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Say You’re A Teacher, Without Saying You’re A Teacher

March 25, 2021 by Christopher Olson

Oftentimes our “lingo” spills out into the real world. You know that one sentence that says you are a teacher, without saying “you’re a teacher”!  I am sure we all have those moments when your spouse or friends say “what did you just say?” One of my earliest memories when I first started my profession was when I was at the bar with my friends and I signed while saying “I have to go potty”.  It was at this moment that my friends truly understood I was an Early Intervention Teacher.  

Just last week, while I was in the grocery store I heard a woman say to the child with her “Please use your walking feet”.  I just knew she was a teacher.  Do you often say popular sayings like: “1, 2, 3 – eyes on me” or “Clap once if you can hear me”.  We asked our Fearless First Grade Teachers what says you’re a teacher, without saying you’re a teacher?  While reading this list, I hope I am not the only one that says “I say that…and that…oh yeah and that one!”  My goodness, I just said, “Please don’t lick your desk yesterday!”

Teacher Life 

“I can hold my pee for hours.” ~ Clorinda K.

“I’m poor” ~ Marina T. 

“I work on the weekends and don’t get paid for it.” ~ Stacey T. 

“This was a hot coffee when I bought it.” ~ Meghan M.

“I tie a lot of shoes” ~ Sue M. 

“It’s more work to plan for being absent than going to work!” ~ Samantha K.

“I have 23 kids.” ~ Skye E. 

“I’m overworked and underpaid” ~ Jordan K. 

“I’m sorry you want us to do what now!? Oh and in five minutes?” ~ Tricia Lynn G. 

“I count down from 5 -0 many times a day.” ~ Annde M. 

“No more mugs, please!” ~ Dee G. 

“Unmute yourself.” ~ DeNa B. 

“I go to the bathroom once a day” ~ Shaunna H. 

“Oooh! 100 assorted food erasers for $1!” ~ Etoya J. 

“Only job where you steal supplies from home.” ~ Marsha H. 

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“It’s easier to just go to work sick than it is to call out.” ~ Pennie R. 

“Calling out “Walking feet!” when out shopping to random kids.” ~ Kristal M. 

“I’m going to share my screen now…” ~ Susan H. 

“I drink wine every night” ~ Tori L. 

“I know which names NOT to name my kids or pets.” ~ Amanda M. 

“Never a boring day—always something new.” ~ Keir M.

The Things Teachers Say I Know You’re A Teacher if you Said This to Co-Workers or Other Adults

“I can drink soft drinks at room temp. Any time!!!” ~ Michelle J. 

“It’s a full moon.” ~ Mary C. 

“I’ve trained my bladder to only use the restroom at specific times in the day.” ~ Valerie S.  

“Pencils are the bane of my existence.” ~ Julie S. 

“Free time? What free time???” ~ Ashli W. 

“I love my Firsties!” ~ Linda M. 

“Sometimes I hate my own name!” ~ Stancy M. 

“I am so tired!” ~ Michele B. 

“Overwhelmed” ~ Linda G. 

“I’m over this year.” ~ Barbara B. 

“What’s a prep?” ~ Tara E. 

“Can not use the bathroom whenever I want.” ~ Terri R.

“8 hours on my feet + no time to pee.” ~ Jennifer T. 

“When’s the 100th day?” ~ Beth P. 

“When is it time to go home.” ~ Inez M. 

“Pretty sure there was a full moon last night!” ~ Kelsie K. 

“I need to pee, can you watch my room.” ~ Kaylee J. 

“I will work on that this weekend.” ~ Lori M. 

“This week I have an ARD, RTI meeting, and PLC to go to.” ~ Lauren B. 

“I’m writing an IEP” ~ Laurie M. 

“I lost a fight against the copy machine.” ~ Jared G.

You Know You’re A Teacher if you Said This to Students

“We use our walking feet please” ~ Kristina K. 

“Please do not lick your desk!” ~ Lola E. 

“I’ll wait…” ~ Kelly S. 

“Eyes and ears on me!” ~ Tina T. 

“Criss cross apple sauce” ~ Jessica B. 

“What are you doing, what are you supposed to be doing, what are you going to do now?” ~ Kathy Q. 

“Stop look and listen” ~ Nika C. 

“Mask over your nose” ~ Angelica V. 

“Don’t forget to put your name on your paper.” ~ Cheri K. 

“You’re on mute, can you unmute, please?” ~ Rochelle M. 

“If u can hear me, clap once” ~ Tiangela W. 

“The first thing we do is always the same. We take out a pencil and write our name.” ~ Krista W. 

“Why are your shoelaces wet?” ~ Marleen G. 

“Distance- remember distance please!” ~ Kelly W. 

