DIGITAL Sight Word Sign Language for Google Classroom™/Slides™


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Perfect for Practicing Sight Words! 50 Digital Sight Word Sign Language Cards for Google Classroom™/Slides™
Words included:
  1. over
  2. new
  3. sound
  4. take
  5. only
  6. little
  7. work
  8. know
  9. plane
  10. years
  11. live
  12. me
  13. back
  14. give
  15. most
  16. very
  17. after
  18. things
  19. our
  20. just
  21. name
  22. good
  23. sentence
  24. man
  25. think
  26. say
  27. great
  28. where
  29. help
  30. through
  31. much
  32. before
  33. line
  34. right
  35. too
  36. means
  37. old
  38. any
  39. same
  40. tell
  41. boy
  42. follow
  43. came
  44. want
  45. show
  46. also
  47. around
  48. from
  49. three
  50. small
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