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100th day of School Activities

January 22, 2018 by Emily

Needing some inspiration for the 100th Day of School? You have come to the right place!

I have been paying attention to the things you have been asking for about when it comes to 100th Day activities…

Based off all the wonderful things I have been hearing from our teachers, I made an EPIC 100th Day Resource!

For real though…I hope you are ready for this!

Wonderful 100th day activities for Kinder and First!

Included in this 100th Day of School Resource:

“Bring 100” Collection Labels and Parent Letter

Perfect print and go activity to send home! Students will be collecting 100 of something at home, and then bringing it back in a paper bag!

100 Piece Puzzle Race Parent Letters

100 Piece Puzzle Race Parent Letters


100 Days Smarter Pennant for Bulletin Board

This is my personal favorite! Our 100 Days Smarter Pennant for your bulletin board.  This gives just the right pop of color and the possibilities are endless!

100 Days Smarter Pennant for Bulletin Board

Roll to 100 Game

Put students in pairs or groups.  Grab dice and have the student color in the number they rolled.  Then the next partner rolls! This game keeps going until they reach 100!

Roll to 100 Game

100th Day Necklace Template

Fruit Loop necklaces are always a student-favorite on the 100th day of school.  We even added an extra element of academics, as we included pieces so students can count by 10’s!

100th Day Necklace

100th Day Breakfast Placemat:

Start your day with a 100th Day Breakfast! Give each student one sausage and two pancakes!

100th Breakfast Place Mat

100 Cup Stack Up

Exactly what the name says! Stack 100 cups.  Use the template we made so your students can help count by 10’s to make 100!

100 Cup Stack Up

100 Penny Stack Up

Just like the 100 cup stack up, the 100 penny stack up works just the same…except with REAL money! Your students are sure to go nuts over this one!

100 Penny Stack Up

100th Day Trail Mix Letter and Templates

100th Day Trail Mix is SO exciting for students to make! They get to choose what they put in their trail mix.  The possibilities are absolutely endless.  I even added gummy bears, Swedish Fish, and chocolate chips!  100th Day Trail Mix and Templates

100 Exercises Template

Get your exercise in and get some of those wiggles out with our 100 exercises template!

100th Day Exercises

100 Years Old Writing Template

Allow your students to think into the future and envision themselves as 100 years old! What will they have accomplished! What will they have done with their lives?

100 Years Old Writing Template

100 Days Smarter Crowns

Each student in my classroom earns a “100 Days Smarter” crown! Along with decorating it, they will have to count by 10’s and paste the numbers in sequential order as they are counting.  As you can probably tell, I like to tie academics into everything we do:)

100 Days Smarter Crown

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