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The New CORE Binder is the ULTIMATE resource that covers daily activities from classroom routines, math, and ELA.  These Classroom Organizers and Resources for Education also include social and emotional tools because we know teaching isn’t all 123s and ABCs. 

The best part? It’s all organized in ONE spot so there’s no more, “Where did that thing go???” 

These colorful pages will keep your kids working independently DAILY

And here’s the cool part… this binder is designed for your kids to get both their bodies AND minds working.

*Download the Preview file to see this resource in detail. To download, right click on the word, “Preview,” toggle to, “Open in a new tab,” and select that option.

Why CORE Binder?

  • Comprehensive: A wide variety of math, ELA, and social-emotional tools (fillable content work mats and skill practice) and resources (reference tools)
  • Organization’s Best Friend: Keep everything a student would need in one organized, easy-to-access spot.
  • No more, “I can’t find it!”: Students have everything that they need in one spot.
  • Flexible: Many pages have varying options and can be used for several activities and uses.
  • Encourages Independence: Meant for independent use by students after a brief introduction.
  • Colorful and Engaging: Images and content are bright and eye-catching for students.

What’s Included?

  • Brain Wake Ups: Daily Affirmations, Yoga Sequences
  • Daily Routines: Name, ‘Calendar Math’
  • Daily Math Resources: Weather, Number of the Day, Graphing Question of the Day
  • Daily ELA Resources: Word of the Day
  • Math Mats: Time, Count by, Number Words, Equivalent Number Models, Numbers Before & After, One More/Less & Ten More/Less, Part-Part-Whole, Place Value, Domino Addition & Subtraction, Patterns, Bead Rack, Symmetry Pattern Blocks
  • ELA Mats: Alphabet, Beginning Sounds, Retelling Fiction & Non-Fiction, How-To Writing Templates
  • Other Resources: Months of the Year, Days of the Week, Left/Right, Seasons, Color Words, Number Words
  • Blank Calendars: Different levels of scaffolding within these templates
  • Math Resources: Numbers 0-10, 100 Chart, 120 Chart, 2D Shapes, 3D Shapes, Money, Variety of Number Lines, Fractions – Bar and Pie
  • ELA Resources: Alphabet, Blends, R-Controlled Vowels, Digraphs, Three Letter Blends, Long Vowels, Sound Wall, Sight Words, Decoding Strategies, Five Finger Retell (Fiction & Non-Fiction)
  • Word Families: 3 levels  of difficulty
  • Word Sliders: CVC Words
  • Phonics Cards: Phoneme Replacement (Middle and End), Silent E


Thank you for your purchase! By purchasing this resource, you are agreeing that the contents are the property of Emily Garcia/Education to the Core, and licensed to you only for classroom/personal use as a single user. I retain the copyright, and reserve all rights to this product.

You May:

  • Use items (free and purchased) for your own classroom students, or your own personal use.
  • Reference this product in blog posts, at seminars, professional development workshops, or other such venues PROVIDED there is both credits given to ETTC as the author and a link back to the Education to the Core shop is included in your post/presentation.
  • Distribute and make copies of free items only to other teachers PROVIDED there is credit given to Emily Garcia and a link back to the Education to the Core shop.

You May Not:

  • Claim this work as your own, alter the files in any way, or remove/attempt to remove the copyright/watermarks.
  • Sell the files or combine them into another unit for sale/free.
  • Post this document for sale/free elsewhere on the internet. (This includes Google Doc links on blogs.)
  • Make copies of purchased items to share with others is strictly forbidden and is a violation of the Terms of Use, along with copyright law.
  • Obtain this product through any of the channels listed above. Thank you for abiding by universally accepted codes of professional ethics while using this product.

2 reviews for CORE Binder

  1. Theresa DeStefano

    Just what I’m looking for so my kinders have exactly what they need at all times!!!

    • Suzanne Kelley

      Glad you like it! 😊

  2. Jill Tepe

    Amazing resource! Cannot wait to implement!

    • Suzanne Kelley

      Glad you like it! Thank you! 😊

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