17 Instagram Accounts for Teachers to Follow


There are so many Instagram accounts out there. Sometimes, it is hard to determine which one is worth following. Well, we are here to help. This is a list of 17 Instagram Accounts for Teachers to Follow, and trust me — they are all worth it!

Instagram can be overwhelming, but it is a fun and creative platform. No matter how hard I try, I always find myself going back to it.
There is so much information and so many resources and connections that can be made on this platform. I think that is what makes it unique compared to other social media platforms. I love the balance between fun and professional.

Instagram creates a sense of community that Education to the Core is all too familiar with.  There is nothing like showing off your accomplishments while congratulating and celebrating your followers. It is the same sense of community we have with our Fearless Kindergarten Teachers, Fearless First Grade Teachers, and Fearless Second Grade Teachers Facebook Groups.

Instagram Account for Teachers to Follow 1: @Educationtothecore:

The ETTC Instagram account is the gateway to everything ETTC. From giveaways to memes and blog posts. Everything you need to make it through your #teacherlife is right there. At ETTC, we are here to improve the lives of every primary teacher and learner with the most comprehensive, reliable, and inclusive education resources out there. In addition to that, we want to support our teachers in every way we know-how. Sometimes that is with a blog post full of fun teacher hacks, sometimes with an inspirational quote we post on our Instagram feed and other times with a link to a freebie that we share on our stories. No matter what it is, we are looking to support Trailblazers at all costs.

 2. @_bigheartlittleminds: 

At ETTC, we are always looking to improve the lives of teachers. Sarah of @_bigheartlittleminds is on the same mission. This Instagram account is excellent for teacher hacks, inspiration, and activity ideas! Sarah is a First Grade Teacher, social media influencer, basketball coach, and a great at keeping things real and relatable on her Instagram account.

3. @thetututeacher

One of Education to the Core’s goals is representing ALL. Not only our students but Trailblazers as well. Vera Ahiyya is a standout because she has the same mindset! As a Kindergarten Teacher and an author, this is a MUST follow Instagram account for all your classroom library needs! Don’t take my word for it because this profile speaks for itself! Looking to bring more equity into your classroom library?! Vera posts diverse children’s books monthly! 

4. @teachersys

This account is honestly just fun. There are so many fun memes and quirky things posted to this account. They love teachers, and they show it. I love that they put a positive spin on teaching, especially when things are not easy for teachers. At ETTC, we are always looking to point out the positive and assist teachers in any way. Specifically now, when things are challenging, accounts like these keep us at ETTC going, and we want to help share that positivity.

Accounts for Teachers to Follow 5. @mrs_w00d

Following Mrs. Wood on Instagram is setting yourself up for success. This account is full of little tips and tricks you can use all around the classroom. This teacher has been in the classroom since 2013 and honestly knows what they are doing. These tips and tricks really apply to anything, and this account keeps things up to date and relevant. Anything from the holiday season to hacks to make the classroom inclusive for students who have dyslexia.

6. @teachstarter

Mindfulness, joy, and positivity are what you will get by following this account. Their mantra is to expand what is possible for every student, and the Instagram account demonstrated the joy of teaching. At ETTC, we love what accounts like this one stand for. Sometimes being a teacher is tough, and it is such a beautiful thing to be reminded why you do it. This account is great for that. If you want to add a little bit of positivity to your timeline, click the follow button for this account.

7. @pocketfulofprimary

Michelle Emerson is a teacher that really does dedicate herself to helping teachers. This account is fun and full of great tips and tricks to use in your classroom. She also runs a YouTube channel and has a podcast by the same handle. As educators, we know what it means to be a lifelong learner. Well, there is so much to learn from this accounts. Tips and tricks do not even begin to explain how great some of the information shared here can be.

Instagram Accounts for Teachers to Follow 8. @teachinginhighheels

This account is excellent at thematic teaching and maintaining a cute aesthetic. This south Texas teacher is bilingual and focuses on mindfulness for students. The focus on creating a culture that fosters compassion and empathy in the classroom shines through in this Instagram account, and it is an excellent inspiration for inclusivity. Teachers and accounts like this one remind us at ETTC how important it is to be inclusive and equitable. We want to emphasize how important representation is for our students, and @teachinginhighheels does a fantastic job of doing that. 

