25 Brain Breaks that Keep Students Socially Distanced


Brain breaks that keep students socially distanced will be much needed this year.  We’ve heard many teachers say that their students will not be allowed to leave the classroom as they did before.  Teachers will be rotating to them, recess is a big question mark, and all meals will be eaten at their desks.

We all know that our young students need to move around in order for learning to occur.  We’ve done some research for you and come up with 25 brain breaks that keep students socially distanced that you can use in your classroom.  (Students will not be moving all around the room in these videos, so they are perfect for maintaining social distancing rules.) ?

? Go the little bit extra and create “squares” around the classroom that students can go to during “movement time”, just to get a different view of the room. ?

Jack Hartmann’s “Get Up to Get Down” Video

The Learning Station’s “I Am the Music Man”

Music Express Choreography “Can’t Stop the Feeling”

Jack Hartmann’s “Boom Chicka Boom” Brain Break

Barefoot Books’ “If You’re Happy and You Know It”



take a brain break from academics and focus on social and emotional learning with these character cards

Patty Shukla’s “Simon Says” Video

The Learning Station’s “Body Boogie”

Debbie Doo’s “The Hokey Pokey” Brain Break

Pink Fong’s “Jungle Boogie Dance”

Barefoot Books’ ” Dinosaur Rap” Video



start your day off with a brain break by using our morning meeting slides to get kiddos discussing important academic concepts

Bounce Patrol’s “If Animals Danced” Brain Break

Pancake Manor’s “Shake Break”

Patty Shukla’s “Bouncing Up and Down”

The Learning Station’s “Move With Me” Video

Debbie Doo’s “Let’s Star Jump” Brain Break



pattern blocks are a great way for students to combine literacy with math skills; build the sight word and count the number of blocks used

Jack Hartmann’s “I Can Move my Body Like Anything”

The Kiboomer’s “Freeze Dance” Video

Super Simple Songs’ “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

Mr. Woodland’s “Walk, Run, and Jump”

The Learning Station’s “Shake Our Sillies Out”



use digital word cards to help your students practice their word building skills

KIDZ BOP Kids “Make Some Noise”

GoNoodle’s “Do the Yeti” Video

The Body Coach’s “5 Minute Move” Brain Break

Azukita Zumba Kids

GoNoodle’s “Clap It Out Syllables” Video

Use these brain breaks that keep students socially distanced to help your students “get up and move”!  We all know that their little brains work better when they’ve had time to shake their wiggles out.  By using brain break videos in the classroom, you are allowing them time to let their brains rest and bodies move, giving them a break between curriculum, and hopefully causing less behavioral issues in the classroom.  (We all know that the last one is the most important!!) ?

If you have any favorite brain breaks that keep students socially distanced, please post the link(s) in the comments below.  We all could use as many great brain break videos as we can! ❤️

Written by: Janessa Fletcher

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