39 Easy Prep Ideas for Word Work


So, this is 39 Ideas for Word Work? You may be thinking, does anyone need that many? I DO! I like to meet the needs of my students across so many different levels, and I want them excited about the activities! And, I like easy! I have chosen these 39 ideas to share because they have minimal prep! Make sure to read through to find the FREEBIES and how to build your collection of word activities easily (and cheaply)!

Ideas for Word Work

1–Premium Membership:  receive immediate access to thousands of printable activities by joining today! You will find most of these word work activities, spelling, phonics, math, sub plans, and so much more! And, it is for one low, low price!

2–Word Tile Spelling: Students can spell out their words using Scrabble tiles or Banana tiles and a word list! If you are looking for an easy peasy way to facilitate this activity, check out our Editable Spelling Word Tile Spelling!

3–CVC Pop-Its 

Students will say a CVC word aloud and pop a bubble for each sound they hear. They will write the letter for each sound to spell each word. We also have pop-its for sight words! Grab all of our pop-it activities from our No Prep Centers Volume 2 HERE!




4–Playdoh and Letter Stamps–Give your students a set of word cards and have them stamp the words into the playdoh.

5–Rainbow WritingThis is an excellent spin on rainbow words. Instead of your students switching colors for each letter in a word, have them write the words in the arcs of the rainbow!

6–Word Illustrations–With this activity, you can have your students work on spelling words, CVC words, or vocabulary words. Students pick four words and illustrate and write them. Extend the activity by having them write a sentence to go along with their pictures that include the target word.



More Ideas

7–Scribble Spelling Many students love to color and create works of art. With this activity, you can choose to do it on blank paper and have the students use a black marker to make their design first, OR you can use this premade Scribble Spelling activity from our Editable Spelling Bundle!

8–Quiz Your Partner–If your students are like mine, they love to be the ones in charge! Students can recite the words to their partner, who writes them down. Once all of the words have been said, they switch papers with their partner.  Then they edit each other’s papers and give their partner a ‘grade.’

9–Word Hunt–Give students a list of words and have them hunt for those words in a book! An excellent way for students to find their words in context! And, putting books in the hands of my students for a fun activity sometimes inspires more interest from them to read!

10–Menu Board Tic-Tac-Toe–Several menu boards are available for free on TPT or create your own! Students can choose any three activities during word work time as long as their result is a Tic-Tac-Toe!


11–Sight Word Printables

This FRY Sight Words Bundled Printable set contains printable activities for the first 100 sight words. (1-100) These can be used for whole/small group instruction, guided practice, or independent practice. You will find the first twenty sight words in this pack, with seven activities on each page.




12–Sentence Coding Mats  This “Sight Word Sentence Coding Mats” activity features 30 Sight Word Coding Mats for Kinder and 1st Grade! Students will love figuring out the sentences by deciphering codes!

13-Sight Word Booklets and Passages Freebie–Each booklet focuses on ONE word your kids can T—R—A—C—E, color, and highlight to reinforce their understanding. These Printable Sight Word Booklets create the perfect opportunity to make connections, encourage discussion and build vocabulary, all while reinforcing the targeted word. Win-win! AND they each come with a corresponding passage!


More Word Work Fun

14–Poppin’Sight Words–Using bingo daubers are so cool to the kiddos, so what better way than giving them words to find using them! Super easy activity for kids to find the words you are teaching; print and go!

15–Paint & Practice–These can be used for whole/small group instruction, guided practice, or independent practice. You will find the first 300 sight words in this pack with five activities on each page.

16–Spy Spelling–Using the provided spy code, students will write the code for each of their words! I put a couple of pairs of spy glasses in the tub with this activity for some extra fun!

17–Roll a Word–Dice and colored pencils make for lots of fun when practicing word work! Students roll to determine which order they will do their spelling activities! Roll the dice to see which way you will practice your spelling words. Which number did you roll the most?

More Hands-On

18–Sign Language Spelling–My kids already believe they know sign language and Spanish. It cracks me up when they do these sheets and display such pride and joy in knowing some actual sign language letters!

19–Magnetic Letters–Some flat cookie sheets from the local dollar store and some magnetic letters engage some of my kids for a long time. After working on their required list, they love making their names and other words. I love that they are expanding their skills and think they are just playing!

