Editable Spelling Activities for ANY List of Words


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150+ Editable Spelling Activities for Any List of Words! Just type, print, and GO!


This 150+ page bundle of fun and helpful spelling activities can be used in many ways! Word work, sight words, spelling lists, small groups, and center work!
Gone are the days of worrying about and putting together word work and spelling!
Save hours prepping spelling, word work, high-frequency words, or phonics resources for your students!
Grab your magic wand, type in your words ONE TIME, and get 150 editable spelling activities!

Introducing Editable Spelling Activities for Any List of Words! Just type, print, and GO!

We know you work hard to provide engaging activities that align with your spelling, phonics, high-frequency, or word work list each week…

But who has time to create engaging spelling activities, and (more importantly) create a culture of eager learners when it comes to teaching spelling?

We got you on this one… Because we created a resource that can be used with ANY word list!

Whether you have 10, 12, or 15 words a week, you can use our resources in a snap. Have more words? No problem – combine the sets and print back to back to create the resources of your dreams with exactly what you want.

And the best part? It saves you time. At your fingertips are over 60 activities in just minutes!

Plus, we’ve updated the resource to include seasonal and holiday packs as well with over 90 additional printables – so you’re ready for anything!

*Download the Preview file to see this resource in detail.

What’s Inside:

Sets for 10, 12, and 15 words!

You will have immediate access to 60+ printables within this resource:

  • Editable Spelling List
  • Magic Spelling Words
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Rainbow Spelling
  • Write a Sentence
  • Secret Code Spelling
  • Roll a Spelling Word
  • Word Illustrations
  • Spelling Word Mapping
  • Tracing Spelling Words
  • Emoji Spelling
  • Pattern Block Spelling
  • Vowels and Consonants
  • Word Tile Spelling
  • Spin It – Spell It
  • Spelling Maze
  • Spelling Spiral
  • Spelling Word Syllables
  • Silly Spelling
  • Pyramid Spelling
  • Spelling Rhymes
  • Spelling Colors
  • Word Search
  • Word Art
  • Create a Story
  • Typing Spelling Words
  • Stamping Spelling Words
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Sign Language Spelling
  • How Many Sounds
  • Shape Spelling
  • Parts of Speech Spelling
  • Spelling with Both Hands
  • Silly Sentences
  • How Many Can You Use?
  • Spelling Cake
  • Tablet Spelling
  • Graph Your Spelling
  • Tally and Color Spelling
  • Fancy Spelling
  • Garden Spelling
  • Flower Spelling
  • Scribble Spelling
  • Bubble Spelling
  • Spelling Snapshots
  • Spelling Jellybeans
  • Yoga Spelling
  • Spelling Strings
  • Text Your Words
  • Spelling Tic Tac Toe
  • Spelling Riddles
  • Spelling Battleship
  • Spelling Squares
  • Doughy Spelling
  • Build Your Words
  • Hopscotch Spelling
  • Spy Spelling
  • Words Inside Spelling
  • Write the Room Spelling
  • Stamp It Spelling
  • Secret Code Spelling
  • Emoji Spelling
  • Spelling Assessment

Now Including Seasonal & Holiday Sets:

  • January Holiday & Seasonal: New Year Tic Tac Toe, Lunar New Year Words, Martin Luther King, Jr. Words, 100th Day Spelling, January Spelling Squares, Ice Skating Spelling, Slapshot Spelling, Snow Fort Spelling
  • February Holiday & Seasonal: Groundhog Day Spelling, February Secret Code Spelling, Presidents’ Day Spelling, February Roll a Word, Black History Spelling, Heart Tic Tac Toe, Warm Winter Words, Touchdown Words, Igloo Builder Spelling
  • March Holiday & Seasonal: Bookshelf Words, Scrambled Words, St. Patrick’s Words, Lucky Coin Tic Tac Toe, Women’s History Words, Bookmark Your Words, Lion and Lamb Words, Buggy Words, March Spelling Squares
  • April Holiday & Seasonal: Egg Spelling, Unicorn Spelling, Reuse Your Words, April Secret Code Spelling, Butterfly Tic Tac Toe, Rainy Day Words, Crunch Carrot Spelling, Kite Flying Words
  • May Holiday & Seasonal: Patriotic Words, Barbecue Spelling, Chalkboard Words, May Day Spelling, Build-a-Flower Spelling, Gnome Spelling, Bumblebee Spelling, Snail Spiral Spelling
  • June Holiday & Seasonal: Donut Spelling, Flip a Coin Spelling, Ocean Spelling, Pride Spelling, June Secret Code Spelling, Sun Spelling, June Spelling Squares, Ice Cream Spelling
  • July Holiday & Seasonal: July 4th Spelling Squares, July Secret Code Spelling, French Fry Spelling, Friendship Words, Sunny Tic Tac Toe, Summer Spinning Words, Popsicle Spelling, Swimming Spelling
  • August Holiday & Seasonal: Lost Tooth Tic Tac Toe, Rollercoaster Words, Opposite Hand Spelling, S’more Spelling, Camping Words, Lunch Chit Chat Spelling, School Bus Spelling, Bike Path Spelling
  • September Holiday & Seasonal: Shiver Me Spelling, Grandparents’ Day Spelling, Community Helper Words, September Spelling Words, September Spin It – Spell It, Apple Picking Words, September Secret Code Spelling
  • October Holiday & Seasonal: October Spelling Squares, Pumpkin Words, Bat Cave Words, Web of Words, Spooky Spirals, October Spin It – Spell It, Witchy Words, Trick or Treat Spelling
  • November Holiday & Seasonal: Sneaky Squirrel Spelling, Leaf Pile Spelling, Scarecrow Spelling, November Secret Code Spelling, Tricky Turkey Spelling, Day of the Dead Spelling, Cornucopia Spelling, Veterans Day Spelling
  • December Holiday & Seasonal: Chimney Words, Candle Words, Wrapping Up Words, Holidays Around the Words, Evergreen Tree Spelling, Snow Globe Spelling, Light It Up Spelling, Singing Spelling

