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We put everything you would need into one sheet!

Clearly-labeled page for each student to put his/her name.

We started off with something fun and engaging – Rainbow Write!

On the inside of the foldable, you will find a passage for each phonics pattern, multiple choice, fill in the blank, a short answer question, and word practice.

On the back of the foldable, you can see a sentence writing and parent connection activity! No space is wasted. We wanted this to be intentional and fun!

*Download the Preview file to see this resource in detail. To download, right click on the word, “Preview,” toggle to, “Open in a new tab,” and select that option.

Over 200 pages of exercises including:

  • Digraphs
  • Diphthongs
  • Double Consonants
  • L Blends
  • Long Vowels
  • R Blends
  • R-Controlled Vowels
  • S Blends
  • Short Vowels
  • Silent Letters
  • Soft/Hard C and G
  • Three Letter Blends
  • Vowel Teams
  • Word Families

Inside the Booklet, you will find

  • Rainbow Write
  • A Phonics-Based Passage
  • Smileys to Color Each Time a Passage is Read
  • 2 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 2 Fill in the Blank Questions
  • 1 Short Answer Question
  • Find, Write, and Color Practice
  • Write a Sentence
  • Parent Connection

We KNOW this is by far one of our greatest Phonics-Based Product we’ve made! Yet, no prep for you! WIN WIN!



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3 reviews for NO PREP Phonics Booklets

  1. inspirewood (verified owner)

    These are very well designed and nicely organized. The download comes with the various letter combinations (digraphs, blends, ect) in their own file. This makes it easy to locate which skill you want to use and you don’t need to print out the entire collection at once. The work itself has simple instructions student can follow and build into an easy routine. Reading then Rainbow Writing the words warms up both their reading skills and fine motor control. The passages are packed full of relevant words and include cute faces to color each time it is read (up to 3 times) for fluency. The questions are clear and the answers are easily found in the story. Using a highlighter really helps a lot.

    I especially enjoy the writing portion of the booklet. The short answer and sentence writing provides the students with a way to use what they have learned. Many similar types of worksheets don’t give the student a chance to write, and that is exactly what I was looking for. The portion where students label the images also helps with translating the story into pictures and interpreting illustrations.

    Overall, this is a fun additive to any reading program in public, private, or homeschool. It won’t look overwhelming to struggling students who are intimidated by large worksheets. It easily integrates into the students day and is direct and specific. You can do this as a whole group with a projector or document camera, small group, or as independent work.

    Very nice!
    Mrs. Perryman

    • Janessa Fletcher

      Thank you so much, Mrs. Perryman! We greatly appreciate your feedback on our Phonics Booklets! ❤️

  2. Lindsey Martinez (verified owner)

    The concept behind this is absolutely fantastic. I homeschool my children after having them in public school for a few years. I have since realized just how much my son struggles with reading and was excited to use these alongside a phonic-based reading program we are doing. Unfortunately, quite a few of the passages are above his reading ability, which leaves him feeling defeated before we even start. As long as I read the more difficult passages, he enjoys doing these booklets though.

  3. Michelle Bates

    AMAZING resource!!! Can’t wait to use these in my classroom this year. I love to tailor my phonics instruction to each students’ individual needs and these booklets are perfect for that. Will be using them as morning work and in small group instruction. I love how many different phonics patterns there are! PERFECT for first grade, but would be amazing with K-3 for varying levels of learners. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!

    • Jenn

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Michelle! We’re so glad you love it!

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