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Fall NO PREP Warm-Up for 1st Grade | Back to School Activities


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Students will review essential ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies skills with these 70+ fun summer-themed worksheets!

Simply print, copy, and DONE!  Take a break.  You definitely deserve it after the year we have all had.

Save yourself countless hours of searching for worksheets to put in your summer packet, help your students get ready for the school year ahead, and make parents happy by sending home activities for their kids to do.


Why the Summer Review Packet?

  • Helps Prevent Summer Slide: The summer slide is real and significant. With even a small amount of review each day or week, students will have less substantial summer learning loss, making everyone’s lives a little bit easier!
  • Comprehensive: Reviews the content and standards taught and covered in Kindergarten. The Summer Review Activity Packet includes Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Gross Motor activities to get your students outside and moving!
  • Engaging and Fun Content: Activities and images, including choice boards, experiments, and content that can be used with any book from the library or home.
  • Flexible Use: Use at the end of Kindergarten as a summer activity packet review or at the beginning of First Grade as a warm-up!
  • Differentiation: Some activities have different formats and levels of scaffolding, so you can help your students be successful at a variety of levels.
  • Many Pages to Choose From: Students can choose from a variety of activities.

What’s Included:

  • Phonics: Beginning Sounds, Rhyming Words, Syllables, CVC Words, Digraphs, Blends, Short Vowels, Short or Long Vowel Sort
  • Grammar: Ending Punctuation, Capitalization, Complete Sentences, Nouns, Verbs
  • Reading: Read and Comprehend, Ask and Answer Questions, Retelling, Story Elements, Vocabulary, Main Topic and Key Ideas, Making Connections, Compare and Contrast, Read and Paste Sentences, Cut Up Sentences
  • Math: Count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s, Missing Numbers, Making sets of items from 1-20, Making and Comparing Sets, Compare numerals from 1-20, Word Problems + up to 10, – up to 10, Decomposing Numbers – 1-10, Add numbers w/in 5, Subtract numbers w/in 5, Teen Number Place Value, Comparing and Ordering Lengths, Non-Standard Measurement, Shape Attributes, 2D Shapes in Shapes, Comparing 2D and 3D Shapes, 2D or 3D Shape?, Graphing and Tally Marks
  • Writing: Spin a Sentence, Opinion Writing, How To Writing, All About Writing, A Letter to Your Teacher
  • Science: Non-Living vs Living, Floating and Sinking, Nature Journal, Plant Parts, and Needs, Choice Board
  • Social Studies: Community Helper Read and Match, Using Map Grids, Needs and Wants, Citizenship: Rules and Laws
  • STEM: Waterslide
  • Gross Motor Challenge
  • Fine Motor Science: Non-Newtonian Fluids
Teachers like you said…
“I sent this home with my students to use over the summer. It was optional, but the students who did them came back to school with refreshed memories!”
“I loved this summer learning packet! It didn’t leave out ANY skill I wanted my students to practice over the summer!”
“I used this resource with my lower leveled students as a review in June. They love the activities. They were also excited that they could do it by themselves. It gave them a strong self-esteem boost.”
“This product helped plan my summer school out so easily. Everything I wanted to review was in the packet. I love that I didn’t have to look anywhere else. Thank you!”
“I absolutely love this resource! It is so fun and engaging for the students. It is a great review of everything we have done during the school year.”
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