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Are You an Introvert Teacher? {Take the Quiz}


Many people assume that teaching is a profession only extroverts fall into, but there are many introvert teachers out there. A misconception about introversion held by many is that they are shy, which is not necessarily the case. Most introverted teachers are very successful in the classroom and are not “shy” at all. It is more about how you respond to stimulation in your environment. So… Are You an INTROVERT TEACHER?! Take the quiz to find out! (1 point for every trait that describes you. ?)


1 – Communicating with Parents and Coworkers is Stressful

Introverts tend to feel more awkward and overwhelmed during face-to-face conversations. They prefer being able to think through a written response and send communication through emails instead.

2 – I Prefer to Stay Within my Classroom Walls

You definitely will not find introverted teachers walking around on Friday afternoons talking to everyone before leaving for the weekend. They will be tucked away in their classroom quietly working on lesson plans, prepping for lessons, or cleaning up. (I should probably take a lesson from them. It would get me out of the building a lot faster on Fridays. ?)

3 – I Crave Quiet Time

Being at school and in the classroom can be very overstimulating for introverts. They crave the quiet of prep time, taking the long way home (without kids of course ?), or stealing a quiet minute in the morning or before bed. This time allows introverts to recharge and be able to make it through the day.

4 – Independent Practice Times are my Happy Place

Introverted teachers don’t like to “be on the stage” all day long lecturing and teaching in a whole group. They prefer to teach to small groups of students or monitor during independent practice times. Those teachers will purposefully schedule their daily routine to include these blocks of time. It gives the teachers a “break” so that the day runs more smoothly for them. Our Color by Number and Directed Drawings bundles allow for that downtime introverted teachers need.  Your students will be working quietly, while you can take the few minutes you need to create balance in your day. ?

5 – I Like to Eat Lunch in my Room

The staff lunchroom can be a great place, but an introverted teacher would rather be in their classroom eating. Now, don’t get me wrong, they may not be completely alone, but you probably will only find one, maybe two other teachers with them. The chaos of the lunchroom is just more than they prefer to handle. ?

6 – My Days are Planned in Advance

I had a colleague when I first started teaching who would come into my room every morning, grab a master of any papers I was using that day, go make copies, and return the masters. There is NO WAY I could teach like that! “Teaching on the fly” is definitely not something introverted teachers feel comfortable doing. They like to be prepared each day and know what to expect (and how much they are going to be talking that day.)

7 – I ❤️ Student-led Lessons and Activities

Small group activities, centers, and lessons are their jam! They prefer spending more time doing math centers, or literacy rotations. They get to work with a smaller group of students and aren’t having to teach to the whole class the majority of the day.

Introverted teachers also prefer student-led activities, such as STEM challenges. They get to be the guide or facilitator, while your students do more of the talking and teaching in small groups or independently. We recently created STEM Story Challenges for young learners and it has definitely given me some time to take a step back and recharge to finish the day.

8 – Being a Part of One Committee is Good Enough for Me

There is a multitude of ways you can get involved at school but don’t overdo it. Choose a committee that fits your passions. Also, volunteer to do tasks that lessen your anxiety, such as making copies and folding pamphlets, working on set-up or clean-up crews, creating the decorations needed for an event. Maybe you can design flyers, or answer emails from parents…

9 – I Can Identify with the Shy and Fearful Kids

Introverts tend to be more cautious. They don’t jump in headfirst but instead take a look at all of the information before developing an action plan. This helps when working with more difficult students, or having to have a tough conversation with parents. They understand when students need help and are immediately ready to support them.

10 – I Enjoy Receiving Feedback and Honing my Craft

Thanks to self-reflective mindsets, introverts are serious about taking in and fixing their mistakes. These teachers are constantly reviewing their performance at work, updating their practices to develop their skills, and are open to feedback.

11 – I’m a Great Listener

Introverted teachers are good listeners, which creates an effective learning environment. Students exhibit a higher level of engagement in lessons because communication and understanding are of importance. Introverted teachers stress absorbing knowledge, which strengthens critical thinking skills in their students.

12 – Working Weekends Doesn’t Bother Me

Introverts are deeply committed to their work. Due to the nature of overstimulation in large social settings, they prefer to stay at home. So why not work on lesson plans, cutting out laminated materials, or grade papers while at home.

13 – I’m Known for my Creativity

Introverted teachers tend to be more creative because they aren’t easily influenced by the mainstream. They enjoy spending time alone, which allows for more time to brainstorm unique activities and plan interesting lessons for their students.

14 – I ❤️ to Collaborate Through Social Media

Planning projects through Google Meets, Voxer, or PMs are the preferred method for introverts. The pandemic this past year has tossed extroverts into this realm and you can tell they are not comfortable with it. This has allowed the introverted teacher time to shine and take the lead on many school projects in their area of expertise.

15 – I Limit the Noise in the Classroom to a Minimum

When the room gets too loud, it causes introverted teachers anxiety. These classrooms tend to have the “noise level” charts with clothespin clips, or the touch lights that let students know what level of voice they can use. Introverted teachers may also let their students listen to quiet music, or wear headphones while in class.

So, how many points did you earn? If it is more than 10, you may be an introverted teacher. ? Regardless of whether you are introverted or extroverted, we need both types within our schools to keep the balance. If you have any other introverted teacher traits you would like to add to this list, please don’t be “shy”. Drop them in the comments below. ⬇️

Written by: Janessa Fletcher

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