9. @classroompinspirations

Keeping a Pinterest-perfect classroom is a high expectation. However, it seems more possible when you see some of the cute ideas on this account. Think thematic teaching, color coordination, and seasonal decor! If you are into this and you like things like the ETTC January Monthly Packets then this is the account for you! 

10. @malekindergartenteacher

Chad Boender is a Kindergarten teacher based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and runs an Instagram account that shows a different side of teachers while also showing the things that teachers are typically looking for on social media — classroom management and teacher aesthetic. This account has some entertaining little activity ideas; however, my favorite are some of the organizational ideas that are thrown into this feed. I know I have personally taken some of these and applied them myself.

11. @heyheyfirstgrade

This is another excellent account for thematic teaching. It gives cute, fun ideas for the classroom. Trust us; it is a great Instagram Account for Teachers to follow because it shows that it is possible to balance a teacher’s life and family life. I love that this account is not all about teaching but highlights what it means to be both a teacher and a part of a family. It has reminded me that my identity does not rely entirely on my work, but there is more to me than my professional life.

Accounts for Teachers to Follow 12. @teaching3rdwithmrg

Juan Edgar Gonzalez Jr. is a public school teacher based out of Houston, Texas, and really shows his love for children’s literature on his Instagram page resulting in the jackpot of books to use for read-aloud. This account is fun and one of my favorite accounts to follow because, yes, there is a ton of information being shared, and it is all super helpful to my students and me. But more importantly, @teaching3rdwithmrg reminds me to be silly sometimes, and that has been an important part of my Instagram feed the last few months (and maybe even years). 

13. @joeyudovich

Joey Udovich is a teacher from a small town. This education Resource Designer is great at giving ideas for door and bulletin boards! Trust me; this is the kind of account that you look through their feed and think, ‘when I grow up, I want to be like them.’ LOL! Seriously though, some of these ideas and decor ideas are so cute you can’t help but question if you can even make something look that beautiful. It is inspiring to see so much love and commitment being, but into teaching, it makes me want to be the best teacher I can be.

14. @targetteachers

Everything Target, everything teachers! I literally can’t imagine a better combination. This account is run by two teachers, Michelle and Hadar, who also run @applesandabcs and @misskindergarten. This account is full of fun ideas, crafts, and knick-knacks that you can get right from your local Target! It is amazing! Just think how convenient it is to shop online. Well, this account takes it up a notch because you are not just online shopping. They also tell you how to use the things you buy and how cute they can end up being. It is either a really good thing or a really bad thing. I have yet to decide which! 

Instagram Accounts for Teachers to Follow 15. @mathgiraffe

Math, math, and more math! Creative math tips and tricks for teachers to use in their classrooms! This account gives ideas for ways math teachers can teach math with creativity while also maintaining the focus of math. There is something to be said about an account that focuses on math. I feel like on teacher-gram math is frequently overlooked. But, with accounts like this one, teachers are more likely to not only come up with fun and engaging ways to teach a math lesson, they might even end up enjoying it!

16. @weareteachers

This is a GREAT account! Classroom ideas, inspiration, and activities are all over this account. That is not even mentioning the fun memes they post all the time! This is one of those accounts that you actively look for their content. It is so good, funny, and entertaining that I genuinely look forward to their new posts!

17. @researchandplay: 

This account is a great resource for teachers. On this feed will find things like maintaining positivity and manageable classroom management systems. But what stuck out to me was a recent post talking about positivity in the classroom. As a classroom management strategy, this post pointed out positive behaviors and specifically described them. I thought this was so cool and different from the traditional and straightforward calling out of bad behavior.

Picking Instagram accounts for Teachers to Follow seems like an easy thing to do. But, sometimes you really don’t know what you are going to get! Now that you have followed some outstanding Instagram accounts for teachers to follow be sure to comment below, and let us know which accounts are your favorite!

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Written by – Korryna Sanchez 

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