35 Dollar Store Deals for Teachers


Teaching littles can be expensive on a limited budget. You are given limited funds and make a fixed salary. Ugh!! So, teachers like you tend to dig into their own pockets to pay for many classroom supplies. It gets very costly finding items for an incredible lesson you plan. So what do you do? No longer should the choice be to either drop the lesson or pay for things yourself. You can do that great lesson! We have found some fantastic Dollar Store deals for teachers, items that will complete that lesson! These Dollar Store deals for teachers are fabulous! You will love #2, # 34, and #35!

Games and Sensory

1. Foam Dice and Multi-sided Dice are perfect for all of your math games and math centers. You will love some of these dice centers from ETTC!

2. Mini Jenga becomes sight word practice! Write a sight word or CVC word on each block, and as kids pull blocks, they read sight words.

3. Silly Putty, Shaving Cream, and Slime are all favorite activities for kids!

4. Stress Balls and Squishies will find good homes in the hands of your kids as they try to calm and regulate.

5. Water Beads can be expensive when purchased online. At your dollar store, look for those squishy beads in the floral section! At a dollar a bag, the savings are enormous!

6. Play-Doh Cookie Cutters


7. Pencil Pouches. Find ones with three holes already punched, and they are perfect for storing game pieces, math manipulatives, etc., right in the binder with the activity.

8. Chair Storage Bags go on the back of each student’s chair to offer extra storage for their folders and supplies!

9. Craft Storage Boxes will hold all the little things teachers own or tiny beads and baubles for art projects.

10. Storage Bins come in all shapes and sizes and will hold everything!

11. Plastic Craft Caddies with Handles

Art Treasures

12. Artist Canvas. Are you looking for gifts for caretakers? They will love a self-portrait done on canvas!

13. Cotton Swabs are great tools for painting and mixing colors. These also work to swirl and write in shaving cream.

14. Googly Eyes

15. Glitter and Pipe Cleaners

16. Colored Popsicle Sticks

17. Cotton Balls

18. Ribbon

19. Poster Board

20. Paint Brushes. You will find sponges, sponge brushes, watercolor brushes, brushes, and acrylics in multi-packs at your local dollar store.

21. Spray Bottles

Dollar Store Supplies

22. Notebook Paper. You will go through lots!

23. Colored Paper Clips. The colored clips are far more fun!

24. Index Cards

25. Stickers

26. Folders. Take-home folders, literacy center folders, RTI folders, fluency folders, and on and on and on. Teachers use lots of folders, so why not get the ones you want.

27. Clipboards are the essential items in your writing station or your centers. It gives a writing surface for kids who are not working at a table or desk.

28. Sand Timers. You can use timers for checking fluency. My kids partner up to do the same. I also put several in my calming corner. And, kids do everything faster to beat the timer!

29. Binder Clips

30. Letters and Numbers Stencils and Die Cuts. I hate cutting out letters for a bulletin board (check out the link for 30 bulletin board ideas!) and choose the die cuts for myself. But some teachers do prefer using letter and number stencils and cutting them out.

31. Notepads

32. Dry Erase Pockets. Slide any worksheet into the pocket and use dry-erase markers. Save on copies!

33. Tree Word Strips. Nameplates, bin labels, phrases, words, and sentences are all perfect on these pre-made strips.

Other Dollar Store Needs

34. Kleenex

35. Hand Soap that is for teachers only!

Looking for all these items at my local dollar store was so much fun! You are going to want to run and get some of these items too! If you are like most teachers, you will find a few other things, such as snacks, coloring books, and cool pens, that you won’t be able to resist buying! But don’t worry, get them! Dollar Store Deals for teachers are the BEST!

Written by –  Suzanne Kelley

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