3rd Grade Literacy Centers


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This is a comprehensive resource for 3rd Grade Literacy Centers.
By choosing this resource, you will be getting 40 downloadable 3rd Grade Reading Stations to help you through the year!
We launched our 2nd Grade Literacy Centers and many of you asked if you could use these for 3rd…
Although you technically could use many of the activities, we couldn’t put 3rd grade on the resource because it wasn’t just focused on 3rd grade standards.
So now…we have pulled every activity that aligned with 3rd grade standards and we did it FOR you! So now you can own this resource without having to worry about sifting through the 120 centers we offer in 2nd Grade.

***If you own our 2nd Grade Centers, please do not purchase this resource.

You won’t have to worry about not being able to use centers because they are NOT holiday/seasonally themed!
We have done the ground work for you! You won’t have to think about which standard your activities align to!  You can see how we aligned our Centers with our Standards Alignment Guide that is included in the Preview guide.

Here’s what’s inside our non-seasonal centers:

  1. Character Analysis (16 stories, 16 character traits)
  2. Character Swap (16 passages, 30 character choices)
  3. Character Traits Sort (16 passages)
  4. Dictionary Skills (6 labels, 30 cards)
  5. Fact Finding (10 mats, 2 diagram choices)
  6. Feelings Journal (7 prompt cards, 8 page journal)
  7. Figurative Language (6 headings, 36 cards)
  8. Figure It Out (30 cards)
  9. Glossary Skills (10 glossary mats, 10 comprehension mats)
  10. Grammar Surgery (1 anchor chart, 25 passages)
  11. Group Stories (6 mats)
  12. Guess the Character (24 cards – 12 character , 12 passage)
  13. Hyperboles and Idioms (30 task cards)
  14. Idiom Mats (24 mats)
  15. Instapost Writing Center (1 mat, 18 writing prompts)
  16. Journal Prompts (1 mat, 24 journal prompts)
  17. Mad Libs (24 cards)
  18. Metaphors and Similes (30 task cards)
  19. Name It (24 mats)
  20. Organizing a Paragraph (1 mat, 20 passages in pieces)
  21. Personification and Onomatopoeia (25 task cards)
  22. Poetry Mats (10 mats)
  23. Poetry Mats, Part 2 (10 mats)
  24. QR Codes Research (16 task cards with 5 questions each)
  25. Reference Sorting (1 anchor chart, 4 mats, 16 cards)
  26. Same and Different (10 Compare and Contrast Passages)
  27. Stretch a Sentence (1 anchor chart, 1 mat, 60 prompts)
  28. Suffix Word Building (68 cards- 12 suffix, 56 base word, 1 chart)
  29. Syllable Puzzles (40 3-syllable word puzzles)
  30. Synonyms and Antonyms (64 puzzles – 32 of each)
  31. Text Feature Hunt (21 cards)
  32. Text Message Fluency (20 mats)
  33. The Root of it All (10 root mats, 40 word cards)
  34. Time to Calm Down (10 mats)
  35. Time to Calm Down, Part 2 (24 task cards)
  36. What Kind of Syllable (60 word cards, 3 mats, 1 chart)
  37. What Kind of Syllable, Part 2 (48 word cards, 4 mats, 1 chart)
  38. What Would Happen If? (36 discussion prompts)
  39. Write a Letter (18 character and reason cards, 12 letter mats)
  40. Writing Process (36 prompts, 1 mat, 2 writing papers)



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