Top 10 Clutter-Free Gifts for Teachers


The season of gift giving is almost upon us. Have you started making your list yet? I’ve been thinking about what to get my kiddos’ teachers. It seems that “clutter-free” gifts are on their lists this year. (Cuz classroom real estate is hard to come by these days!)

But what kind of gift is considered “clutter-free”? Instead of guessing, I went straight to the source… my teacher friends, and picked their brains for ideas. They gave me a Santa’s length list of ideas, but these 10 clutter-free gifts for teachers were on the top.

1. Teacher Printables Membership

Teachers spend so much of their salaries on resources for their classrooms. Give them the gift of unlimited access to resources for one month or one year with a Teacher Printables Membership. Want more info on this one? Send me an email at and I can hook you up with this “clutter-free” gift!

2. Personal Note or Card

You don’t have to spend money when it comes to gifts. It truly is the thought that counts. Have your child color a picture, create a card, or write a note to their teacher. Bonus points if you let Administration know how much you appreciate the teacher too.

3. Spa Voucher

Nothing says “thank you” like gifting some relaxation! Manicures, pedicures, facials, or massages allow teachers to take some time to unwind. (It gives us the nudge we need to indulge in a little TLC.)

4. Purchase from their Amazon Wishlist

Most teachers have a wishlist on Amazon of all the goodies they want and need for their classrooms. Snag something off their list or give them a gift card and they can pick.

5. Movie Tickets

As great as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are, sometimes it is nice to go out to an actual movie. (Nothing compares to that drenched in butter movie theater popcorn. I can never seem to recreate that at home…) A certificate to the movies is a nice “clutter-free” gift for teachers.

6. Gift Card to Target

The verdict is in… the place most teachers like to shop at is Target!!! The choices there are versatile. They can snag clothing, toys, household materials, food, or items for their classrooms. There are so many clutter-free gifts for teachers you can find there.

7. Time

If you are able, teachers really appreciate the gift of time. Volunteer to help out in their classroom. You may be making copies, organizing materials, working with students, or anything else they may need. It is a generous gift that doesn’t cost anything.

8. Gas Gift Card

We could all use this clutter-free gift! Gas is EXPENSIVE! You may not be able to afford an entire tank of gas on a gift card, but any little bit definitely helps.

9. Chocolates and/or Snacks

Many schools do “teacher favorites” wishlists. On them, you can find favorite types of candy, snacks, and drinks for each of your teachers. With most of us, you can’t go wrong with a nice box of chocolates, or some salty snacks. (We like to keep them in our desk drawers for a quick treat here and there.)

10. Gift Card to a Liquor Store

You may think I’m joking… but I’m not! Snag a gift card to a liquor store in your area, and let the teacher pick their beverage of choice. Most will choose wine, but there are a few of us that will grab something with a little more kick to it.

Make it easy on both you and the teacher this year. Choose a “clutter-free” gift from the list above or one from this long list below. Your child’s teacher will definitely appreciate the thought you put into it.

Chat with you later,

Janessa Fletcher

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