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No Prep Literacy Center Ideas

September 24, 2020 by Emily

Centers look very different this year.  Our students cannot “share” supplies or materials.

DON’T WORRY!  We have a variety of No Prep Literacy Center Ideas for primary students in our center bundles.  Easily print and pass out these centers for individual student use.  👍🏻

They have been broken down into 3 categories:

1 – No Prep Centers  (mats that you simply print and go)

2 – Low Prep Centers (discussion cards and journal prompts)

3 – Student Prep Centers (can be cut apart and completed by students – such as puzzle cards)


No Prep Centers

These centers are SUPER SIMPLE to use.  Just print out the number of mats you need and pass out to students to keep in their folders, binders, or bags.  Students will be able to work directly on the mat, so no need to laminate anything!  (🤩 There are 52 NO PREP centers in our 1st/2nd bundle!)


Low Prep Centers

Low prep centers may entail printing out and cutting apart discussion prompts, journal entries, or comprehension cards.  Again, there is NOT a lot of work on your part.  I simply print them, cut apart the cards, and hand them to students.  They either glue them into journals, or keep the cards in notebooks and write their responses on paper.  (⭐️ I always make sure to make/cut a few extra copies, so that my fast finishers can get a different prompt or activity.)


Student Prep Centers

The student prep centers include puzzles and matching cards.  Like the first two groups, there is MINIMAL to NO work for you.  Just print out the puzzle or card sets and make a copy for each student. (Some of the sets have quite a few puzzles or cards in them, you may want to divide one set among multiple students. 😉). Then your students can cut apart the cards or puzzle pieces and match them to complete the activity.  Make sure they also get an accountability sheet to record their responses.

Even though our small group literacy center time may have a different look and feel, we can still use many of these no prep literacy center ideas in our classrooms, while still following social distancing procedures.  Let’s continue to give our students the hands-on activities that we know are proven to lead to academic success.  (And it also helps that we are saving ourselves countless hours of cutting and laminating in the process!😉)


~ Written by Janessa Fletcher

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