Teaching Grammar Using Interactive Notebooks


Teaching Grammar Using Interactive Notebooks

As a primary teacher, it can be very difficult fitting in grammar instruction into your day.  I also have a little secret you might not know about me.  I used to loathe teaching grammar.  Can any of you relate?  It’s so difficult to even WANT to teach grammar when we have so many other things we could be doing with our day.  Plus, many of us are expected to “spiral” it in with the many other subjects we are expected to teach throughout the day.  Although all school districts, programs, and teachers are different, I have found something that students love doing, and that is applying new information into something called an interactive notebook!! And so I created these for grammar…and the students loved them!

From the day these launched, I was immediately flooded with positive feedback from teachers and their students, and I just have to share these with you! Here is a peek at some of the the activities included in these interactive notebooks:

“This was a wonderful teaching resource! The interactive notebook was beautiful and contained information that has helped solidify grammar concepts for my students.”

“Excellent for ESL students learning these concepts on the secondary level!”

“My only regret is that I didn’t find this sooner in the year. Next year we are most definitely going to use this all year long.” 

“My students love being able to manipulate the parts of this interactive notebook to learn their parts of speech.”

“My students have stated over and over again how helpful this was for them.”

“This makes teaching so much fun, and if the teacher’s happy then everyone’s happy!! My 2nd graders love these!”

Teaching Grammar Using Interactive Notebooks

Nouns Interactive Notebooks

I love this nouns activity because it can be added to at any point during the year.  They do fill up fast, but I have many kids that will actually add to the page because they get so excited when they find a new noun to add to the activity.

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Nouns Interactive Notebook Activities

Verbs Interactive Notebooks

There are so many verbs activities in this pack, but one of my favorites is the one where the kids can sort action verbs and being verbs into envelopes! They really love being able to manipulate the words and they show ownership when placing them into their notebooks.

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Verbs Interactive Notebook Activities

Adjectives Interactive Notebooks

This is one of my favorite adjective activities in the pack.  Students love putting this together and finding all the different types of adjectives.  They often go back to reference the definition and/or different types of adjectives when they forget.

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Adjectives Interactive Notebook Activities

 Adverbs Interactive Notebooks

Adverbs can be so tricky, but they can be so much fun when the kids have the opportunity to learn about the different kinds of adverbs.

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Adverbs Interactive Notebooks

Prepositions Interactive Notebooks

With this prepositions activity, I have the kids paste the definition of a preposition in the notebook.  Then they paste the flip flaps onto the page as they read them.  After that, I have them place the correct picture under each word.

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Prepositions Interactive Notebooks

Pronouns Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Pronouns Interactive Notebooks

Students often have issues understanding the difference between pronouns and nouns.  That is why this sorting activity is perfect for students to have a variety of words to challenge them during this sorting activity.

Articles Interactive Notebooks

Students are able to put the definition on the top of the page, and then write the appropriate articles under each flap.  All the definitions that come with each set are so very helpful to students as they are working on their interactive activities.

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Articles Interactive Notebooks

Conjunctions Interactive Notebooks

Students love this activity because they actually get a strip of paperclips to “join” the two parts of a sentence.  This just really adds novelty to the skill they are learning!

Interactive Grammar Notebooks: Conjunctions Interactive Notebooks

To learn more about this Interactive Grammar Notebooks resource, be sure to click over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to find more activities!

Effective Ways to Teach Grammar: Interactive Grammar Notebooks

After many requests, I created my Grammar Interactive Notebooks: Volume 2! This resource includes: Upper and Lowercase Letters, Types of Sentences, Capitalization, End Punctuation, Multiple Meaning Words, Inflectional Endings, Sorting Objects into Categories, Synonyms and Antonyms, Simple and Compound Sentences, Commas, Context Clues, Affixes, Root Words, Reflexive Pronouns, Apostrophes, Dictionary Skills, and Glossary Skills.

Interactive Grammar Notebooks Volume 2 : Education to the Core

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Teaching Grammar Using Interactive Notebooks

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