Teachers like you said…


“LIFE SAVER!! I used this every week and loved all the choices. You can customize your spelling work and I really liked that there were so many options. This is worth every penny.”


“I have seen this resource many times, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price. Once I bought it though, I regretted nothing this resource is AMAZING and so fun for my students to use! We have 25 spelling words, so I use the 12-word set twice and make the extra word an extra point. My students especially loved the magic spelling! Fabulous product!”


“My students used this during their word work rotations! It was so nice to keep the same format, and to be able to edit it quickly and have it fit my kids’ needs.”

*Important Information:

You must open this product in Adobe Reader (free) to work correctly with embedded fonts and styling. If you try to edit this file in your web browser or in preview, it will not work. It’s easy to do:

  • Open your downloads folder.
  • Right-click on this file.
  • Click ‘Open with.’
  • Select ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader.’

This resource works BEST for lists of TEN (10), TWELVE (12) or FIFTEEN (15) words! These were mainly created to be used as print and go, but could be uploaded into Google Classroom™ as well. Once you add your spelling words in Adobe Preview, you can upload the pages to your Google Classroom. However, the students would still need to print out the pages to complete them.

If you need other amounts of words, try combining and printing pages back to back to equal the number of words you need.

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13 reviews for Editable Spelling Activities for ANY List of Words

  1. Tina Brandts (verified owner)

    I don’t typically leave reviews but I had to come back and thank you for this incredible spelling tool! It literally takes less than a minute to enter the spelling words and it populates over 30 pages of spelling worksheets that my daughter LOVES to do. So incredibly helpful!

    • Jenn

      Thank you so much for your kind words!!

  2. Kim Wilhelm (verified owner)

    I have waited for a while to make this purchase, and I finally took the plunge and did it. I am so glad I did. These editable activities has just made my life so much easier. With differentiated lists, all I need to do is type the list once in this file, and it creates so many activities for my different leveled lists. This is fabulous!

  3. Elizabeth Wepprecht (verified owner)

    This resource is AMAZING! We used it to help our daughter with spelling sight words, but it can be used for older kids, too. So many options! Well worth the money.

    • Janessa Fletcher

      Thank you so much, Elizabeth! We truly appreciate your comments! ?

  4. Stephanie Rank (verified owner)

    Hi- these are so helpful. I just have a suggestion- the word pyramids. Those aren’t pyramids. I don’t think we should send inaccurate materials. Anyway you can update these and call them something else?

    • Janessa Fletcher

      Hi Stephanie! I can definitely pass the suggestion onto our projects team. Thank you!

  5. Kemi

    Very insightful

  6. Kaye Cabbagestalk

    The BEST “5-star” purchase I have ever made! Perfect for the classroom. I used the worksheets for spelling AND sight words.

    • Janessa Fletcher

      Thank you so much Kaye! ?

  7. Jennifer Bailey (verified owner)

    Is there any way to use this for spelling list with less words?

    • Janessa Fletcher

      Hi Jennifer! We have a set for 10, 12, and 15 words. You can use the 10 word set, but only type in the number of words you need. There will just be blanks on the activity pages. Thank you!

  8. Melissa Ann Minnillo


  9. Melissa Ann Minnillo

    amazing awesome

  10. Mr. Popsicle

    Really Melissa, that’s so you have to say? Hmmmm, well I for one thought it was much more than that. This is the kind of stuff that makes the wheels on the car go round & round. It’s absolutely brilliant! ?

  11. Jackie

    Looks amazing!

  12. Carly Carlson (verified owner)

    I LOVE this. So worth the purchase. I have had a hard time in the past coming up with ideas for centers, as well as fun activities for the students to use with their spelling words. This is amazing. Also, I want to compliment that you just have to type in the list and it generates the spelling words on every activity. SO SO simple!!

  13. Carly Carlson (verified owner)

    I LOVE this. So worth the purchase. I have had a hard time in the past coming up with ideas for centers, as well as fun activities for the students to use with their spelling words. This is amazing. Also, I want to point out that you just have to type in the list and it generates the spelling or sight words on every activity. SO SO simple!!

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