“A sentence begins with what kind of letter?” ~ Karen H. 

“1-2-3 eyes on me” ~ Tammy G. 

“Keep your hands to yourself.” ~ Christy G. 

“Hocus Pocus, everyone focus” ~ Terri L. 

“Use your walking feet and inside voices!” ~ Lisa E. 

“Boys and girls inside voices please…” ~ Dawn E. 

“Is that a good choice…” ~ Alicia J. 

“Don’t lick the bottom of your shoe!” ~ Gladys H. 

“Frankenstein arms up! Now voices off.” ~ Tiffany Z. 

“Class! Class!” ~ Mary M. 

“Is your name on your paper???” ~ Mistie E. 

“Sneeze into your elbow” ~ Alisa C. 

“Yes you have to wash your hands….you just got out of the bathroom” ~ Donna A. 

“A tooty-ta, a tooty ta, a tooty ta ta!!” ~ Rose K. 

“Kiss your brains!” ~ Lourdes A.

“Ready set? You bet!” ~ Laura G. 

“Everyone pull off your “tattle” tails!!” Lisa E. 

“Sit on your bottom please!” ~ Jennifer H. 

“If you can hear me clap once. If you can hear me clap twice.” ~ Lisa B. 

“Honey, you’re on mute, we can’t hear you.” ~ Rebecca P. 

“Now keep that mask over your nose” ~ Shawn R. 

“How and where did you leave your mask in the bathroom?” ~ Melanie C. 

“I guess we all ate the pencils in here, huh?” ~ Linda M. 

“You’re on mute.” ~ Cory D. 

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“Please sit up in your chair” ~ Linda B. 

“Get out of bed and sit up please” ~ Andrea C. 

“We don’t eat shoelaces!!” ~ Tiffany B. 

“I’ll wait!” ~ Kyndra W. 

“Let’s give someone else a chance to speak” ~ Alyssa S. 

“You’re still on mute” ~ Karly R. 

“Use your walking feet.” ~ Melissa W. 

“Give me 5!” ~ Britney S. 

“6 feet on the ground!” ~ Natalie O. 

“Turn and talk with your partner.” ~ Jenn S. 

“Please don’t change your clothes while you are on Zoom.” ~ Karen K. 

“Wash your hands!!” ~ Jill B. 

“Catch a bubble!” ~ Bejjie A. 

“Raise your hand” ~ Anila I. 

“Please remember to use your inside voice” ~ Charlene N. 

“Eyes on me” ~ Lisa G. 

“We don’t lick our friends.” ~ Shirlee T. 

“Are you making a good choice?” ~ Tara Z. 

“Macaroni cheese, everybody freeze. Tootsie roll lollipop, we were talking now we’ll stop.” ~ Zelasko L. 

“Get your finger out of your nose!” ~ Susan F. 

“I hear voices, I should see hands.” ~ Jill S. 

“What should you be doing right now? (Pause to wait for answer) then please do that!” ~ Kristin K. 

“You just went 20 minutes ago” ~ Naomi M.

“Was that a smart choice?” ~ Sophie N. 

“You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” ~ Jenny C. 

“What happened to your pencil? I just gave it to you.” ~ Kimberly L. 

What Teachers Say About Their Classrooms

“I have entirely too many children’s books!!” ~ Shari C. 

“The alligator eats the bigger number” ~ Shelby J. 

“I am in the business of growing brains.” ~ Kristi F.


“Over your nose or it doesn’t help” ~ Stephanie K. 

“I filled sandwich bags with 100 legos each today.” ~ Karon P. 

“I should buy stock in pencils!” ~ Angelia M. 

“I found 3 whiteboard markers in my purse when I got home on Friday” ~ Sereatha B. 

“I’m running low on hanitizer.” ~ Nichole D. 

“I carry 4 bags, a huge bottle of water, and coffee into work with me” ~ Tara M. 

“Find markers and little toys in all my purses.” ~ Rosario S. 
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“I can eat my lunch while walking around opening milk cartons.” ~ Debbie D. 

“My hands and fingers always seem to have some unexplained color markings on them.” ~ Evelyn C. 

“Oops…let me find a marker that works.” ~ Chelsea A. 

“Flair pens!” ~ Stephanie T. 

“Jack Hartman is my hero!!” ~ Shannon M. 

“Nothing better than watching things get laminated” ~ Angie A. 

“I love sticky notes.” ~ Michelle P. 

I will not share the number of how many I have said within a school year.  Let’s face it, I am not even going to share the number of these that I say within one day!  Did your favorite or common sayings make the list?   Are we forgetting some common statements to let us know that you’re a teacher, without saying you’re a teacher?  Let us know in the comments below!

Written by: Christopher Olson

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