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Are your students struggling with fine motor skills? Are you looking for a multi-sensory approach to beginning writing skills?


Do they have a hard time finding their name, much less writing it? Or maybe they just need extra name practice?


Are they bored with the same old activities you’ve been using for years and just haven’t had time to update?


Are you tired of spending hours creating name activities each year for your new class?


We’ve updated our best-selling Editable Names resource just for you! Not only can you save yourself all the time you used to spend prepping your name activities for the year, you can do it with time-tested activities loved by students and teachers alike.


Perfect for preschool, PreK, and kindergarten, Editable Names now includes 25 easy, no-prep printables, as well as 24 themed name craftivities. And the best part? They’re all editable, saving you hours of time.


No matter the season, the 2 monthly crafts are sure to entice your students – and they’re a great way to keep your bulletin boards up-to-date!


Teachers and students love using these in their centers, for morning workearly finishershome-school connection projectswhole or small group activities, extra fine motor practice, and beginning-of-the-year activities!


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What’s Inside?

25 Editable Name Activities:

  • Vowels and Consonants
  • Play Dough
  • Paint
  • Build With Blocks
  • Cut and Build
  • Name Writing Practice
  • Secret Code Names
  • Emoji Names
  • Add Numbers (Scrabble)
  • Name Crown
  • Magic Name
  • Rainbow Name
  • Roll and Write
  • Spiral Name
  • Pyramid Name
  • Name Colors
  • Name Art
  • Word Art
  • Name Alliteration
  • Sign Language Name
  • 3 Different Ways
  • Create a Story
  • Find the Letters
  • Write In Boxes
  • Name Maze


24 Themed Editable Name Craftivities:


  • January – Penguin with Fish & Mittens
  • February – Sweet Treat & Heart Balloon
  • March – Caterpillar & Pot of Gold
  • April – Hungry Bunny & It’s Raining
  • May – Ladybug & Flowers Blooming
  • June – Rays of Sunshine & Pizza Party
  • July – Sandcastle & Ice Cream Scoops
  • August – Watermelon & Crayon Box
  • September – Apples in a Basket & Squirrel
    with Acorns
  • October – Pumpkins in a Wagon &
    Spiders on a Web
  • November – Pumpkin Pie & Turkey
  • December – Snowperson & Gingerbread House


Teachers like you said…



“Excellent resource. Took me a moment to figure out how to prepare it, but all in all, it only took one hour to print the pages I wanted for all 26 of my students. Now I have activities for weekly name work. Some of the activities are more challenging and I will save them for after Christmas. Excellent value for my money.”



“This bundle is amazing to use for my kiddos who are struggling with name recognition! Also acts as some fun and engaging first week of school activities!”



“I have loved these resources in this packet so much!  My students do one each day in September and it is such an essential early learning skill for kindergarten to know how to spell their names.  This was SO PERFECT!”



“The kiddos love this resource and it’s great to send home for the parents to do some extra practice with them too.  I love how you don’t have to do a whole lot of work to get the name on all the pages and that there are so many different activities!”


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Watch the included video for additional help and a tutorial on how to use Editable Names.


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  1. Lorrie Holt (verified owner)

    I LOVE the editable name bundle and more importantly, my students LOVE them!! Thank you for making this so easy to do!

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