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17 Totally Relatable “Distance Learning” Memes


Who is ready for some “Distance Learning Memes”?!  It’s finally that time, teachers!  Late nights, chaos, and bittersweet emotions bring out some of the best (and funniest) memes that lighten up the mood, and give us a little chuckle.  I thought it would be fun to celebrate with some teacher memes – distance learning style.  So sit back and enjoy!


#1 – The MUTE button!

mute button pacifier for distance learning class meetings

Need I say more?!  So wish I could bring this button back into the classroom with me!


#2 – Casual Friday Everyday

comparing two dogs on zoom meetings, audio only and video too

Next year, casual day stickers and jean Fridays will have lost their “special” effect.


#3 – Late Night Emails and Messages

Teachers please take back your evenings and weekends!

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#4 – Brady Bunch Meetings

Brady bunch boxes showing what it looks like to be in distance learning team meetings

Every time I sit in a staff meeting, the song pops into my head… LOL


#5 – Assignments?  Still Waiting…

Office Space boss asking for homework to be turned in

Love how my students are creating Tik-Tok videos daily, but I’m still waiting on homework…


#6 – Multi-Tasking… Ugh!

image of a mom working from home while kids are running around in the background

Yeah… right!!


#7 – The Wait!

three images of a teacher waiting for students to join distance learning meeting

Bueller… Bueller…


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#8 – Closing Up Empty Classrooms

quote telling teachers that the end of the year classroom clean-up will be different this time

Regardless of the date, it was very eerie walking into an empty classroom that had been frozen in time.  I missed my students helping me pack up and the fun we would have had the last few weeks of school.


#9 – Parades

car decorated with balloons in an end of school parade

Instead of classroom parties, we decorated our cars and waved from the streets as students drove by.


#10 – Parent-Free Classrooms

Billy Madison image in class, compared to parents in distance learning class meetings

I am ready to just have my students in class again… LOL


#11 – Technology

I am soooo ready to slam that laptop lid and lock it up for the summer! LOL


#12 – House Tours and Show-n-Tell

little girl dancing because she had a great show and tell

I feel like I’ve toured so many houses, and I didn’t even have a realtor! LOL


#13 – Our Pets Are Happy

happy dog because the school year is over

They’ve been patiently waiting to have our full undivided attention.


#14 – Bittersweet Student Farewells

teacher note saying how proud they are of their students at the end of the school year

Waving from a car, or saying goodbye during a Zoom call just isn’t the same as giving that final hug… 🙁


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#15 – The End of This School Year is FINALLY Here!

Teaching is hard…we get it.  But Distance Learning is way more than we expected.  And there’s no tired like it.

#16 – The End of This School Year is FINALLY Here!

Sound of Music meme stating that teachers can now be human again during the summer

This year especially, please take some time to unwind from distance learning.  We’ve worked outside our comfort zone, teaching in unthinkable ways for the past few months.  Take some time to do something special for yourself.

#17 – The End of This School Year is FINALLY Here!

sarcastic smile because someone is saying that teachers are lucky to only have to work 9 months a year

When distance learning is finally over, we know we are going to take some time for ourselves.  But once we feel rested, we will pick up the pieces and start preparing for what comes next.  It’s just what teachers do…and that’s a full time job.  We hope that you have found a little humor in these Distance Learning Memes only Teachers will Understand.

~ Written by Janessa Fletcher

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