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12 Ways to Teach Grammar in Your Classroom

October 16, 2015 by Emily

Are you looking for fun ways to teach grammar in your classroom? Learning how to teach grammar can be a challenge.  I don’t want to say grammar lessons are the ugly stepsister of teaching, but they can be if they’re not implemented in a fun and meaningful way.  For our students, learning grammar can be an amazing experience, or it can be a monotonous routine.  I asked our english language arts experts over at the Education to the Core Facebook Group, and the responses were so incredible!  It just reminded me how many amazing teachers there are in our community.  Their ideas were clever and innovative!

So here you have it! “12 Fun Ways to Teach Grammar in Your Classroom.”

12 Fun Ways to Teach Grammar in Your Primary Classroom

12 Ways to Teach Grammar in Your Classroom

1.  “Games!! I use I Have, Who Has and Go Fish games to practice and reinforce skills!” -Erin B. from Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom

2.  “After learning about adjectives, we did a self portrait and added labels with adjectives on them!” Kristen K. from Easy Teaching Tools

3.  “I try to only teach grammar through mentor texts. I’ll have a skill in mind that I want student to “discover;” then we read a mentor piece with lots of examples of this skill; once they figure it out we write a “rule” and then test the rule out to make sure we are correct; then I give them an anchor poster for the back of their Writer’s Notebooks (where we store all of our anchor charts and mini-lesson notes) so they can refer to it as needed” -Jenna from Musings from the Middle School

4.  We do Mad Libs a lot! my second graders love them and they are learning a lot about parts of speech! -Bex M. from Reading and Writing Redhead

5.  “This is where I became creative. I created characters that I would dress up as. I gave them names, pretended it wasn’t me, even gave them accents. For example, Princess Pronoun came in to teach, obviously, pronouns. Zelda the Fortune Teller taught the future tenses (this was my students’ favorite). Also came up with a variety of games and activities for my students to “experience” grammar. I used “prepositions puppets” and irregular verbs tic tac toe. When teaching an hour of grammar daily to ELLs, I had to get creative!” -Tina W.

6.  “Brain Pop and Brainpop Jr. are awesome videos to use to teach grammar.” -Melissa A.

7.  “We used worms when doing adjectives. I placed them on their tables and they had to touch and look at them. Then we went back to the carpet and made a circle map to describe the worms. We had them use it in sentences. The worms are _____. I modeled sentences whole group and then we went back to our tables and wrote a sentence about the worms and illustrated a picture of a worm. We built background by watching videos of worms and reading a book with worms. The loved every minute of it. I taught grammar for 5 years for an hr a day.” -Sarah C. from Kindergarten Smarts

8.  NoRedInk is the best. Students get to pick from a variety of TV shows, movies, athletes, and other interests and see them pop up in practice questions they’re assigned. They get a kick out of it, and they’re learning! -Elsie D.

9.  “I used shower board and wrote a word on each one. I talked to the kids about the conjunction and. Then I had two kids with commas on their shower boards go place themselves in the sentence correctly.” -Tamara R. from Mrs. Russel’s Room

10.  If you can get YouTube and have some way to show it, there are some Schoolhouse Rock videos that my kids love! They have the songs memorized and I refer back to the video to help them. Just one of many ideas .” -Katie K.

11.  “Each student is given an image of a cell phone. Ask students to write a text message about a give subject. Exchange papers for corrections.  Use an excerpt from a book students are reading. Write words on index cards, leaving out the punctuation. Students have to recreate the sentences, adding the punctuation.” -Cathy M.

12.  “(I) found a very catchy Figurative Language Rap, my middle school kids really like (& sing along with in class!) I also do a Jeopardy-type game for matching words to parts of speech that is a fun review!” -Suzanne T.

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12 Fun Ways to Teach Grammar in Your Primary Classroom