & Bears!

*Download the Preview file to see this resource in detail. To download, right click on the word, “Preview,” toggle to, “Open in a new tab,” and select that option.

**Now includes a DIGITAL version for Google Slides‚ĄĘ/Google Classroom‚ĄĘ

Why No Prep Centers?

  • Keeps Students Healthy
  • Easy Prep Individual Centers for Each Student in your Classroom
  • Easy Print Pages! (No Cutting!)
  • Easily Adaptable to Distance Learning.
  • Each Student Will Have their Own Set of Manipulatives

Dice Contents:

  1. Add it Up (1 mat)
  2. Addition with Dice (2 mats)
  3. Four in a Row (2 mats)
  4. Graphing Dice (4 mats)
  5. Greater Than / Less Than (4 mats)
  6. Number Bonds with Dice (2 mats)
  7. Plus One Facts (1 mat)
  8. Real or Nonsense (15 mats)
  9. Roll a Sight Word (17 mats)
  10. Roll and Add Even or Odd (1 mat)
  11. Roll and Add (2 mats)
  12. Roll and Color (4 mats)
  13. Roll and Dot (1 mat)
  14. Roll and Subtract Even or Odd (1 mat)
  15. Roll and Subtract (1 mat)
  16. Roll to 100 (2 mats)
  17. Ten Plus Facts (1 mat)

Pattern Blocks Contents:

  1. Graphing Pattern Blocks (2 mats)
  2. Pattern Block Pictures (1 mat)
  3. Make the Letter (78 mats)
  4. Phonics Picture Mats (50 mats)
  5. Make the Number (30 mats)
  6. Roll and Build (20 mats)
  7. My Pattern Picture (36 mats)
  8. Scoop and Sort (2 mats)
  9. Shapes from Shapes (9 mats)
  10. Sight Word Pattern Blocks (105 mats)
  11. Symmetry Mats (30 mats)
  12. What Comes Next? (6 mats)

Bingo Chips/Daubers Contents

  1. CVC Box Dauber Р9 worksheets
  2. CVC Sound Dauber Р5 worksheets
  3. Dab The Syllables Р12 worksheets
  4. Dab the Total Р2 worksheets
  5. Find the Number Р10 worksheets
  6. Find the Sum Р4 worksheets
  7. I Spy Numbers Р4 worksheets
  8. Number Dots Р10 worksheets

Counters Contents:

  1. Part Part Whole Р5 worksheets
  2. Patterns Р5 worksheets
  3. Shake, Spill, and Count Р1 worksheet
  4. Ways to Make 5 1 mat, 1 worksheet
  5. Ways to Make 10 Р1 mat, 1 worksheet
  6. Ways to Make Numbers Р5 worksheets
  7. What’s the Amount Р8 worksheets
  8. Word Problems Р4 mats, 20 pages of problems (40+, 40-)

Counting Cubes Contents:

  1. Add a Tower –¬†16 worksheets
  2. Build It –¬†25 mats
  3. Count and Color –¬†4 worksheets
  4. CVC words –¬†120 mats
  5. Graphing –¬†2 mats
  6. Greater than/ Less than –¬†8 worksheets
  7. Make the Letter –¬†78 mats
  8. Make the Number –¬†30 mats
  9. Number Bonds –¬†1 mat, 3 worksheets
  10. Patterns –¬†5 worksheets
  11. Ways to Make 5-10 –¬†6 worksheets
  12. Ways to Make 10 –¬†1 worksheet
  13. What‚Äôs the Amount? –¬†8 worksheets
  14. Word Problems –¬†20 pages of problems (40+, 40-)

Counting Bears Contents:

  1. 10 Frames –¬†20 mats
  2. Adding with Bears –¬†2 mats
  3. Bear Sorting –¬†1 worksheet
  4. Color Sort –2 mats
  5. Count and Color –¬†4 worksheets
  6. Count the Bears –¬†8 worksheets
  7. Fill in the Numbers –¬†10 mats
  8. Graphing –¬†2 mats
  9. Greater than / Less than –¬†4 worksheets
  10. How Many in All? –¬†2 worksheets
  11. Number Bonds –¬†1 mat, 4 worksheets
  12. Patterns –¬†6 worksheets
  13. Prepositions –¬†2 worksheets
  14. Roll and Color –¬†6 worksheets
  15. Sort by Size –¬†1 mat
  16. Tally –¬†1 mat, 18 cards
  17. Word Problems –¬†2 mats, 16 pages of problems (40+, 40-)
  18. Bonus Manipulatives –¬†6 pages
  19. Bonus Bear Challenge –¬†1 story page, 1 worksheet

Looking for more of these engaging NO PREP Centers?¬†Here’s the link to NO PREP Centers Volume 2!


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