Top 15 Ways Teachers are Spending Spring Break


We’ve been checking off the days on our calendars and phones, and Spring Break is FINALLY here!!! (For some of us at least…) We polled our community of educators to find out how you all are spending your spring break.  All the answers were tallied and we’ve created a countdown of the Top 15 Ways Teachers are Spending Spring Break. 🥳

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#15. Taking a Spa Day

Massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, and all of the pampering things are a great way to spend your spring break. Treat yourself to some time just for you. Get those toenails painted and ready for the warmer weather. Ease some stress and tension with a deep tissue massage. Get that french manicure you’ve been wanting. And don’t forget to rejuvenate those pores with a good facial. I think that I’ve talked myself into starting my week off with this!

And if you have your kiddos with you and can’t get away to a spa, you can still work some relaxation into your day. Try these fun yoga poses with your kids for some family zen. 


#14. Cooking and Baking

Have you been craving a certain dish or wanting to try a new recipe but haven’t had the time to make it? Well, NOW is your time! Bring out the pots, pans, and ingredients, and get busy in the kitchen. I am not a huge baker, but if you have a great recipe that you would like to share, I am always up to trying new things.

And while you have those pots and pans out, try making one of our fun science recipes with your kids. You can make Fake Snow, Rainbow Cloud Dough, or States of Matter Floats.


Teacher Spring Break Activity #13. Drinking Hot Coffee

Having a nice, HOT cup of coffee every morning is one of the little pleasures we enjoy over spring break. Choose your favorite K-cup, pop it in the Keurig, and let the hot liquid warm your soul. Even better is that you can actually drink the whole cup in one sitting, instead of setting it down on your desk and then becoming so busy that you forget about it. And if you happen to forget about that cup at home, you can always toss it in the microwave for a quick reheat. LOL


#12. Enjoying the Great Outdoors

As the weather starts to heat up, many teachers are taking to the great outdoors during their week(s) off. Whether you like to go camping in a tent outside or hook up the RV at a campsite, getting some fresh air may be what you need. For many of us, there is just something about nature that helps relieve stress and get us centered. Not to mention the family bonding that comes along with unplugging while out camping.

Give your kiddos a little something fun to do while being out in nature. Have the participate in a Nature Scavenger Hunt and see how many items on the list they can find. Flip the paper over and add any other cool animals, plants, or other things you see while out hiking and/or camping. 


Teacher Spring Break Activity #11. Reading a Good Book

So, I have this habit of heading to the library and checking out a couple of books that I’ve been dying to read. Then I bring them home and they literally just sit there… Is your plan to grab a book that you’ve been wanting to read for a while and enjoy some quiet time to yourself? It is nice to read an adult book from time to time and take a break from the rhyme and repetitive text of the picture books we are so used to reading every day.

Your kids can get some great reading in too over break! Have them check out a few books they want to read and then write about it. I have a fun Picturing the Story activity they can fill out after finishing a book. Draw a picture in the Polaroids and then write a sentence explaining it. 


#10. Start on Getting Fit

Some of us are going to start getting fit for the summer. 😉 Running, biking, eating healthier, and putting things in place for a more positive mindset are on some teachers’ spring break checklists. Create a positive and healthy lifestyle now to finish off the school year strong. Then call on a teacher bestie to join you in your exercise routine. Having an accountability partner is always better to keep me on track.


#9. Binge-Watch Netflix

Okay, so while some of us are working on getting fit, others just want to sit and catch up on their favorite shows. What is on your must-see Netflix list? If you need a few ideas, check out these Top 27 Netflix Shows for Teachers to get you started. And let’s be honest… you know that you have been secretly counting down the days until you can watch the latest season of YOU. 

And if you need something to do with your hands while watching an entire season of The Perfect Match, put together your centers for the first few weeks back after spring break. I have No Prep Centers for you that can be put together in a snap! Just laminate the mats, count out the manipulatives, and voila… you are all set for ELA and Math when you return. 


Teacher Spring Break Activity #8. Clean the House

Spring break brings out the need to declutter and organize in some of us. Are you planning on deep cleaning your house during your week off? How many of you are having garage sales to get rid of items in your homes? My family usually goes through our clothing during spring break. We donate those items that no longer fit us and then go shopping for new spring/summer wear.


#7. Get a Head Start on Gardening

Depending on what part of the globe you live in, spring break may be a time that you get started on your yard work and gardening. Cleaning up your yard, adding some color with flowers, and starting your vegetable gardens are great ways to spend your vacation. I’m ready to welcome the spring sunshine and plant flowers to spruce up my yard. I’m tired of looking at the desert brown.

You can plant with your kids, or your students as one of your spring break activities too. We have an easy prep Greenhouse in a Bag science project that is the cutest activity to decorate your class and then send home with you students. Simply plant some lima beans in bags, decorate the “greenhouse”, and let the science happen. 


Teacher Spring Break Activity #6. Visit the Beach

I have to admit that I am a little jealous of those of you who live close enough to go visit the beach. Listening to the waves, inhaling the ocean air, and soaking up the beachy sun sounds like a great way to spend spring break. Combine this with a little mini-vacay and a good book and you have planned the perfect week off. Just make sure that you also have some yummy seafood 🍤 while on the coast.


#5. Lesson Planning (Say What?!)

Are you kidding me?!  Many of you stated that you would spend at least one day of spring break in your classrooms getting ready for the end of the school year.  Well, if you are going to be working, let me help make the rest of the year easy for you! Become a member of Education to the Core Premium for the next 3 months (use my promo code SPRINGBREAK) and have every resource you would need at your fingertips. If you are on the fence, we have a trial member option for $1.00 for a week (download up to 10 printables).


Teacher Spring Break Activity #4. Travel

Do you have a big trip planned over spring break? I would love to hear about your travels and where you went. Leave them in the comments below. Make sure to head somewhere where you can have an amazing time and relax. You have definitely earned the break. Take a trip overseas to Europe, let loose in Vegas, or head to Disneyland with your children. Wherever you go, have some serious FUN!!!


#3. Go Shopping!

Now, I am not talking about hitting up the Target Dollar Spot to refresh your treasure chest items. I want you to go shopping and buy things for yourself! Have you had your eye on a cute spring dress or a new pair of sandals? Go out and grab them! Even if you don’t want to spend any money, walk the mall and just browse. You may find a steal of a deal on one of the sale racks. And while you are out shopping, stop by your favorite deli and treat yourself to a long lunch.


#2. Spending Time with Family

This is definitely what I plan on doing over my spring break. I feel like many times throughout the school year my own children suffer because I spend so much time planning and prepping for my classroom and grading student papers. This year we are taking a vacation and it is all about them! Don’t worry about anything school-related, just live in the moment with your family and friends during spring break this year.


Teacher Spring Break Activity #1. Sleeping

Yep, you read that right! The Number 1 thing that most teachers want to do over spring break is sleep! Whether that is sleeping in, taking naps throughout the day, or just laying somewhere and letting your body rest, make sure you catch up on those much-needed ZZZZs.


Which of these Top 15 Ways Teachers Are Spending Spring Break is Number 1 on your list? Or are you doing something completely different over your spring break? Share your adventures in the comments below. We would love to hear what all of our amazing teacher friends are doing over their vacations! Regardless of what you choose to do, just make sure that it is something you enjoy.

Written by: Janessa Fletcher


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