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NO PREP Phonics Activities

October 3, 2020 by Emily

Why No Prep Activities?  I find that teaching virtually and face-to-face has me working around the clock.  Time is something I am really struggling with at the moment.  I want to provide my students with the necessary tools to be successful, while not letting my home life suffer.

Phonics is an area that is the backbone of literacy instruction for me… (kinder teacher here 😉).  I spent countless hours searching for and prepping phonics activities that would help cement those basic reading blocks for my students.  There had to be an easier way to provide great phonics activities and save me some much needed family time.  So, I jumped on the NO PREP bandwagon and created some No Prep Phonics Activities that are simply PRINT AND GO!

No Prep Printable Phonics Booklets

This Phonics Booklets Bundle includes over 200 booklets that cover more than 100 different phonics skills and word family patterns. Each booklet contains 6 different activities, including a short fluency paragraph with comprehension questions, sentence and word writing, and a home connection so parents can practice phonics skills at home with fun games and activities.  The best part about this resource… all I have to do is print, copy, fold and DONE!


Digital Phonics Booklets

This Digital Version of our Phonics Booklets features similar interactive activities, but they can all be done virtually.  We’ve just changed the writing activities to typing activities, but still include sentence and word construction, fluency passage reading and comprehension questions, and the home connection.  This digital resource is created on google slides and works best in Google Classroom.


No Prep Phonics Fluency Poems

As a companion or stand alone resource, our No Prep Phonics Fluency Poems cover the same 100+ phonics skills and word family patterns as our booklets.  These poems expose students to the target phonics skill, rhyming pairs, and rhythm within prose.  Students get to practice reading phonics specific words while building their fluency.


 Digital Phonics Fluency Poems

These Digital Poems are identical to the printable version, but are created on google slides best used in Google Classroom.


No Prep Word Work Activities

Our No Prep Spelling Activities can also be used to practice phonics words based on a certain phonics skill.  My students really enjoy the emoji activity, scrabble tiles, and bingo dauber words.  Students can practice reading, writing, and spelling all of their phonics specific words. This bundle is versatile!  Use it for phonics words, sight words, and spelling vocabulary words.


No Prep Phonics Fluency Passages

We have a variety of Phonics Based Fluency Passages.  Students can practice certain phonics skills while working on fluency and comprehension questions.  Passages can be as simple as short vowel CVC words, or more complex, such as vowel teams, diphthongs, and r-controlled vowels.  These No Prep Phonics Fluency Passages also come in Digital Form, available on google slides.


Digital Phonics Fluency Passages


All of these No Prep Phonics Activities have really helped me to continue providing great phonics immersion activities for my students, while allowing me to take back some quality time that I can spend with my family and friends, or enjoying activities that I love to do.

At Education to the Core, we hope that our no prep resources help you to spend more time outside of the classroom.  We know that you work hard and definitely deserve it! 🥰


~ Written by Janessa Fletcher

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