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25 Creative Crafts for Mother’s Day

April 19, 2021 by Heather Wagoner

Mother’s day is right around the corner, May 9th to be exact. Every year I see teachers rushing to figure out what to do with their students. Let us help you avoid the headache of trying to plan an activity for mom. Read on for 25 Creative Crafts for Mother’s Day. We know family dynamics vary, so these crafts can be modified for any person in a student’s life. Our goal is to celebrate the love that is poured into our students’ cups day in and day out. As usual, I have my personal favorites from over the years. Be sure to check out #8, #12, #16, and #23.

Craft #1 ETTC’s Mother’s Day Pop-Up Book

Of course, I’ve got an ETTC resource for you! Check out our Mother’s Day Pop-Up Book. You and/or the students choose the pictures, offered in both black and white and color. Students can then write about how much they appreciate their mother or another important person. They can write a story, letter, or different descriptive words…it is up to you! Use it how you want it, and scaffold appropriately.


#2 Thumbprint Magnet

This super cute craft is from First and Kinder Blue Skies. Grab some mini canvases from Hobby Lobby or Amazon, adhesive magnets, red acrylic paint, and black sharpies! Check out her page to see how to put these EASY and ADORABLE magnets together!


#3 Paper Straw Tulips

Flowers. Beautiful, Springy, Colorful…and can wreck your allergies! 🤧 So why not have your students create these Paper Straw Tulips and avoid the unnecessary sneezing!


Craft #4 Kids Art Coasters

Mom’s drink. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Coffee, tea, soda (pop), kombucha, beer, wine, margaritas…you name it, we drink it. I LOVE the idea of homemade coasters for mom! These are a little more time-intensive, just a heads up, but still SUPER cute!


#5 Handprint Flower Bookmarks

We instill a passion for reading in our students, why not combine this with their handprints to create a one-of-a-kind bookmark for mom! A little bit of felt, craft sticks, glue, and paint is all you need for this craft!


#6 Fingerprint Fireflies

I love this one because it can be easily adapted to fit any family dynamic! How cute are the fingerprint fireflies?!? I may have to do this with my kids this year! (Yes, I’m guilty of doing Mother’s day art with my own children. I love their daddy but let’s be real, I’m the crafty genius. 😉😂)


Craft #7 Mom Watercolor Paintings

Who doesn’t love homemade artwork? Grab white cardstock, watercolors, and white crayons. Have your students draw a picture for mom or their other important person using the white crayons. Once they’re finished, they paint over the picture with the watercolors. The white crayon repels the paint and the result is “magical.”


#8 Rae Dunn Inspired Craft and Writing

I have a tip for you, this craft is PERFECT for fitting in mother’s day, father’s day, grandparent’s day, etc. Rae Dunn mugs are HUGE! I may be the proud owner of 10 Rae Dunn mugs. No shame in my Rae Dunn game. This craft combines Rae Dunn mug templates, scrapbook paper (cheap from Hobby Lobby), construction paper, glue, and a writing piece. Students pick an adjective to describe their chosen person and then write about WHY that person fits the descriptive word. Cue tears. I cried reading multiple writings from my 3rd graders. 😭❤️


#9 Be Still My Beaded Hearts

See what I did there? 😂😍 This craft combines fine motor skills, florist wire or pipe cleaners, with beads and/or colored pasta to create beautiful heart ornaments for mom!


Craft #10 Handprint and Footprint Vase

This craft requires two handprints and footprints so it will require a bit of planning. (Don’t forget paint control. 😉) The footprint becomes the vase and the handprint the flowers, cute right? Check it out at the link above!


#11 You Hold the Key to My Heart Card

GUYS! How stinking cute is this craft!? This kid-made card is PERFECT for mother’s day. Students can bring in their own photos (with parent permission) or snap one at school and print it off. Print the template, add the photo, glue, and DONE!

#12 Shhh! Mommy’s Sleeping!

Moms sometimes need a nap, who’s with me? Why not create a door hanger for mom?! Not sure if it will work, but a mom can dream, right? 


Craft #13 Handprint Keychains

Ever heard of Shrinky Dinks? Seriously the coolest invention for preserving kid’s artwork. Think lamination on a smaller scale. For this craft, you have kids print their hands on the paper with acrylic paint. Next, add their names and ages (if you want) and cut them out. Then, punch a hole where you want to add the keychain and bake on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. See link for further instructions!


#14 Fingerprint Flower Magnets

Do you have magnets on your fridge? Right now I have a whopping 16 magnets (2 are pictures and 3 are handmade). I LOVE handmade magnets and that’s why I love this craft from Rhythms of Play!


#15 Handmade Coupon Book

Coupon books are AWESOME! This Mother’s Day coupon book would make a great gift for mom! This set from TpT has two cover options too, “Happy Mother’s Day” and “Just For You.”


Craft #16 Handprint Poem

This craft is SUPER simple. Type up a Mother’s Day poem (google Mother’s Day Poems for inspiration). Print out enough copies for your students. Have kids add painted handprints or cut out construction paper handprints. Then glue to a larger piece of construction paper to make a colorful border. Done!


#17 Love You Bunches Card

I am obsessed with the versatility of this craft! Yes, you can make it on cardstock as a card but also on a mini canvas, tea towel, as a framed picture for the kitchen, etc. Not making it for mom? That’s okay! Just modify the top phrase to fit who you are making it for!


#18 Handprint Tulip Towels

As I look at the different crafts on this list, I am finding it very challenging to decide on what I will make with my own kids. These Handprint Tulip Towels are PRECIOUS! Go take a look. All you need are some white dish towels (or flour sack towels), craft paints, paintbrushes, and a few more items to make these adorable towels. 


Craft #19 Egg Carton Flowers

Got a couple of egg cartons laying around? Use them for this Mother’s Day Craft. How cute would these be in a vase or glass?


#20 Flower Bouquet Card with Writing Activity

Caffeine and Classy has this paper bouquet that includes a written activity as well. I am all for including writing wherever I can, especially when it’s writing about someone we love.


#21 Flip Book Activity (Distance Learning Compatible)

Flipbooks are flipping cool. 😜 Check out this flipbook activity from The Barefoot Teacher with six different covers. 


Craft #22 Digital Mother’s Day Activity for Google Classroom

Are you teaching virtually? I’ve got a craft for you! This Mother’s Day craft is Google Slides compatible with over 16 different slides to celebrate mom or anyone your student needs to celebrate! 


#23 E-SPA-cially for Mom Craft

Raise your hand if you could use a spa day. 🙌 I’ve got both in the air. I tend to neglect my own self-care to ensure that everyone else in my family is taken care of. Yeah, I need to work on that. This e-SPA-cially for mom craft has 190 pages of options to make this craft unique. 


#24 Purse Craft- Google Slides Compatible

Again we’ve got a Google Slides compatible option for those of us still teaching virtually. According to the description, it is a gift mom will cherish and includes 5 pages of writing templates. She recommends giving this craft some time to complete, so plan ahead!


Craft #25 Paper Bag Book

Our final craft is from Not So Wimpy Teacher. I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS seemed to have dozens of paper bags in my teaching closets. Where they all came from is a mystery but if you’re like me, then this craft is PERFECT for you. Two paper bags, staples, coloring tools, and writing prompts with pictures are all you need!

Have fun, plan ahead, and create some INCREDIBLE crafts with your students for Mother’s Day! Any other crafts we should add? Let us know in the comments below! ⬇️

Written by: Heather Wagoner

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