30 Teacher-tested Websites You Can Use Today


Teacher-tested websites are important, but I am always looking for new websites for my students in this digital teaching age. Sometimes though, I am too busy to check the sites out myself. Thankfully some teachers from our Fearless Group tested some out in their classrooms and shared their favorites with their fellow teachers and us! We are sharing with you 30 Teacher-tested Websites that you can start using in your classroom today. I have found some new favorites from this list of 30 teacher-tested websites, and we are hoping you do too! (Check out #12 and #27.)

Check These Teacher-tested Websites Out!

1. Mysteryscience

This website is designed to inspire students to love science!

2. Pink Cat Games

This website promises a fun, engaging way for your students to learn in any subject area, any grade.

3. Story Board Creation

Kids can create a digital storyboard on this site!

4. Boomcards

At Boomlearning.com, you can find activities that are self-grading, engaging, and paperless!

Some Great Teacher-tested Math Websites For You!

5. Mathgames

Mathgames.com is a trusted site for free math games and skill practice

6. Boddle Learning

A math game for your kiddos in 3D!

7. Math Facts Pro

You can easily individualize this math fact fluency website to meet each student’s needs.

8. Graham Fletcher Math Tasks

If you are looking for 3 act math tasks, math progression videos, and innovative ways to engage your students, then check out gfletchy.com.

9. 99Math

A free math site with games that are aligned with the curriculum!

10. Happy Numbers

My students love playing Happy Numbers even during their free time!

Have You Used These Teacher-tested Websites Yet? You Should!

11. Canva

Your class can create designs with Canva. It’s easy to use and even better, it is free!

12. Blooket

Blooket is a perfect website for trivia and review games!

13. Topmarks

You can find math, math, and more math here!

14. StorylineOnline

Find stories online that famous Hollywood actors read!

15. NatGeo kids

Check this site out for games, adventure videos, and brain boosters!

Just a Few of My Favorite Teacher-Tested Websites!

16. Mr. G, the P.E. Guy

Mr. G is the “it” guy for engaging, elementary P.E. activities.

17. Pbskids

Games and videos with characters like Elmo and Clifford from PBSkids–what’s not to love!

18. FluencyandFitness

Created by Brittany from Tickled Pink in Primary, this site gets your kids thinking and moving!

19. Prodigy

Kids love this math game that the site guarantees will be free forever!

20. Readingbear

This is a fantastic site for phonemic awareness activities!

10 More to Go in our 30 Teacher-tested Websites

21. Wordwall

You can make quizzes, games, match-ups, and so much more with wordwall.net.

22. Classroomscreen

At the snap of your fingers, a whiteboard, graph paper, handwriting paper, and saved screens will assist you in your daily lessons!

23. Stevewyborney

Steve really does post free math resources every single day!

24. Mobymax

This award-winning site helps you find and fix missing skills for each student!

25. Whiteboard

With this site, every student gets an individualized whiteboard, and you can see their whiteboards in real-time!

Only a Few of Our 30 Teacher-tested Websites to Go

26. Ryan and Craig Read Aloud

Ryan and Craig will definitely make your students super stoked about listening to books on youtube. They are fun and engaging with their silly voices, big emotions, and humor!

27.Mystery Doug

5-minute answers to some really cool questions by kids; you, too, will learn some pretty great things!


With standards-based games, videos, and digital activities, students work independently to succeed at their own level and pace.

29. Lalilo

A research-based site where students can work on comprehension and phonics while playing engaging games!

And, Last But Not Least…

30. Kodable

Your kids will learn coding and programming with kodable.com.

We love these 30 teacher-tested websites, and we hope you do too! With distance learning, digital learning, and engagement in activities being so important, we have found that having various websites to introduce to our students is so helpful. We hope you can use many of the teacher-tested websites provided to us by our FB group, and feel free to share if you have found some other ones that are not listed!

Written by:  Suzanne Kelley

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