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Keep your students moving during COVID-19! I am sure by now you are exploring ALL your options when it comes to keeping your students moving while maintaining a safe social distance…
Introducing Write the Room for 1st Grade! Included in this resource are both ELA and Math Centers!
ELA Centers: Animals, Bugs and Insects, CCVC Words (2 sets), CCVCe Words (2 sets), CVC Words (2 sets), CVCC Words (2 sets), CVCe Words (2 sets), F7bood (2 sets), People, Places, School Supplies, Simple Sentences (4 sets), Things (2 sets), Transportation, Weather, Writing Sentences (4 sets)
Math Centers: 10 more 10 less (3 sets), Addition to 20 (3 sets), Comparing sets, Geometry, Measurement, Missing numbers, Money (2 sets), Number bonds to 10, Number bonds to 20, Place value (5 sets), Represent and interpret data (3 sets), Subtracting multiples of 10, Subtraction within 20 (3 sets), Time (2 sets)
Why Write the Room?
  • A unique way of reviewing the skills learned
  • Gets the students up and moving around
  • Varying recording sheets for teacher preference to match each student’s pace
  • Challenging, skill-based task cards
  • Teaches students to work independently
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1 review for Write the Room 1st Grade

  1. Irene Pena

    I can’t understand what this activity entails. You don’t provide a large enough preview of the directions provided on student pages. It sounds interesting, but I have not idea what specific task students are asked to complete nor can I see the explicit directions/instructions written on the student page. I think you need to do a better job of explaining this.

    • Janessa Fletcher

      Hi Irene!
      With Write the Room activities, you as the teacher have cards that you place around your classroom. These cards have corresponding numbers to the student recording sheet. Your students walk around the room and locate a card (example #4), they then solve the problem, write the word, identify the rhyme, etc. depending on the skill and record their response next to #4 on their recording sheet. Once they have found all of the cards and answered all of the questions, they turn their paper in. I hope that this helps to explain the activity a little better.

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