20–Letter Beads and Pipecleaners–Name bracelets from their BFFs rule in my classroom, so all my kids love to do this activity. I typically keep it in my word work bins for about a week at a time, and then on the last day, I let them keep one!

21–Word-Art–Some of my students do not like to practice their creativity during Art or STEAM. So since this is an open activity and no designs are wrong, just beautiful, I can engage some of my students and give them the confidence to know they are making some beautiful word art.

The Next 20 Ideas

22–Spin It, Spell It–Using a paperclip and a pencil to create a spinner, students spin and then write the word corresponding to their spin. How many times will you write the same word? Or, let your students know that once they’ve written one word, they are to sping again if they land on that number a second time.

23–Fancy Spelling–Just like ‘knowing’ sign language, many students’ know’ cursive and fancy writing. With some colored pencils and a word list, students enjoy making curly lines and spirals and heart dots for their word list.

24–Word Pyramids  Build your spelling words pyramid style. Begin with the first letter and add one more letter as you write your word down the triangle. Do each pyramid in a different color!

25–Write the Room–Whether it be from our Editable Spelling on our Premium Membership Site or as a purchase of one of our Write the Room resources, my students love to walk around the classroom with their clipboards and pencils; to ‘write the room.’

26–Spelling Battleship–Do you remember playing Battleship as a kid? I do–coding when coding wasn’t even cool yet! Your students will partner up and put their words into the coordinates. Then, each student takes turns trying to identify the coordinates of their partner’s words!


27-Sight Word Candy Land Freebie–Do you have boards for CandyLane in your room already? Print these free cards, and your students can play with their level of words by moving around the board!


Still Working with Words

28–Moo Memory–This midwestern teacher loves farm animals, so although this TPT resource is not an ETTC resource, I had to share. Students can play similar to other word games, but with a cow twist, students draw a card and read it. If they draw a car with a MOO, they return all of their cards.

29–Monthly Packets–Have you checked out our Monthly Packets for K, 1st, and 2nd yet? Don’t miss out on these themed pages for ELA, Math, Writing, Science, and more. Pictured below is just one of many word work pages that come each month! Buy the packets or snag them with your Premium Membership!

30–Sight Word MenusStudents can practice spelling words using a variety of manipulatives, such as pattern blocks, counters, daubers, and cubes.

31–Digital Word Cards–No word work list would be complete without a digital activity. I especially enjoy having my students do this Digital Word Card resource because it mimics the word card activities we do in the classroom.

32–Suffix Word Building–This is great for vocabulary and understanding the meaning of root words along with their suffixes. Students will be making new meanings of words by adding suffixes and recording the meaning. This “Suffix Word Building” Center is a part of the December Centers for the 1st and 2nd Grade Centers Bundle!


33–Compound Word Cones–A delicious center for your 2nd-grade students! Your students will love making compound words out of the ice cream scoops. When they finish making a word, they can pair it with the picture on the cone. This “Compound Word Ice Cream Cones” Center is a part of the December Centers for the 1st and 2nd Grade Centers Bundle.

And Some Final Ideas

34–No Prep Phonics BookletsOver 200 pages of exercises that include:

  • Inside the foldable, you will find a passage for each phonics pattern, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, a short answer question, and word practice.
  • You can see a sentence writing and parent connection activity on the back of the foldable! No space is wasted. We wanted this to be intentional and fun!

35–No Prep Word Work

  • 200+ Word Work Printables
  • These easy and print-and-go printables are a great way to extend the practice of specific phonics skills and words with your students.
  • Just teach, print, and you’re SET for the year!

36–Word Ladders–Students climb the ladder by switching out a letter and making a new word to match the picture. Teachers can find several resources online or do a simple ladder design and have students create their own!

37–Magic Crayon What do a white crayon and colored markers create? MAGIC! Have your students write their words first with a white crayon, then color over with a marker. Wait for the oohs and aahs as their word ‘magically’ appears!

38–CVC Puzzles Center–Teachers can use this CVC Words Center in a Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom as you introduce short vowels or CVC words.

39–Reading A-Z Centers


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